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Facebook Stories To Help Grow Your Business Page Organic Reach

Facebook Stories for Pages Rise to The Top

Have you been noticing the stories feature when you log in to your account? Or, maybe you received notifications that someone added to their story? Of course, these stories are the rage now.  Your business may want to start using them too!


If you go on Facebook often you will notice the stories features encompassing more and more from your friends and businesses. Social media stories usage continues to climb since these disappearing stories started back in 2011 on Snapchat.

Social media stories usage continues to climb since these disappearing stories started back in 2011 on Snapchat. #socialmediastories Click To Tweet

What Are Facebook Stories?

They appear as an image or video on the top right-hand side of your newsfeed or on top of the app on mobile. These stories generate high visibility on Facebook! Facebook stories are predicted to surpass the newsfeed itself for views in 2019. You may have noticed the decrease in your page’s reach!

The blue circle around the persons profile or page is highlighted as seen below. Then, once you click on it you can view it. Finally, after that it disappears!

Stories disappear altogether in 24 hours unless saved. Sounds like Snapchat right? Yes. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion but was denied so they created their own version of it!

At first Facebook introduced Instagram stories which were so successful, so they did the same on Facebook itself.

Why Use Stories for Your Facebook Business Page?

The organic reach of Facebook pages has really been going down for years. Therefore, stories gives a business page more visibility without costing anything. (yet!)

Why Else Are Social Media Stories Hot Now?

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.  If you know you only have a certain amount of time to see your friend’s activity you would check it out NOW, right? That’s the way stories get attention.

It’s a limited amount of time one can see a photo or video. Brands use it for behind-the-scenes look at their business or products.

No one wants to miss out today!

No one wants to miss out today! #Facebookstories Click To Tweet

Stories do not matter how many followers you have, it’s about the engagement you have on them. Others can message you thru the Facebook messenger app. Hence, it makes brand and celebrities authentic as viewers can message them.

You can also do ads in the stories format. You can learn more about Facebook stories ads here.

Stories do not matter how many followers you have, it’s about the engagement you have on them. #Facebookstories Click To Tweet

What Others Are Saying About Using Them for Business

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise:

“I use Stories to bond more deeply with friends and followers. Stories provide an intimate aspect to your blog and brand. People seem to resonate with these little snippets from your day.

Plus Stories gain higher visibility, receiving ample exposure.”

Arfa from 

My idea behind using Instagram stories is simple. To make my followers engaged by sharing moments, opinions and content. I have also noticed that my Instagram stories are more effective than my regular Instagram post.

Followers respond to my polls, ask questions and also relate to my life. It’s because I communicate to them, share behind the scenes and just be authentic. Not just instagram stories encourages audience interactions but it also helps to form a deeper connection with your followers.

Interactive stories on Instagram are quick to drive followers to your inbox and that’s where the conversation happens.


How To Make These Stories

You can make them via your phone’s camera but you can also create them in Canva and upload as an image. There are filters and other things you can do like adding text to them.

Next, you can even tag others in your stories. They are very similar to Instagram but with facebook stories you can swipe up or down vs. sideways on Instagram. The stories features on both social networks allows for a lot of creativity!

Making Stories From Your Facebook Page Desktop

Many social media managers may want to create stories via Canva and use the desktop to create stories. You can do it if you don’t have a business manager account. But, I found a work around from my mobile device for you if you a business manager account like me! ?

If you have a circle with a plus sign (+) like one my Facebook pages I manage below, you can do it right from the desktop. All you do is hit the blue plus button and you can do a story just like you would a post.

But if you are like me and have this showing on your page, you will need a work around.

As you can see from the above screen shot, there is no circle or blue plus button to do a story on desktop. 

Instead you can use your mobile device to do a Facebook story! You could still create your story in Canva and send it your mobile device via email and then download it.

Then, you must login to your personal facebook account on mobile. Next, go to your page where you would see this screen shot. Finally,  click on the blue bar like you see below to get to where this screenshot directs you.


Add to your page’s story is where you would upload your Facebook story image. Furthermore, 1080×1920 is the correct size to make your images for stories. If you are doing stories directly from your camera be sure to take the image or video vertically.  Social media stories are a vertical graphic / video.

But, I found a work around from my mobile device for you if you a business manager account like me! #Facebookstories Click To Tweet

More About A Story

Why Instagram Stories Rule Too!

Stories on Instagram are very hot as well. Not to mention, they have been helping folks on Instagram engage more with their audience and create a buzz.

Neena from Almost Practical explains:  “You can use Instagram stories in so many ways – provide timely reminders, share an event, or just give a “behind the scenes” glimpse of real life. As a business it is nice to keep stories relevant to the interests of your audience. But, because they disappear in 24 hours, you can also use stories to connect on a personal level.”

Check out some of these amazing facts on how businesses are using Instagram stories today!

Timing of Your Instagram Stories

In fact, it is important to remember the time you post to Instagram. It is different than the other social networks in that viewers like to look at Instagram in the evening. I love using Agorapulse to schedule my Instagram posts.

Now, you can now share Instagram feed posts to stories! Furthermore, this extends the life and visibility of your Instagram stories. Of course, I would pick and choose which you do this new feature with. If you do them all that way people may stop viewing your stories. They won’t have that fear of missing out anymore!  

Now, you can now share Instagram feed posts to Stories! #Instagramstories Click To Tweet

Your Turn on Social Media Stories

Now, are you using Facebook stories for your business page? Or, have you used stories on Instagram? I’d love to know more in the comments below how you use them or if you enjoy viewing them!


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