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Twitter 280 Character Count is Standard For All To Tweet Away

280 Character Count is Here to Stay

Did you read about the Twitter 280 character count announcement in May of 2019? It was on Twitter via a tweet of course. They also did a blog post about it as they were releasing it to all of it’s Twitter users.

Twitter has been trying to expand their character count back to at least September 2016 when they allowed images and media not to count toward their old 140 character count. That newer feature was nice as it allowed for more images and media into posts without cramping the tweets.

But the announcement of the 280 character count no longer makes it short and sweet on the beloved Twitter network. Many of us love Twitter for it’s brevity. Uniquely it is what makes Twitter so unique among the social networks.

Why The Twitter 280 Character Count?

Twitter noted that 9% of English tweets went over the old 140 character count. Twitter did note on their blog post about the Twitter 280 character count that many people tried it out and then went back to shorter tweets. It was a novelty at first that didn’t last.

They also noticed when people in the test had more characters to tweet that they tweeted more often. People didn’t have to spend so much time editing their tweets to fit with the new character count. The experimental users reported they did get more engagement on their longer tweets. (More re-tweets, likes and shares). 

The newer social media network Parler allows for a 1,000 character count with their parleys.

The New Circle Count for Twitter 280 Character Count

Now you will see an orange circle as you are nearing the end of your Twitter character count to 280.

You can see my test tweet last night as I was nearing the end of the 280 character count via a tweet.

Notice the orange circle at the bottom with the #4 in it. That is how many more characters I could have used to complete a 280 character count tweet.

It does look a lot different than the old red minus symbol as you were tweeting to the old 140 character limit on Twitter.

Therefore the new character count does not allow for all of my tweet to be shown in the screen shot either. As you can see the top part of the tweet is cut off. I really wanted to share how the circle count looked and works for my readers here.

Longer or Shorter Tweets?

It’s amazing how much more you can fit with the additional space on a tweet now. There will be many unique ways to use this character count but I would not recommend it for every tweet. I am thinking shorter tweets may get more recognition now as they will be easier to read in your Twitter stream. I’ll be testing and watching how this really plays out in the coming weeks.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Now you will see an orange circle as you are nearing the end of your Twitter character count to 280.” quote=”Now you will see an orange circle as you are nearing the end of your Twitter character count to 280.” theme=”style2″]

Will Twitter 280 Character Count Change Our Twitter Streams?

We may see more tweets in our streams as people experiment with the new character count. Some as Twitter noticed in their test period will tweet more now that they can say more. Of course, not everyone loves short and sweet in their messages.

But some people prefer to write a novel via a tweet. Thankfully, they did not go with 10,000 characters as once reported.

Additionally it will be interesting to see how these longer tweets will affect your own tweets going forward. Therefore it will be necessary to look at your Twitter analytics to see which tweets are working best for you as you try out the new format.

What Others Are Saying About The New Twitter Count


To Point Out More on the 280 Character Count

Great Twitter Tip

How are you using the full 280 character count now available on Twitter? Hence I’d love to know in the comments below how you feel about this major change on Twitter.

Of course, now you have Twitter fleets to learn. 

If you want to learn more about using Twitter don’t forget to grab my latest eBook on Amazon, How to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter. 

I’d love to know in the comments below if you like the longer tweets or not!

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