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4 Ways Tailored Tweets Will Make You See Useful Tweets

How Tailored Tweets Can Work For You Today!

Have you noticed the tailored tweets now on Twitter? They let you see tweets from your favorite folks on Twitter and more. It just popped up on my mobile device the other day and it made me think, what can this do for you on Twitter?

How do Tailored Tweets happen to your Twitter account?

Presently it’s in the explore tab (or on some – moments tab). The tab is probably not seen on your Twitter app but it happened automatically recently on my mobile device and probably yours too! (It went live on iPhone first and then Android.) 

The 4 ways tailored tweets are useful to you

  1. First – See what tweets are important to you – You can see your most interesting stuff from your favorite peeps. I always did this via my Twitter lists but now this is an even quicker way to view those important tweets. These are called “highlights from” as you can see on the side here.
  2. Next, learn who else is following who on Twitter. This can be used to find more like minded peeps on Twitter. It’s a great way to see who your friends or competitors are following on Twitter.
  3. Then check out your competition!  You can learn a lot when you look around and see what others are doing on the Twitter platform.
  4. Last but not least read what others are talking about. I love this one! Learn what others on your Twitter friends are talking about. See what is relevant to them and others. This will help you tailor your own tweets better on the Twitter newsfeed.

Why is Twitter tailoring tweets for you?

Twitter is trying to make it easy for those using Twitter to navigate it more quickly and be able to catch up in a moment. It’s like Facebook and Instagram – as a result they now show you more from people you interact with on those social networks.

They like to show you things that are relevant to your behaviors on the network. It’s all about the algorithm’s today on these social networks. Why? That’s how they gather data and are better able to target people via ads.

How Else to Monitor Your Twitter Activity?

Don’t forget to check your Twitter analytics too. Between the tailored tweets and Twitter analytics you can really learn a lot about how this network is working for you or not. You will be able to see data that will help you make your Twitterness better!


Read what others have to say about the explore tab and tailored tweets:

Ultimately as you can see not everyone is thrilled about these Twitter tailored tweets today. Can you change your Twitter privacy settings to change it? I don’t believe so. I just looked at mine and I had not check off the “Show me best tweets first”.  At this point it will be interesting to see if Twitter keeps this function or changes it in the upcoming days, months or years ahead.

Do you like the new tailored tweets on Twitter?

I’d love to know why or why not in the comments below!


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