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How To Avoid Getting The Mute on Twitter Now

How Not To Get The Mute On Twitter

Will you get the mute on Twitter? Will your keywords or phrases be eliminated by your followers?

Twitter rolled out the mute button feature over 7 years ago.  That meant your Twitter followers could turn your tweets off to mute you. Of course, they could always block or unfollow you as well.

But the mute button is another way to shut your tweets off in their feed.

I’m not sure if many peeps have used this mute feature in the past 2 years. I know I used it a few times myself instead of unfollowing someone.

How Will The Expanded Mute Feature Work On Twitter Now?

Like most new features on Twitter, this expanded mute feature will roll out to various users at various times in the coming weeks. People will be able to mute your tweets so they don’t show up in their stream.

You will not know if you’ve been muted. If someone unfollowed you there are ways you can check to see who unfollows you. But not knowing if you are muted by a user is not really a good thing in my book.

Therefore, you will now be able to mute not just followers but tweets with words you don’t want to see in your Twitter stream. Yes, you can choose KEYWORDS that you do not want to see!

[clickToTweet tweet=”You will now be able to mute keywords, phrases, & even entire conversations ” quote=”You will now be able to mute keywords, phrases, and even entire conversations you don’t want to see notifications about from your Twitter feed”]

Muting Eliminates Abuse

Twitter has done this to try to eliminate some of the online abuse that goes on their social network. This came about after the United States presidential election brought out some of the worst in people.

People were becoming abusive to one another on social media. Twitter found a way to eliminate it for those that it bothered. They did not want them to leave their social network. Smart! 

How to Mute on Twitter via Notifications

Just go to your Twitter settings – You will find muted words under muted accounts near the bottom of the list. Next, click on Muted Words and enter. It’s as simple as that!  You can also unmute the words at any time as well.

You may still mute users by clicking on the More button on any tweet. It is easy to uncheck it at any time. You may also mute a user from a Tweet on your iOS or Android device or on Twitter for web tap more and then mute @username. To mute someone from their profile page, tap the gear icon on that page and choose mute @username.

They (the muted users) will still be able to retweet you and favorite your tweets. Hence, they will also be able to reply to any of your tweets. This gives the users more flexibility on the network today.

9 Ways to Avoid Getting the Mute on Twitter

1. Don’t Over Tweet

Know your limit for the number of tweets you churn out vs. how many followers you have. If you share too often you will see followers drop. You can see the unfollows via JustUnfollow or to name a few programs out there. (There are so many programs that can do this!)

2. Be Sure to Tweet!

This is the opposite of over-tweeting. If someone checks your profile out and you haven’t tweeted in a year or for a length of time they may mute or unfollow you.

3. Tweet in Your Niche

Don’t tweet out just anything to fill in the Twitter stream. Be more careful what you share. Do share personal stories at times. People do like to know more about you when they follow you.

4. Keep Your Tweets Simple

Don’t use all 140 characters each time you tweet. Keeping your tweets short makes it easier for followers to read your tweets. It makes your tweets easier to share too.

5. Make Sure Your Profile is Up to Date

Your Twitter profile and your favorite tweet should be current. If your profile information is old you may get muted on Twitter or be unfollowed.

Make sure you have a photo and not an egghead. Hence, many users will not follow eggheads or those with lots of numbers near the name on the Twitter profile today.

6. Let Users Know When You Will Do Twitter Chats

Your followers may want to mute you just during the Twitter chats. (That would be one of the times I would consider muting a user).

7. Watch Your Language

Be careful about using foul language on Twitter. People will now be able to mute those words out of their streams. Many people may be offended by foul language. Now, they have a tool they can use to mute this type of foul language from their Twitter stream. IF only we could do that one on Facebook too.

8. Don’t Be Too Salesy

If you are always trying to sell something on Twitter users will surely mute you like I did the one here in the example.

Remember, people don’t want to be sold on social media. They are there to be entertained or to get information.

9. Interact!

Last but not least, this one is key. Don’t just tweet your own stuff and never interact with others on Twitter. Twitter is all about engaging with others. If you don’t want to engage you should be advertising instead, right? Learn from Twitter greats like Kim Garst,  or Neal Schaffer.

Let Users Know When You Will Do Twitter Chats - Your followers may want to mute you just during the Twitter chats. #twittertip Click To Tweet

Examples of Real Interaction on Twitter

 How do you feel about the expanded mute on Twitter coming soon to your Twitter features?

Will you be using the mute on Twitter?  

I’d love to know more about your thoughts on this in the comments.

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