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More Twitter Followers – Are More Followers Proven Useful?

More Twitter Followers = More Reach and Engagement

Over one year ago I blogged about having many Twitter Followers and what it could do for you on Twitter. As you can see the post was still being shared recently. (Thanks to JustRetweet, hint!)

EVERGREEN: Many Twitter Followers Can Spread Your Tweets Further Into Twitterland @lisapatb

Having a large Twitter following can give you more social proof on the Twitter network. People may decide to follow you if they see how many other peeps are following you on Twitter. If they only see a few hundred followers they may decide NOT to follow you. It’s human nature, right? Of course having a great Twitter bio, photo and pinned tweet can help you to get more Twitter followers too. Profiles that are really clever on Twitter can get me all the time to follow them.  

Why Only 100 Twitter Followers?

I’ve since then read several blog posts on why just 100 followers is all you need and it made me wonder, which follower count is really better for you? Having only 100 Twitter followers would be easier to manage, right? Tim Soulo of Blogger Jet thinks the 100 followers will do something for you every time you ask them on Twitter. He does acknowledge that you will gain thousands of other followers along the way but having 100 true followers is golden. It’s those 100 that you will have a personal connection with.

Why More Twitter Followers is Useful

Are you better off having fewer engaged Twitter followers or a large Twitter following that can generate more re-tweets, favorites and shares all around driving more traffic to your website and sharing links that you tweet? Does having more Twitter followers really extend your reach online? Ross Quintana of Social Magnets recently shared his thoughts on this as he reached 100,000 followers on Twitter. I love how he explains the momentum factor. Activity breeds more activity. The more activity you have on Twitter the more activity you will have on Twitter = momentum. Click To Tweet Ross surely makes a lot of sense with that quote. People like to see social proof and activity is part of that. Would you tweet someone who has never tweeted before or only has 1 follower? It probably would be less likely that you would tweet them, retweet them or give them a favorite.

You may have read now that tweets are showing up on Google (in mobile – desktop coming soon). Would your tweets on Google search also help your SEO efforts? That is something else to consider especially in the future as this new feature rolls out on both mobile and desktop. Social may become the new SEO as some people have predicted over the past few years.

3 Advantages of a More Twitter Followers

      1. Momentum – It is easier to get more Twitter followers to follow you when you have more Twitter followers. Ironic, isn’t it? I found after I reached the 3,000 followers it took less time to get the next 3,000 followers. I finally reached 10,000 recently and the followers just keep adding up.  (Thanks to those that are following me!) It was such a struggle getting more Twitter followers when you only had 100 followers. (if you can remember back to that time…I know I can) . You barely would get 1 new follower per day unless you joined a Twitter chat or really engaged with a bunch of peeps on Twitter. It took a lot of hard work and time.
      2. Reach – You can reach more people via your followers. The more Twitter followers you have the more their followers can find you. Every time your Twitter followers share something their followers may share or follow you too! It can have a snowball effect. It just gets bigger as it rolls down the hill.
      3. Influence – The more Twitter followers you have, the more perceived influence you have. It may be perceived influence but once they get to know you, learn from you and trust you that influence becomes authentic.


Examples of Large Twitter Followings

Have you ever looked at celebrity singer Katy Perry’s Twitter account? She has over 70 million Twitter followers. Check out how many retweets and favorites she gets on just one tweet. You might be amazed. 

Justin Bieber (another music celebrity) has over over 64 million followers on Twitter.


How about a non-celebrity but someone like a social great Kim Garst who has over 300,000 followers?

Another social great Peg Fitzpatrick has over 42,000 Twitter followers. Her retweets and favs can have a high count as well.

A big social media great is Guy Kawasaki with over 1.4 million followers. When he tweets he gets a large number of retweets and favorites. No surprise there, right?

The Advantage of True Twitter Followers

There is nothing like having a true follower on Twitter who will email you or direct message you if do not show up for a day on the Twitter network. These type of Twitter followers are like true friends. They will retweet your latest blog posts and various other tweets. These are your fans. These Twitter follower fans will follow you and check on you when you are not there on Twitter. I have a few of those – and thank you to them! These type of Twitter followers are to be your treasured followers and friends.

Do you concentrate or getting more Twitter followers or engaging more with the followers you have?


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