How to Earn Free Bitcoin by Shopping Online with Lolli

How to Earn Free Bitcoin with Lolli

Ever wonder how to Earn Free Bitcoin? Bitcoin or BTC, the digital currency is becoming more and more popular despite Government and Institutional battles to quench it.

The Cryptocurrency industry as a whole is gaining more ground, spreading into different sectors of our societies. Not giving some reasonable amount of attention to this new way of storing value may be regrettable anytime soon.


Here is some bit of good news:

There are opportunities out there that add a bit of some more spice to your life, allowing you to do your regular things while earning some of this very scarce digital money. And now we want to talk about one of these opportunities.

How to earn free Bitcoin

There are opportunities out there that add a bit of some more spices in your life, allowing you to do your regular things while earning some of this very scarce digital money. #Lolli Click To Tweet

How to Earn Free Bitcoin by Shopping Online with Lolli

I came to know about Lolli through Lisa and I think the business model is exciting. To the best of my understanding, it’s actually built on the foundation of Affiliate Marketing, which makes it a legitimate Bitcoin rewards opportunity.

Lolli is a platform that puts together over 500 shops online. By visiting any of these partner shops and making a purchase, Lolli earns a commission, which they share with you.

So you see it’s not based on some fake, baseless trading promises. There are tons of Bitcoin reward sites out there that are purely a scam. I can always figure them out at a reasonable distance:

  1. They make wild and unrealistic promises.
  2. Their underlying business model isn’t tangible enough.
  3. The team is fictitious.
  4. No reliable partnerships.
  5. No physical address.
  6. Etc.
By visiting any of these partner shops and making a purchase, Lolli earns a commission, which they share with you. #Lolli Click To Tweet

Shopping with Lolli to Earn Bitcoin

Shopping online increased dramatically in 2020 and looks to continue through 2021. Why not make some money along the way as you shop with Lolli? Lolli introduces the launch of §SatsTags, your new bitcoin identity!

Your Lolli §SatsTag allows you to share your identity, participate in bitcoin giveaways, and receive bitcoin to your unique address — without the need for bitcoin addresses or emails! Lolli will send you $1 in bitcoin when you claim your §SatsTag.

earn bitcoin shopping online with Lolli


Lolli is Not a Shop

I want to quickly clear this up.

Lolli is not a shop. You don’t buy from them at all. You go through their tool (including browser extensions) to shop online from hundreds of businesses and when they earn a commission from your purchase (paid to them by the shop), you get a cut too:

(They have recently added Groupon and groceries markets! Lolli is always adding new stores for you to shop online.)

how to earn free bitcoin

How to Shop with Lolli and Earn Free Bitcoin

First, go here and signup for free

You will need the browser extension for your active browser (Firefox and Chrome at the moment). While you are in your account, just use the search box to locate the shop you want to buy from:

lolli bitcoin

Once you locate the shop, click on the “Shop” button. This will take you to the shop where you perform your normal purchase.

Lolli will get paid a commission from your purchase and your share will be converted into Bitcoin and deposited into your Lolli account. You may transfer these to your bank account (into dollars) and then into the Robinhood app as well.

Lolli will get paid a commission from your purchase and your share will be converted into Bitcoin and deposited into your Lolli account. #Lolli #Bitcoin Click To Tweet

Does it Really Work?

First, it doesn’t hurt to try it out as it’s completely free. You are not required to pay any fee to access the platform. If you try it and your commissions are not paid, then drop it. If not, why waste an opportunity to earn cashback on your online shopping exercises?

Lolli is a great way to earn free Bitcoin online. Here is some earning proof:

lolli earning proof

How Do You Spend Your Bitcoins?

The biggest question in Cryptocurrency is how and where to spend the money. What’s money for if it cannot be converted to goods, services, or other currencies?

It’s been a huge problem in the Cryptocurrency industry especially with those coins that are yet to be listed in any crypto stock market or exchange platform like the very popular Binance.

There are three main things you can do with your Bitcoin earned on Lolli:

  1. Hold (HODL) for the long term. If the value appreciates, you make more money. If it depreciates, you lose. But I’m bullish when it comes to BTC. The long term is going to be a huge gain.
  2. Convert it to other currencies.
  3. Buy stuff online.
The biggest question in Cryptocurrency is how and where to spend the money. #Lolli #Bitcoin Click To Tweet

1. Hodl – Hold Your Coins

Hodl is a cryptocurrency jargon for the word “HOLD” which simply means you keep your coins. Do not spend yet despite current movements. Hold it or save it for the long term.

There are different ways to hold your coins:

  • In a hot wallet (online/Mobile wallet) with all the risks.
  • In a cold wallet (offline paper or hardware wallet)

Avoid keeping your coins with exchanges or other online platforms that don’t give you access to your Private Key. Your private key is the secret code that gives you access to transfer your coins. Exchange platforms won’t give you this piece of material because of reasons beyond this post.

You have to also transfer your coins from the Lolli platform. Not because you think they are going to mess up but simply because Lolli is not a storage organ that gives you access to your Private key.

Your Private key will allow anyone to have access to it to withdraw your coins from any wallet app. That means if you are not in the keeping of the key, your coins are not completely under your control.

If you move your coins to Binance and the next day, the platform is down for some reason, that would mean the end. Hence, there is absolutely no way to retrieve them. is one of the most popular Bitcoin hot wallets you may want to try out.

Hodl is a cryptocurrency jargon for the word 'HOLD' which simply means you keep your coins. #Bitcoins Click To Tweet

2. Trade Your Coins

Another option is to move your coins to cryptocurrency markets and begin trading or simply buy other coins (FIAT or CRYPTO). This is easily done on cryptocurrency brokers or exchange platforms like Binance, coinbase, coinmama, etc.

3. Buy Stuffs Online is How to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are shops online that accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) alongside other fiat currencies. You just have to follow instructions to make payments with your BTCs.

The only problem here is most of these platforms I have come across won’t approve any refund requests. This is because of the way Blockchain functions and the fluctuating nature of BTC.

In the past, I wrote a post on how to buy web-hosting with cryptocurrencies. You may want to check that post out.

BitDegree is a Cryptocurrency video course platform like Udemy.  What’s interesting here is you can pay for courses in three different cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. BitDegree

bitdegree payment method

Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams

There are thousands of different cryptocurrency SCAMs out on the net, most of them promising you heaven the following day.

We’ve seen tons of these terrible promises walk away with huge sums from naive and greedy investors who want millions overnight.

One of these is the common Paypal and Bitcoin Money Adder SCAM I wrote about a couple of months ago.

Anything that promises you free Bitcoin without clear methods of how you earn the coins should be shunned.

Avoid cryptocurrency-based Multi-Level Marketing business. These generally are SCAM or poorly planned projects whose doom is near. Short term affiliate programs and bounties are ways authentic cryptocurrency projects motivate their marketers.

Before you invest in any cryptocurrency project, be sure to carry out a thorough investigation to minimize the risk of being scammed. Therefore, the industry is new, profitable, and at the same time highly risky.

Anything that promises you free Bitcoin without clear methods how you earn the coins should be shunned. #Bitcoins Click To Tweet

Over to You on How To Earn Free Bitcoin Online

Finally, we would love to know if you wondered how to earn free Bitcoin? Have you done anything with cryptocurrency yet in the past year? Please drop a comment so we can discuss.

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Enstine Muki is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, problogger and Serial Entrepreneur.

    • Thanks Jan, Enstine did a great job and I loved using Lolli to generate the money to invest. It was done through my regular online shopping, very easy! You can also transfer to your checking account and keep the cash if you prefer Jan. Nice to see you here and have a great rest of the week 🙂

  • Hi Enstine and Lisa,

    BTC and crypto continues to gain steam. I just flew from NYC to Panama. I saw more than a few BTC ads and crypto ads as well. Governments hate crypto because people being aware of different means of exchange begins to slowly dissolve the debt slave system governments and bankers set up to gain massive worldly wealth and power. We take our power back by stepping out of their debt-ridden world of traditional currency.


    • Hi Ryan, yes it sure is. Very interesting times for sure. It was easy for me to generate $100 from regular shopping online and then re-invest it. You can transfer it to your checking account and keep it as cash or use any bitcoin option or go to Robinhood, etc. I’m dabbling with it 🙂

  • Hi Enstine,
    I want to thank you for clearing up lots of questions in my mind about Bitcoin. I wanted to invest in it but was very confused. All I want to do is hold it for the long term. But its so nice to know that there are many participants via lolli to shop online. That is such a nice feature.
    Thanks again for clearing up the many questions I had about Bitcoin. I’m still a little hesitant, but when I’m ready, you will be hearing from me because of your extensive knowledge about this.
    Great seeing you,

  • Nice one, Enstine.

    This is my first time hearing about this startup.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I will take my time to explore them even though I don’t have an interest in cryptocurrency yet.

    Stay safe.

    – Emenike

    • Hi Emenike,

      Even though you’re not a cryptocurrency fan, Lolli offers a fantastic opportunity to make money on the side while doing shopping for what you love. It is worth a try especially now that one Bitcoin is valued at over $47,000. You have nothing to lose.

    • I was the same way Emenike until I learned how well my son did with it recently. I earned over $100 just shopping online the past year as it was easier than getting out shopping with the pandemic and all. Now I can invest that money into it. No loss. It was money I earned from shopping online 🙂 Easy!

  • Block chain is a great concept to deal with the security problem of financial transaction. Cryptocurrency will be in high demand in future. As a programmer Ethereum is best option for me. Anyway I just want to give you an advice that if you are not into it until now then go for it. Earn the bitcoins.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Martin, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I think you are right about the future which is why I’m trying it and had Enstine, an expert, write about it here on the blog. Thanks for coming by on this and have a great day 🙂

    • Thanks for showing up with a comment Martin.
      Ethereum is still the #1 smart contract blockchain but the market is getting tougher for it to stand. Let’s see how it turns out.

  • Heard many times about Bitcoin but couldn’t understand it but this post helps me somewhere to understand the Bitcoin.

    I like the way this post explains well about Bitcoin.

  • First, I was hesitant to read this when I saw the title, I was busy scanning through the site. But on clicking the post, I saw a recognized face.

    I have been following Enstine on his blog and believe in his stuffs.

    This concept is kinda “reverse affiliate marketing”. Imagine being paid to shop with their own commission.

    That’s a good concept though. But after all the bitcoin buzz, haven’t looked into bitcoin since then.

    • Thanks for finally stepping over here and dropping a comment.
      What stops you for looking into BTC more closely?

      • The volatility of the currency made me not look into it. Especially in 2017 when everybody was talking about bitcoin, both those that knew something about it and those that knew nothing about it. And I believe during that period, it increased drastically to the extend that when it fell, a lot of people were affected. So after that hype, I’ve stayed away from bitcoin.

  • Thanks for sharing this information, Enstine. Bitcoin is a goldmine, and I have made some investments already. Lolly s new tome, but it enables one to spend your money on valuables and accumulate bitcoins as well. The more purchases you make, the more cryptocurrencies you acquire.
    However, I have seen and be contacted by people who say they’re account managers. The idea, according to them, is to invest in Bitcoin mining. Then they will credit your account in a week when the mining has matured. Do you know about this? Does it really work?

    • Hey Moss,
      Glad you came here and dropped a comment bro.
      I’d like to see Lolli add more digital products, that way we will get more involved.

      When it comes to btc investment, you have to be very careful. The scam chances are too high. There are few genuine mining opportunities but a majority of them are ponzi schemes.

      Don’t invest without letting me know 😉

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