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Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again Here on Inspire To Thrive

Why Shareaholic Again Is On This Blog and Why YOU Should Consider It Too!

You may have noticed the new share buttons here on Inspire to Thrive. If you can remember back in March of 2014 – I did a post back then of why I would not use the plugin Shareaholic for my blog.

The share buttons were very slow to load and people would leave without sharing the post. (I know I did many a time). The old Shareaholic never showed the name of the person’s Twitter handle unless they knew how to install it. Many bloggers did not know how to.

It drove me crazy! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one as 72 comments later and a year plus later Shareaholic has made some changes.



Shareaholic contacted me via Twitter and email about their new changes after listening to YOU – my readers here. Pretty cool, right?


The New & Improved Shareaholic

Shareaholic is now considered to be the all in one  “Content Amplification Software”.  Not only is it a share button but it takes your content to the next level. It offers more than just the sharing of your posts.

The latest improvement was the addition of the Parler button. Not many share tools offer this option yet today!

What Can Shareaholic Again Do For You?

What Else Can They Do?

You can have the share counts featured if you so desire on your website. I used to use them but decided not to be in the numbers game anymore here.

I can tell from Google analytics where my traffic comes from.


What Do Others Have To Stay About Using Shareaholic Again?


Will you be trying out the new and improved Shareaholic plugin too?
I’d love to know why OR why not in the comments below.

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