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9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Today At All Costs

9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Today!

Facebook is only getting stronger with time.

It is one of the most used social channels and there is no stopping marketers and businesses from harnessing its power with it’s pages.

You may have remembered an earlier post here on why a Facebook page makes your brand look professional. 

Now you can take it a step further with marketing your page.



Driving traffic, creating engagement, running contests are some of the many things you can do on Facebook.

However, as much as there is scope for social marketing, Facebook can be a place for many mistakes. 

In this post, I have listed some of the common Facebook marketing mistakes that marketers tend to make.

#1 Not Following Facebook Rules is the Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

If you don’t know the rules, how can you play by it? To stay active on Facebook, you need to know the terms of use and abide by them. It isn’t just about the content you post, it could be something as ‘trivial’ as your page’s cover image.

For instance, you may not use copyrighted images as your page’s profile or cover image. Contest and sweepstakes sponsors should take complete responsibility and release Facebook from any liability associated with it.

Ignoring any of the rules may result in deactivation of your business page. If you are not yet aware of the terms of use or Facebook’s privacy policy, it is best to learn it right away. You don’t want to start out making this one of your Facebook marketing mistakes as you begin your new page. (If you have an old page it’s a good idea to check the ever changing Facebook rules as well!)

#2 Posting Content Less or too Frequently

Being there at the right time and right place is most important particularly on social channels. But how is it possible to find out the best time to post on Facebook? Well, Facebook suggests the best time to post content when you create a post.

Alternatively, you can find the times when your fans are online and based on those times, you can post content.

However, this can get challenging if you are planning content for multiple days. That’s when you can look to a social media publishing software for help.

The software not only suggests the best times to post but also helps you automatically schedule them at those optimal times. This helps you focus your time on creating content while the social media publishing software takes care of Facebook publishing for you.

This one is one of the most Facebook marketing mistakes many make with their page – posting off often or not enough!

#3 Typos and Grammatical Errors

In the age of smartphones, much of social happens in the palms of our hands. This has only increased the occurrence of typos and grammatical errors. Content with spelling and grammar mistakes makes a bad impression on your Facebook fans and followers. It also affects your brand’s credibility and there is no excuse to that.

Here’s what you can do. You can sign up for a proofreading tool such as Grammarly that highlights typos and helps you fix them. This way you can ensure that your posts are error-free.

Alternatively, you can use a social media management software that allows you to get your posts approved by your content editor before publishing it on your Facebook page.

#4 Ignoring Complaints and Feedback

Facebook is a place where even the smallest of things can get amplified. It’s like being under a microscope. This means that businesses on Facebook need to keep a watch out for any kind of criticism or feedback received on their pages. As a marketer, you need to respond to all positive and negative responses from customers responsibly.

You can invest in a good social listening software to help you keep track of all that people are talking about your brand on Facebook and also respond to them.

#5 Saying No To Paid Ad Campaign

It’s a given that Facebook paid campaigns will be driving leads and sales. With over 70 million active business pages, paid ads are the way to make it to the top of the news feed. Facebook also offers detailed audience targeting and not taking advantage of this will be a grave mistake.

Additionally, people spend an average 35 minutes a day on Facebook, making it a good platform for advertising your business. Be sure not to make one of these Facebook marketing mistakes by not taking advantage of their ad platform! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Additionally, people spend an average 35 minutes a day on Facebook,’ – Inspire To Thrive” quote=”‘Additionally, people spend an average 35 minutes a day on Facebook,’ – Inspire To Thrive” theme=”style3″]

#6 Not Being Aware of Competition

Let’s face it—who doesn’t want to know all about their competitor’s Facebook marketing strategy? Knowing your competition can help you up your Facebook marketing game.

You needn’t waste time debating what will work and what won’t. Your competitors would have done the homework for you already. You only need to glean from all their A/B testing and results. But without access to their Facebook business page, how can you find out all about what’s happening with their ads?


The easy and smart way to handle this situation is to make use of a good social media competitor analysis software that will answer all your questions in just a click. Right from post time, engagement rate to a side-by-side comparison, everything will be laid out for you to analyze.  

#7 Not Checking Facebook Insights

Data and numbers are highly important to running a Facebook page successfully. At any given point in time, you need to know how your marketing spend has been, if your campaign reaped any ROI, and what kind of posts or content your fans are interested in. To know this you need insights into your Facebook page. You can either get them from Facebook Insights or use a social media reporting software.

When you have more than one Facebook page, you can use a social media reporting software to get all the insights in one place.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Data and numbers are highly important to running a Facebook page successfully. – Inspire To Thrive” quote=”Data and numbers are highly important to running a Facebook page successfully. – Inspire To Thrive” theme=”style3″]

#8 Using Just Text Content

Great content is important to reach a wide range of Facebook audience. However, if your content is weak or boring, it might not achieve the kind of results you are expecting. People will be put off by it.

The more quickly people click away from the post, the sooner Facebook will bury it among tons of content. Add a bit of variety to your content and get your content mix right. Here are a few tips.

If you are not sure what kind of posts will work for your business, get the help of a social media reporting software.

#9 Avoiding Facebook Live

Facebook has been taking desperate measures to push Facebook Live among its users by showing live videos on top of news feeds. This means that if you want your post to show up on your fans’ news feeds, you need to start posting live videos.

A little planning and prepping ahead of the video is a good way to get some great live videos out. If it’s your first time, keep it simple. As you gain traction, you can explore longer and interesting videos for your Facebook business page. You can check out Lisa’s latest Facebook Premiere Video below.

Conclusion of Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook marketing is all about exploring new opportunities that the social channel has to offer your business or brand. You need to keep up with the latest features and ad options that Facebook brings out for its users and turn it around in favor of your brand. In doing so, avoid the common mistakes that most digital marketers tend to make and you are all set to go.

Did you have any bad experiences trying to market your brand on Facebook? Have you made any Facebook marketing mistakes?

Share them as comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going!