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Do You Know What A Twitter Chat Can Do For You?

Twitter Chats

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and just recently started joining some Twitter Chats. They are fast paced and fun. They are like going to a local networking event but on your computer via a Twitter feed.

But what can they do for YOU?


The first one I participated in with was Chasing Joy. Her chats are inspiring thoughts on life. You’ll notice each Twitter chat uses a specific hashtag and lasts about an hour.

More Twitter Chatting

The next one I joined and have participated regularly for a few weeks now is the #BlogChat on Sundays from 9-10 p.m. (yes, past my bedtime too)  I really have learned a lot with this wonderful large group of bloggers.
Here are a few examples from this one:


And then there was the first BlogEngage Chat too on a Friday.


How can you find out about Twitter chats in your niche?


A plateform called TwitterChat can hellp you find specific chats in your niche. You can log in via your Twitter account.

Enter a hashtag for you niche where indicated above and then hit go and you will find a list of some chats there that you can join in on. The first chat you might want to just say hello and watch or respond if there are topics you are confident on or even ask a question.

The more you do it the more you will feel comfortable participating in these chats.


If you are interested in doing one yourself you can check out which hashtag may make sense for your chat by searching through Twitter and via UrbanDictionary for ideas. The hashtag should be short and easy to remember too.

The next part is a little more difficult, deciding which day and time would work best. Be sure there are no others in your niche during that time period and try to get a different day as well since not everyone can chat for hours on Twitter.

You may need moderators if you have a larger group to help out during the chat. They can help promote the chat prior to and keep the discussion focused. You could send them a simple outline of just 2-3 topics since chats tend to last for just an hour.

In Conclusion of Twitter chats

Most of all have fun with it so you’ll want to do it again and your fellow peeps will be asking for your next chat.

Have you participated in or hosted a Twitter chat yet?

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