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How Long Does a Twitter Suspension Last and How To Avoid One

How Long Does a Twitter Suspension Last?

Landing in Twitter jail can last for hours, days, or indefinitely.

Being locked in a Twitter jail can happen to anyone. Have you ever got up in the morning, looked at your mobile phone as you are getting out of bed, and seeing your Twitter account has been locked? 🙁

You can’t log into your Twitter account. They ask for your phone number. You enter it but they don’t call? Then, you wonder “What am I missing?”

Next, you wonder: “What tweets did I miss since I was last on Twitter?”

“Why did I get locked out of Twitter?”

“Why did I get a Twitter suspension?” you may ask yourself.

Yes, you have landed yourself in Twitter Jail. It happened to me a few years ago and even recently.

It’s happening much more today in 2021 and many people headed over to Parler,  and elsewhere after Parler was shut down.

Not only is it happening on Twitter but Facebook as well. Welcome to social media in 2021.

For example, you can see all the restricted accounts I see in my Tweepsmap weekly email update. I’ve noticed it’s grown more and more since late 2020. There were never this many Twitter-restricted accounts before!

The Last Tweet Before a Twitter Suspension

I remember my last tweet was about seeing the space station flying over. I was not threatening the president or anyone else. I’m not a bot, I tweet and retweet all the time about things I find my audience will like. I tweet with links, photos, videos, and sometimes just quotes.

My last tweet below before the Twitter Suspension:

The Last Twitter Suspension from 2019

Yes, imagine it happened again? This time to my less used Twitter account at @InspireToThrive.  You can see I awake early at 4:20 to find this notification on my mobile device.

Well, I think to myself, There is no better way to teach about this than to go through it myself.

So, the next step was to confirm my mobile device. After that, I learned that I could repeal the suspension. I went into the Twitter help center and did just that.

Next, I did receive an email from them. This is why I say it is so important to have access to the email you use to open up your Twitter account at all times!


Finally, about 48 hours later I received an email from the Twitter support team. They had unsuspended my account but the reasons why it was suspended in the first place were a little vague.

After reviewing my own accounts I think it may have happened with what Twitter refers to as “decks.” There were peeps on that account always tagging me with dozens of others in quotes and such. I really did not use the other third-party apps on that account as I wrote about on Medium.

I would thank these peeps and reply. Now, I no longer respond. Of course, I feel bad though 🙁  I’m asking around on Twitter from others using this practice. Stay tuned as they say! 

Fast Forward to Twitter in Late 2020

Twitter support just came out with this tweet on their Ban Evasion Policy. It comes down to this: You cannot circumvent any Twitter suspensions. If you do, you will not be able to use Twitter again ever. This breach will cause a permanent Twitter suspension.

Furthermore, if you are caught helping someone circumvent this rule, your Twitter account will be suspended. You cannot allow someone to take over your Twitter account or imitate one that has been banned.


What are users supposed to do? Be sure to have your own content on a self-hosted website. Furthermore, have a backup of your website too!

Twitter Jail from 2013

I landed in Twitter Jail six years ago back in 2013.  Back then I was stuck in the Twitter Jail for 48 hours. There was no reason or rhythm to it. Finally, no explanation was to be found via Twitter.  It was almost to the day this time in 2017 that my Twitter suspension happened again.

It can happen to the best of us as Ana Hoffman found out back then and again now too. Back then I was in a tizzy over it. Not this time. I knew better. Experience can be the best teacher.

Before you learn what to do after your account gets suspended, check out my newest post on the updated 2019 Twitter rules to guide you to avoid it!

Finally, no explanation was to be found via Twitter. It was almost to the day this time in 2017 that my Twitter suspension happened again. #Twittertips Click To Tweet

What To Do When Twitter Suspends Your Account

Be sure not to miss these above rules if your Twitter account is suspended!

New – Twitter has info for those deactivated Twitter accounts!

What Else Can You Do to Avoid Twitter Jail?

More Important Twitter Updates to Avoid Getting Your Twitter Account Suspended

These rules appear on Twitter’s policy page. You may think they are common sense but for some people, they may not be. Impersonation is something I do see from time to time on Twitter. Some get around it by having a “parody account” right in their profile. Have you seen them?   

Platform manipulation and spam: You may not use Twitter’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience on Twitter. Learn more.

Election integrity: You may not use Twitter’s services to manipulate or interfere in elections. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress voter turnout or mislead people about when, where, or how to vote. Learn more.

Impersonation: You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Learn more.

Copyright and trademark: You may not violate others’ intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. Learn more about our trademark policy and copyright policy.


Learn More After Being in Twitter Jail

Don’t Panic!

First, Don’t Panic. Knowing I had 48 hours to be Twitter-free, my world would not end in those 48 hours without Twitter. Being in a Twitter Jail can give you more time elsewhere like over on Reddit.

You Will Gain Free Time

The second thing I learned while being blocked by Twitter was that it gave me a lot more free time!

Free time to work and get that much-needed exercise from sitting all day.

You Can Grow Your Other Social Network Audiences

The third thing I learned was I was starting to gain a little traction over on LinkedIn after Ravi wrote his success on the LinkedIn pulse. So I began working on more posts for LinkedIn in the future. I went from 5 views to 50 so I want to continue along on there.

The fourth thing I learned was spending more time on Quora. Now I was better able to answer people’s questions about being blocked from Twitter.

Sometimes to be an expert you have to make mistakes and learn from them by sharing with others. Since this first post appeared my traffic from Quora has become a top referral for traffic here.

Now Many Are Going Over to Parler from Twitter Now

Yes, many folks who have lost their accounts on Twitter have recently joined Parler. About 5 million joined this new social network site in June of 2020. In November there were thousands by the minute signing up on Parler.


Many are conservatives and with all the “political” stuff going on right now this social network site has increased users day by day. You can find me over there as well.

I’ve also made a FREE terminology guide for new users that want to use the Parler app.

Do note, Parler was shut down by the Amazon servers, and Apple and Google would not allow downloads of their app in mid-January of 2021. They are back today. Other social networks have since sprung up.

I’m not leaving Twitter but wanted to check out this new social network as many big brands are boycotting Facebook and even Twitter. There are other topics to be found on this new site too 🙂

Another alternative social media site more familiar like Twitter is called Minds. They have been around much longer than Parler and offer a larger variety of topics like Cryptocurrency, Nature Photography, News, and much more.  It really has something for everyone!

Tweet With Multiple Accounts Carefully

Another thing I learned was I was pushing it with Twitter. I was taking some of the rules to the max. Not good! Many Twitter experts say when you have two accounts not to keep tweeting the same stuff.  I’ve done variations but I’ve got to be much more careful going forward.

So, if you have two accounts BEWARE. Again this is very important since February 2018.

So if you have multiple Twitter accounts be very careful not to tweet the same stuff. Mix it up! Don’t share the same stuff from the same automation tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Don’t Just Tweet All Links

Twitter does not like Twitter accounts that only tweet out links. I began to think, had I been doing that? I do tweet many links as I’m sharing others’ content and my own there.

Most bloggers do tweet out mostly links. It’s time to go to the 80/20 rule to be safe. 20 percent of your tweets should not contain a link to stay within the Twitter rules.

The Most Important Thing To Learn From This Twitter Suspension

Do NOT rely just on one social network. Remember, social media is all rented space. A self-hosted blog is the best way to go with owning your own content.

You can make your own rules and do what you what with your own property.

Being on a social network is like renting, you never know when the rent will go up or the place will close down.

Do NOT rely just on one social network. Remember, social media is all rented space. #socialmedia Click To Tweet

Twitter Account Reactivated

I got an email with an apology from Twitter. Yes, they really did apologize! No wonder I love the Twitter network. They apologized for suspending my Twitter account for 48 hours.

Twitter actually apologized for having suspended my account!

Twitter Spam Groups

Caught up in spam groups by mistake? So it was nothing done in error. Thank goodness for that. So it can happen to you too for no reason. Always remember never to put all your social eggs in one social basket. You may lose one and need some others along the way.

Now, there is also the Twitter algorithm that has changed dramatically in 2021. Learn how it can affect your Twitterness with Twitter in 2021 and beyond!

Just How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last?

From my 2 experiences of a Twitter suspension, it was 48 hours to the minute each time. But if you are being spammy or violate their terms, your Twitter suspension can last longer.

So be careful about how and what you tweet and know the Twitter rules! I’ve also been in the bots when I could not log into Twitter.

Once I put in my phone number it was unlocked. Therefore, please remember to have your mobile phone number in your Twitter settings. This will help you to unlock your account if you get caught up in bots.

Thank You Twitter Friends

Thank you to everyone who emailed me, sent me private messages with screenshots to find out what happened to my Twitter account. It’s so nice to know fellow bloggers and content marketers have your back in these situations!




My Twitter Conclusion On Why I Landed in Twitter Jail
– I believe I may have unfollowed too many people as I was using Social Quant. I have since stopped using Social Quant though I do NOT blame them in any way. They had great services.

(Social Quant is no longer in business as many services like that were no longer allowed with the Twitter API.  The only one left that I use is Viral Content Bee. 

I may have pushed it a little by unfollowing a few on my own. I may have been tweeting some of the same links on both accounts so I’ll be much more aware of that going forward.

According to Twitter, I got caught up in the bots as their email response indicated above.

Have you ever ended up in Twitter Jail?

If so, I’d love to know how long did the Twitter suspension lasted for you?

Need more Twitter help? Purchase my updated 31 page eBook on Amazon now.


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