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Plug-In Happy – Are Plug-Ins Really Magical?

Plug-In Happy Bloggers

Plug-ins are the most talked about blog posts of late. There are probably thousands of them that a blogger can choose from, but should we? Can a plug-in be a magic wand for us? They are quickly and easily installable via WordPress. In just a few steps and seconds a new plug-in can give your blog a new function or useful options. Plug-ins may also slow down your website’s speed or conflict with other ones already installed or with your theme. They cause havoc or even take down your blog altogether. (Always be sure to test one at a time.)


7 Plug-In Posts Around The Blogsphere Recently

  1. Just Ask Kim – I love reading Just Ask Kim. She is always so informative and a true expert on Facebook. Her latest post on plugins was on making contributions on a blog via a plug-in. Have you tried that one yet?
  2. My Girly Parts – Bren does a wonderful job on her two blogs and is always changing up her themes and plug-ins. Her recent post was about some new ones she started to use. She is becoming a plug-in expert. Her posts want me to have more of them and I did install the WordFence Security one after reading her post. I also had read about others whose blogs were recently hacked.
  3. Tim Bonner last week posted on the same topic with WordFence to the Rescue. WordFence can protect your blog from hackers. There have been many of them around of late. I’m sure no one wants their blog to be hacked so this plug-in sounds like a must to me.
  4. Barry Wells recently posted about some blog feed with errors that really caught my attention. This one makes me want to have less of them. They can conflict with each other and with your theme. It’s a massive testing ground for plug-ins to work correctly with your other ones and your theme.
  5. Ana from Traffic Generation Cafe recently did a post on a plug-in that could increase your traffic conversion on your blog. Who does not want more traffic conversions? It does it by making things on your sidebar sticky.
  6. Enstine from Fast Income wrote about 5 plug-ins for backing up your WordPress blog. We know how important it is to do a back-up all the time. So if you don’t want to do it from your c-panel you can just install another plug-in.
  7. Lisa from 2 Create a Website really inspired me with her post of Are SEO Plugins Overrated in 2013? Whaddya Think?  She goes on to explain how Yoast did not work with her theme. She also points out that her organic traffic has since increased since getting rid of Yoast. Now if you remember I love Yoast as it helps me write better while keeping SEO in mind. But is it really helping this blog and is it necessary? I tried to disable it but my titles did not show up and I did not have time over this past weekend to play around with it. But it is something I’d like to test out soon.  I recently won a new WordPress premium theme over at Logallot so I may choose to do it all at once with that new theme. I’ll need lots of time to play with that one. Thank you to Sonia for the wonderful prize!

Plug-ins I Cannot Live Without

Plug-Ins I’m Considering to Delete 

So back over to you – Do you believe plug-ins can be magical or not?

Which are your favorite plug-ins and which could you live without?

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