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10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist


Do you have a kickass project kickoff you are trying to start? These 10 tips will help you to accomplish a real kickass project kickoff. These tips not only apply to project managers but just about anyone tackling a project.

Whether it be for business or personal you can apply these tips to just about any project you may have.

Kickass Project Kickoff – The 10 Step Checklist

  1. The first one is to have a vision and objective.
  2. Identify your team and set goals.
  3. Develop Initial Project Plan.
  4. Define how to measure success!
  5. Review and plan and look for risks.
  6. Establish logistics and communications.
  7. Choose your project work process.
  8. Decide which tools will be used to get the job done.
  9. Schedule your meeting.
  10. Finally, set the agenda and prepare handouts and/or slides.
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Have A Project Charter

As exhaustive as a project checklist is, there’s one thing that isn’t included in it; a project charter.

Typically, this is created at the start of a project and gives everything the go-ahead. The charter also authorizes managers and other personnel to use resources and complete the project according to guidelines.

That makes it quite important to have. It’s also one of the first things that you’ll have to work on. You’ll usually need to have the charter signed by management or another party, as these people will have the authority to give everything the go-ahead. It’s worth noting that a project manager shouldn’t play a role in putting a charter together.

Instead, it’s typically created by what’s known as a ‘project sponsor.’ That’ll be the person overseeing the overall project, even if they’re not actively involved in daily activities. If you’re the manager of a project, you might end up helping the sponsor create the charter, especially if they haven’t created one before.

When a project charter is being put together, several factors are mandatory. You should check for these before beginning any contract. Every charter should include:

Some project charters can be much more detailed than others. The key to this is making sure that everything is clear and easy to understand. Everyone involved in the project will take their cues from this charter. A collaborative approach to putting it together may be best.

By having other peoples’ input, the project can be much better planned, which should help the project go more smoothly.

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How to Have Vision

To start any project you must know and understand what you need to accomplish. You really need to visualize this from the start to the end. You may not need all the details in between but being able to see what you need is key.

For instance, you could daydream about what you want to accomplish. Daydreaming helps with your visualization. Once you do that you are more apt to move forward and be able to find the steps along the way. Visualizing can really help you achieve a goal.

Just be sure you don’t spend all day daydreaming that could hurt your productivity.

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How To Set Your Goals and Identify a Team

To start with any project you must have an end in mind. Identify your goal. Keep each goal small leading up to the final goal.  This will make your goals more doable and achievable. Break them up into smaller goals.

Then find a team to help you achieve the goal each step of the way. Find team players that all want to accomplish the end goal just as much as you do. Be sure to have each team member’s contact info and know which way they prefer to be contacted.

Therefore, some people prefer phone calls and others text messages.

Developing Your Plan for Your Kickass Project Kickoff

Start with the first steps needed to reach your goal. Go through each of the steps and assign them out.

So, choose team members that will be the best fit for each of the steps you need to have done.

Measure Your Goals Along The Way

Measure each of your goals as you go toward the final bigger goal. If your measurements are not adding up, make adjustments along the way.

Don’t be afraid to change gears if you need to! Many successful people and businesses have to be agile to change things up when needed. They don’t wait too long to make changes to get ahead. Those who hesitate get left in the dust behind.

Today changes are taking place at a faster speed than ever before.

Review Your Plan and Look for Risk

Does your plan pose risks? Can you live with the risks associated with them? If not – adjust them. If you can, proceed with caution and be prepared to deal with the risks.

Learn how to better handle the risks that may come along.

Establish the Logistics and Communications

By all means, be sure everyone is nearby to complete the projects you assign. Of course, if you can do it all online just be sure of their availability.

Be aware of team members in different time zones.

Choose Your Kickoff Project Process

The way you process your project is key to completing it successfully.

Be sure all team members are aware of the processes and how to get them done on time.

Use the Right Tools To Got Your Kickass Project Kickoff

Having the right tool is a must with any project you tackle today. Whether it be in business or at your home, the right tool can make all the difference. Having the right software can make a huge difference for a team project. 

But, be sure all team members know how to use the tools you offer to get the job done. This is a very important detail to make your kickass project kickoff go well.

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Get Your Meeting Scheduled

Send out a Google calendar invite to everyone that you want to attend your kickoff meeting. Be sure everyone is available on the same date and time.

Do this in advance so if some people on your team cannot make it you can change the date to accommodate everyone. The last thing you want is to have to re-schedule a meeting again and again!

Set Your Kickass Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

Having an agenda ready in advance will keep you on topic and on time. Read the agenda and or slides prior so you know how much time you have to finish the meeting. Leave time in the end to answer questions, etc.

Finally, be prepared to lead the meeting from the start to the end. Be firm but friendly so others will engage throughout the meeting. For this reason, it will make the meeting fun and people will not dread coming to another meeting you may have for your project in the future.

Set the tone from the beginning of the meeting to keep them listening right to the end.

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How do you handle your projects today? I’d love to know more in the comments below on how you accomplish your goals for your projects today.