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New Blogger? No-Fail Ways to get your New Blog Popular in 90 days

Congrats on Setting up your new blog. Now you need to work to get your new blog popular but how does a new blogger accomplish this? We have some tips for new bloggers to accomplish this for you.

New Blogger? Get Your Blog Popular In 90 Days!

You need much exposure to be able to pay for your bills, when I say bills I mean

Whether you like it or not, as a new blogger you can’t run your blog to success without spending a dime on it unless you don’t want to be successful blogging.

As time goes on you need money to pay for these things, especially the domain and hosting aspect, and as well make some money from your writing online.

But For a Fresh Blogger

It just doesn’t come naturally; you need to attain some level of exposure. Your blog needs to be popular (even if it’s a little bit) before you can start making some bucks (to cover these things).

You would definitely agree with me that a blog needs to take care of itself at some level, if you are a part-time blogger, you really don’t expect to spend much on your website all the time from other sources probably your offline job right?

Right here in the post, am going to show you various ways and tips you can start replicating in order to get your blog popular.

My New Blogger Story

But before then, let me share a little story with you about how I got started. I started blogging in 2014 and it took me a whooping full year (12 Months) to start growing my blog and making it popular. This was because I never got to know what tips actually worked in making it popular.

So it took me 12 months to learn. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. You really can’t grow and make your blog popular within a few months probably as early as 3 months if you follow the strategies that work.

But I want to make something clear to you right now:

“To make your blog popular, you should not just read tips, Read and Practice”

Take action immediately; start practicing the tips here right away. It’s really not what you read that provides results, but your ability to take action and make it work.

So let’s dive into what makes your blogging website popular really Fast.

1. Lay the Foundation: Publish Great Content

This is the first and foremost. Before you can use other tips that would be highlighted in this post, you need to publish great content.

Now, most newer bloggers tend to get discouraged whenever they hear the term “Publish great content”. This is because they have the ego that they need to write that lengthy post of about 5,000 words long or so.

It’s not true, what is true?

What is the real definition of great content, in just three lines?

The length of your posts does not really matter when it comes to creating quality content. If it’s well explained and able to solve readers’ problems then it’s a quality one.

However, do not make it a habit of publishing less than 1,000 words long articles. It just might not meet the criteria of quality content.

Google loves long content as they index it quickly and because it tends to explain in detail a particular topic.

So the first step to making your blog popular is to write quality content, that way you can follow the next tips to make it a success.

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2. Commenting on Other Blogs

This is overlooked by many bloggers but it’s one of the most effective ways to get your newer blog popular. In fact, I use the blog commenting technique to get massive extra 4,175+ daily page views to my blog.

This is how commenting works:

Commenting on blogs has helped great bloggers like Chris Deewaard, Ryan Biddulph, and lots more get featured on top blogs which definitely made their blogs popular as they are exposed to a larger audience.

However, when you are commenting on blogs I always recommend you read the posts so you can get ideas of what to say in the comment section.

This way you are not seen as a spammer, you can check out this definitive guide to commenting the right way.

Leave comments on blogs. I have personally made it a habit to leave at least 30+ comments on different blogs daily. It helps make my blog popular as I would be pulling new visitors from those blogs to mine.

Make a habit to start commenting and you’d see how far you can go in growing your online presence and making it popular really fast.

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You should develop a schedule for doing this as it helps you keep to other activities as well.

3. Do not neglect the Bloggers Association: Start networking Right Away

No one ever became successful alone. If you really do not want to stay hidden in the blogosphere then you need to get up and start networking with other folks in your niche.

Other writers can help you make your blog popular really fast using just a few things that work, check them below;

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Join Facebook Groups Meant for Bloggers

Facebook is a fast-growing Social Network, according to research, billions of users spend time on Facebook daily.

New bloggers can join Facebook groups to meet other new bloggers in their niche.

This means Facebook can get you popular online.

Problogger Facebook Group is one of the most active Facebook groups for bloggers you can start taking part right away.

Take Advantage of Popular Forums

Forums are also a great way to get yourself popular. It’s a community of members who share the same thoughts about a particular topic usually known as threads.

Members create threads and spike up discussions in the forums.

All you need do is join these popular blogging forums and become an active member. You are also given the opportunity to add a signature. Instead of adding any signature, add your website URL.

This way members get to know where you write and may decide to check out your blog.

However, you need to participate in the forums in order to gain trust and clicks to your website by making in-depth contributions and being seen as an expert in your niche.

Start leveraging blogging forums and create chances of getting your blog popular, all to your success.

Here are good blogging forums to get you started right away for you:

4. Give Guest Posting a Kick-through

While you create content for your own readers, how about writing and contributing to other blogs?

Guest Posting not only makes you popular but helps you build a relationship with top people who are known as influencers.

Contribute to their blogs, interact with the readers via your post and you stand a chance of making your blog popular really fast as you’d be exposed to a new audience, not your regular blog readers.

Audience who are ready to help promote your blog as well and create even more chances for popularity.

Take the bold step, start contributing to other blogs in your niche and be sure to see results thereafter.

You could leave at least 2 guest posts monthly for a start and as time goes on, you improve.

5. Take Action, Continue your Research and Repeat the Above Steps

The advice I give startups more often is there are many tips online to help you grow by just heading on to google search.

But, it doesn’t stop at this

Do not just read but put into action what you read. There are actually three groups of people in the blogosphere.

Start taking ACTION today as a new writer.

Wrapping all Up!

Getting popular as a fresh writer shouldn’t be any difficult when you follow the tips on this post however taking action remains the key!

Over to you

Are you going to start following the tips right away for your success? Are there other tips you feel I missed out in the post? Do let me know in your comments below for new bloggers.

Do not forget to share with friends on social media today.