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Bing Webmaster Tools – How They Differ From Google’s Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools For Different Finds

Do you check your Bing Webmaster tools? They offer some different insights on your website than Google does. It’s a great way to check if your site is coming up well on Bing, and the Yahoo networks. (They are the same now.) Bing and Yahoo account for almost 18% of all web traffic.


What Bing Webmaster Tools Can Do For You

Bing Webmaster Tools Becomes Even More Important Today – Thanks to Ellen for This Post!

Post by Ellen M. Gregg.


Sigh – We know this one was coming from Google but so soon? Bottom line – Google wants us to buy adwords.  This move with keywords being encrypted will change SEO more than we’ve ever known before.

Sign up Today via Bing

Go to Bing Webmaster Tools to sign up today for your insights and tools. You have to get a code to put on your site or blog for tracking. Once it is verified you are ready to start analyzing. It will take time for Bing to crawl your site. You can submit your site and pages of your site to be crawled. I do that now for any new pages I may add to my websites. Notice you will get rewarded with a $50 credit for search advertising? Another Bing reward!


Other Webmaster Tool Tidbits


Have you used Bing Webmaster tools for your website or blog recently?  

Do you find it complicated and want another post on how to? If so let me know in the comments! 

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