• Hi Lisa,

    No doubt about the success of these blogs but there are many other blogs like Harleena’s Aha!Now and many others which have their specific place in blogoshere. I always try to find out the blogs which are related to mine niche.
    People like to know about the circumstances of blogs success but it is told that we just need to focus at the quality.

    Thanks for making me aware about these blogs.


  • Thanks for sharing your list!

    Of all the ones you highlight, to date hubspot is the one I’m currently frequenting most. Since I’m not really into the gadget or techie scene too much, Mashable ‘s not currently on my short list.

    But who knows, as my skill set continues to improve, maybe I’ll come around! Time will tell.

    And your list of new blogs to read, that should be interesting as well! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mark, I used to read Hubspot all the time and not as much recently. They haven’t been all targeted to me as they once were. Maybe they have different writers? You are welcome and thanks for mentioning them too as they are still a good source of info.

  • I like to follow people who don’t notice me. Ohhhh, you mean online. I like Dave Clement’s DoItWithWP dot com because he tackles technical fixes for WordPress and makes them understandable to beginners.

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