Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog?

Do You Type So Much For Your Blog That Your Arm Aches?

typing your blog

Some of you may have wondered where I’ve been. (Thanks to those for asking) I’ve had to rest my achy arm from always being on the computer. Do you know what it means if you wear your arm out with high computer usage blogging?  You can’t be online at all. No sharing, no blogging, maybe you could watch more TV and read a good book.

Tips to Keep Your Arm Healthy While You Blog

  1. Take frequent breaks. On some weekend days I’d be at for 4 hours without moving away. Always take a break every hour. Walk around, stretch, drink some water. Get a timer. Something I must do myself. 
  2. Be sure  you are ergonomically correct at your computer.  The top of your monitor should be at your eye level. Elbows should be close to your body and supported. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Lower back support in your chair. Shoulders should be relaxed. Head and neck must be balanced with the rest of your torso.
  3. Many health conditions can contribute to getting carpel tunnel. (Something I had not known before) . Diabetes, arthritis, hypothyroidism, excessive weight and smoking all can contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome.
  4. Schedule time off. If you are constantly working online be sure to be schedule some time off. Take a chunk of a day off. Your body will sure appreciate it.
  5. Type lighter. Why bang away hard on the keys and mouse? It really won’t get the job done any faster or better.
  6. You could upgrade your keyboard and or mouse for ease of movements using your computer.

What Are The Symptoms To Be Aware of?

  1. Tingling in your fingers and/or your arm.
  2. Numbness in your fingers and/or your arm.
  3. Pain in your fingers, hand or arms.
  4. Symptoms may appear first at night.

Lessons Learned On Blogging Without An Arm

  1. Always have some posts ready in the event you can’t blog.
  2. Have guest bloggers you can count on when you can’t blog.
  3. Don’t panic – your health has to come first.

Have you had soreness or pain in your arms from high computer usage tending to your blog?

What do you do to prevent it?

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59 comments On Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog?

  • I figured since I gave you some information in response to a comment on my blog about this post that I should at least comment, even if I’m way behind everyone else. 😉

    Truthfully, I’ve had few issues over the last 11 years with my arms. I’m constantly changing the height of my chair and moving my keyboard around, and probably what’s helped a lot was going wireless, which lets me move my mouse freely from many places on my desk. However, in the late 90’s when I was working for someone else I had serious arm issues and was diagnosed with tendinitis. I was wearing an arm brace and trying to do all sorts of things, without success. Basically, what ended up saving me was when my hospital merged and not only did I have an office in two different locations but also had to go to the “big city” at least once a week. It meant I wasn’t just sitting in one spot for hours at a time, and slowly my arm came back to me.

    Also, these days when I’m not in the mood to type any longer, I just fire up Dragon and then all I have to do is edit; I need to use it more often. 😎
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Verifying Google AuthorshipMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I am happy that you are feeling better. I have been there with the tingling fingers so I am trying to stay off the computer so much. I think part of mine is that I am a bit bored in my English surroundings and the other part, I just love being social online. I have stopped taking my computer to bed with me. My friends have started joking me that I have a new lover so I thought that was a sign that I should write in the office verses the bedroom.
    Cynthia recently posted..What’s Love Got to Do with It?My Profile

  • This has certainly happened to me before. I hope you are feeling better. 🙂
    candice recently posted..House Hunting…Things are Getting InterestingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Well, I hope you recover quickly. 🙂 I have a few things that force me to take breaks fairly often.

    1. Boredom! I get very bored if I sit at the computer for hours on end. When I was younger, I used to sit there very late into the night, but now, not so much.
    2. At work, I get pulled away into meetings or I get asked queries. Working in an office with roughly 20 colleagues makes it easy to take breaks (although it can be distracting sometimes).
    3. Comfort breaks. Having drinks and going to the bathroom are two things that ensure I’m not sitting down for too long…
    4. My wife comes in and nudges me if I’ve been too quiet for too long. Just making sure I’m still alive 🙂

    I always remember the point about the top of your screen being at eye level as I used to do office risk assessments in a previous job (not as my main job, just to help out a bit). If my chair ever feels a little too high or low or I have slight neckache, that’s always the first thing I check.

    Great tips 🙂

  • I have issues with my wrists from all the typing I do day in and day out. You have to take breaks. I also make sure to exercise a little every day by taking a brisk walk. They have shown that sitting down for long periods of time is not good for your health. You must get up and do some activity standing or otherwise.

    I know I owe you a post 🙁 Got tied up and then lost my creative streak.

  • Thank you for guide me so nicely! Because sometime it was to hard to sit in front of my computer.

  • Are you spying on me? I’m on a campaign to work for strict 50 minute intervals with breaks – failed miserably yesterday, kept ignoring my alarm on the pretext of ‘just finishing off this bit here…..’ – then 2 hours later……. You get the picture.

    I’m doing better today – dusting my room or playing with the dogs between spells at the keyboard and sticking rigidly to my timer.

    I’ve never had arm or wrist problems, thankfully, but I do suffer from a chronically bad back, besides which I know it’s no good for my mental health or productivity to work for long periods without a break.

    So thanks very much for this additional nag – I need it!

    Sue Neal recently posted..Is This Mistake Ruining Your Chance to Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  • I hope you are 100% soon. I have had some issues with my writs in the past. I try to switch and use the mouse with both hands. I also use special gloves from time to time that help keep the ligaments and things in the hands in proper alignment. I think you can get the gloves at your local craft store in the knitting section.
    Chasing Joy recently posted..#FlashbackFriday: Chasing JoyMy Profile

  • Take care of your hand Lisa. nice to read the tips. I am a bit careless about these things. I think I need to take care of these things too.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..Does Blogging Reduce Stress?My Profile

  • you really explained the problems and their solutions very well. Thank you for such health related tips.
    Rahul recently posted..Blogging Goals of 2013 to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    Sorry to hear about your arm. Make sure you rest up from now on! We’ll always come back whenever you have a chance to post.

    From a few weeks ago I’ve been trying out the Pomodoro technique and it seems to be helping me. You work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. On the 4th break you take 25 minutes. It’s helped me to concentrate, refocus my mind and eyes and also will hopefully keep carpet tunnel at bay.

    You can get some free timers online for the technique. I have Pomodoro App installed on my PC which allows you to add tasks for the day and alerts you when you need to take a break.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Happy New Year EveryoneMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    I am sorry to hear that you have been in pain with your arm, I have also been in pain with toothache 🙁 so although I was still around and a day late with my last post it was hard going to keep up.
    I always have to take breaks as I have the beginning of arthritis in my right hand so if I type for any length of time I am in agony, I love Icy Hot too….it works wonders lol
    I like to go out for a walk after lunch, if the weather is good then I will walk along the beach as we live a 2 minute walk from it, I always feel refreshed and ready for my afternoon work schedule.
    Glad to have you back and take it easy….
    Pauline recently posted..What Are Your Plans For 2013?My Profile

    • Thank you Pauline. Yes Icy Hot has been great most of the time. Arthritis does make it hard. I love going for walks but since we had snow haven’t been able to. I hope your toothache is better. It’s hard to concentrate when you are in any pain. Thanks for coming by and commenting Pauline, I do appreciate that especially with your toothache.
      Lisa recently posted..Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog? My Profile

  • Ha! 🙂

    I used to give up my arm for blogging, when I was misguidedly blogging every.single.day. It took me almost a year to get smart and realizing I didn’t have to ship a long post every day – or any length post every day.

    The self-care tips to ensure an arm isn’t lost to blogging are well-taken. Taking care of our bodies is way more important than posting on our blog. 🙂

  • I’m sorry to hear about your arm. It must have been hard and new to you not to be in computer when you are used to it. Anyway, taking some time off is a great chance for you to have a proper rest and realize things out. I, myself too realize how unhealthy it is to stay on computers for hours without taking some time to rest.
    Sarah Park recently posted..10 Real Estate MythsMy Profile

  • Getting educated with this is just very important. Thank you for this post.
    Narmada recently posted..Tips For Using Facebook in Your Job Search HuntMy Profile

  • No matter the position of the arm it still hurts. I usually prop my arms up on the couch to type but when you have the computer on your lap it hurts after a while. Great post
    Kita recently posted..What’s new with Kokoa 2013My Profile

  • I definitely agree Lisa that we need to take some time off from blogging or we won’t be able to blog at all. I plan on taking a week off towards then end of this month to give my arm and brain a break.
    Justin recently posted..Psychic Sparks – Becoming a Psychic Intuitive with Julie BarrettMy Profile

  • I hope you feel better. I was having lots of wrist pain a month ago and bought flexible wrist braces at the drug store. I also realized my posture was bad. I didn’t have both feet on the floor when typing. The pain has subsided. For a while, I thought I might need to have surgery.

    Sounds like you’re doing the right thing and should recover. Great advice!

  • Hey Lisa,

    I was wondering where you’ve been. I thought you probably were just super busy and had other things going. Sorry to hear it was because of your arm.

    I’ve often wondered why I’ve never gotten carpel tunnel because I’ve always typed. Yep, took it in school and about three years after graduation I went into a job as a data entry person then a time keeper and from there a secretary. Let’s just roughly say I’ve been typing for over 30 years five days a week. Since I came online it’s been a whole lot more.

    I will say though that I’ve always had a comfortable work space. The only issue I’ve had since working at home is my chair. I finally broke down though just last month and bought me an expensive ergonomic chair. It was never my arm or hands that bothered me but my back.

    Since I got this chair though my back no longer hurts.

    I do take short breaks throughout the day though and then a 30 minute walk every afternoon or evening, weather permitting.

    It’s very important to take care of yourself so I’m happy to hear that you’re back and feeling much better.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Should Be Part Of A Mastermind GroupMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa hope your arm is doing better, I know how you feel because for the past few months I have been getting a lot of pain in both my arms. I don’t really know what its from but I bet me writing so much has something to do with it. But as long as I got my toes I never stop blogging :0 hope you feel better my friend. 🙂
    RobG recently posted..How-to Engage online And Build ReadershipMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I sure hope you’re feeling better my friend. I think anyone who is constantly blogging or just typing in general has felt a tingling or numbing sensation throughout their careers but we get so caught up in work that we just shrug it off.

    When the tingling gets bad I make myself get away from the computer and walk around the house while doing hand and wrist exercises and Icy Hot is my BFF at night!

    Thanks for sharing this post. It’s a great reminder that we have to take care of ourselves. Feel better soon girlfriend! 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted..What Not To Do On Social MediaMy Profile

  • Sorry to hear about your arm Lisa!

    I’m afraid i really didn’t miss your updates because I myself have been busy with sorting out and making massive changes on my blog that I haven’t had time to put up any new posts there as well.

    However, I agree that the problems that come when we are constantly online or the Internet is more than we can imagine. Besides the arm problem you underwent, it even distances us from the ones we are close to if we don’t limit our online time. Not to mention the other health problems we suffer from if we more online than offline. I guess prevention is better than cure. 🙂

    Though I agree that we should have posts scheduled up for days like this or have guest bloggers ready, I prefer taking it easy and looking after your health first. Reason – well, even if you have posts scheduled, you would need to reply to the comments and do other stuff, and the same goes with the guest bloggers post too. I guess once you are healthy enough, you can always get back to blogging – a few days of absence it really doesn’t matter – does it?

    Thanks for sharing, and glad you are feeling better now. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Blog Anniversary – Making Merry this Christmas and New YearMy Profile

    • Thanks Harleena, no a few days didn’t really make a difference, good point there. And without our health, we can’t do anything for ourselves or anyone. So it must come first. More breaks for stretching and drinking water is in the cards for me from now on. Thanks for your input here Harleena and well wishes.
      Lisa recently posted..Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog? My Profile

  • 🙁 My poor overworked friend, haven’t I told you to take breaks? You burn yourself out! And your arm at that! Ok, I’m not gonna preach. I know you have jobs to get done but we aren’t getting any younger and we do need to step away. I’ve been trying to do it more at night time. Some may have seen me missing on Twitter in the evenings. I’ve been enjoying the tube and spending time playing with Titan. Mind you, playtime with Titan can mean bruises and/or a scratch or two here and there but at least it gives my wrists and arthritic fingers a rest. I learned back in the day, when I started having issues…. don’t over do. Nothing is worth my health. Take heed my friend and take breaks. I’ve missed tweeting with ya but knew what was up so I understand. Get better soon!

    Oh btw, I use and old school trackball at work that has a wrist cushion under it. It greatly helps. And I also just lowered my chair one notch. Found I was sitting a bit too high. However, I can never sit flat footed at my desk. Usually kinda crossed leg. It’s an odd thing and I have to force myself to get up off my rump every, at least, 30 minutes! :mrgreen:
    Brenda recently posted..Pet Blogger Challenge 2013!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I feel ya. Or rather I feel in my body a few aches and pains at times.

    I do breaks, while it has little to do with avoiding pain…I just have to burn off extra energy every 20 minutes. I always vote for a loud song and a few fancy dance moves to get the blood flowing and to loosen up a few muscles.

    I also found that doing stretches (especially for my wrist) has helped a lot. When I get in bed at night (or even go to the fridge for lunch) I place my palms flat on the wall and keep my arms extended in front of me. Then I place the back of my hand against the wall and do the same thing. Amazing that sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel that stretch and then the blood comes back to my fingers.

    You can also place your hands and the top of the doorway and lean into the door to stretch your arms and upper back. Then place hands on the sides of the door and lean through. Get those Scapula’s moving! LOL

    Now, time for a quick dance…go on…crank up a tune and move!!!
    Sheryl Loch recently posted..Avoid YouTube Videos Being Blocked From MobileMy Profile

  • HI Lisa

    I probably visited your blog 3-4 times but could not see any update and I was thinking possibly you are on break for few days. As I have seen you, you have been everywhere.
    Sorry to know about your arm but glad to know about you, through your post. Mayura rightly said we are always together.

    Take care and wish to see you again everywhere.

    Sapna recently posted..Naive Blogger – After President, The Busiest Person on Planet(An Infographic)My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    I’m really sorry again for your arm dear 🙂 I’m realy glad you come up with this post ’cause some folks may have no idea why your blog was not updating as it was used to be 🙂

    Well, there’s always a first time. Isn’t it? 🙂 You have learnt it and now you know what to be aware of and to be ready when something happens. I’m busy nowadays too and am glad I’ve used to pre-write posts. Sometimes we just need to think ahead, even nothing happens ’cause that will be helpful someday.

    Hope you are feeling better than before now and thank you for sharing the healthy tips Lisa 🙂 They gonna help a lot and folks need to start thinking about health first.

    Anyway I don’t hope any reply soon here until you feel alright with your arm Lisa 🙂 Take your time and we are always with you no matter what. People helps people 🙂

    Take your time and come back healthy dear 🙂

    Take care and have a relaxin’ + healthy week Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Schedule Your Social Media Updates with BufferMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura, It’s getting better. Not my first time, my job when I first started required a lot of typing and had an issue then. Was okay after a month of using a wrist splint, ice and meds. I will be sure to take breaks now in between. Think I would have learned from before huh? This time for sure. Three times and your out, right?
      Lisa recently posted..Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog? My Profile

  • Thanks Sapna, I love sharing what I’ve learned and I could not believe a year had past since my last post on Scoop.it. You are right, consistency is the key to most of it.You can’t do something once and just forget about it. There is no value to that. I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year Sapna

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