Will Your Blog Traffic Stop If Feedburner Disappears?

Will Your Blog Traffic Come to a Standstill if Feedburner Really Disappears?

will your blog traffic stop if Feedburner goes away?

I’ve been reading various sources for the past few weeks that Feedburner may be shutting down come October, 2012. It’s interesting to see if it really will go away. Some say it could be a tactic to get some RSS companies to get bloggers to pay for their RSS services. So should we all abandon Feedburner now or wait and see what will happen? I’d like to explore options to be ready if and when the time comes.  I don’t want my blog to be feedless, do you?


I really love Feedburner – it’s been easy to set-up and easy to check stats. It’s a great way to follow other blogs and sign up via email or your reader. I’m not looking forward to having to change to another service. Many of the other RSS options NOT free either. Feedburner has been a great blog traffic source for me over the year.

Other RSS Options For You To Drive Blog Traffic

Some of the other options for readers to follow you via feeds include: 

  • Feedblitz – They offer a 30 day trial period before you must pay for this service. Your number of  email subscribers determine the price you pay monthly for this feed service.
  • MailChimp – MailChimp has a RSS option. This one appears to be Free and since I’ve signed up for their services (But yet to use) I may test this one out.
  •  WordPress Built-in Feeds – WordPress does offer some RSS built-in feeds. It will depend on which theme you have – it may or may not be compatible.

What else can you do to drive blog traffic without being stuck in a major traffic jam?

  • Be sure you know who your subscribers are on Feedburner
  • Keep an up to date email list
  •  Have your Plan B ready from the above list
  • Use the Follow available on several blog formats- Networked Blogs, etc.
What will you do to drive your blog traffic if Feedburner is shut down in October?



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