Will The Facebook Graph Search Change Social and Search?

Will the Facebook Graph Search be a Game Changer for Social Media and Search?

Facebook Graph Search


Yesterday Facebook announced their new Facebook graph search now in beta. You must sign up if you want to be one of the first to test it out. You can also watch a video by Mark Zuckerberg explaining how this new Facebook graph search will work.

What Can You Search for on the New Facebook Graph Search?

  1. Find people with similar interests to yours.
  2. Find restaurants, music and more through your friends.
  3. Find photos your friends took.
  4. Find photos you were tagged in.
  5. You can find people, places and things that were shared with you or those that you shared via Facebook.

What Will This New Facebook Graph Search Do?

It will help you to search for things, people, interests, photos and places more easily via Facebook and you would not have to go on to Google to search for these. You will find the “answer” on Facebook and not mere “links” as you would on Google. You could ask which friends like a particular restaurant for a recommendation. If what you are looking for can’t be found it will be sent over to Bing. (Ouch to Google).

What About Your Privacy on the New Facebook Graph Search?

Your own privacy settings determine what is searchable via the new open graph search. Facebook will also be rolling out new privacy features soon. If you come across photos of yourself that you don’t like you can ask the person who posted them to remove them. If you have photos that you shared publicly those could be found. If you only shared with your family, only they would find them via the graph search. You can visit your activity log to change your settings and manage what will show up in the graph search.

What Will This Facebook Graph Search Mean For Businesses?

If a business wants to be found via Facebook graph search they must have a page set up and be sharing information to be found. Businesses may consider advertising on Bing vs. Google as Facebook has 1 billion users that could be doing searches there.


What do you think of the new Facebook graph search features?

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