Why I Choose Self Hosting For My Blog – Would You?

Self Hosting Your Blog

It’s been a few days since I decided to dive into the self-hosted blogging world. I actually did transfer my other infectious disease blog from WordPress.com to self-hosting a few weeks ago and that switch was pretty easy. I went with Selby Media and Val there was wonderful getting me set up.

The switch from blogger to self-hosted WordPress was not so easy. Vanita did a wonderful job on the theme she created for me and her how to videos were wonderful to follow. The only thing I missed was step 4. Oops. Poor Vanita – I can’t tell you how many times I emailed her.  I would recommend if you do make a switch to have someone else with you to check off each step as you go and be sure not to skip a step like I did! I bet I can soon do a post on what NOT to DO.

Affordable WordPress Themes
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I had to find out for myself  if it is all true about self-hosting. I wanted to learn more and no better way to learn than by just doing it. It has made me feel technically challenged this week. I have feed issues now. If anyone is a feed wizard please let me know.

But each day I do learn more. I’m getting familiar with the plug-ins. I am amazed at just how many they are – thousands! How do I choose plug-ins?

  • Read others posts about their top choices for plug-ins like this one from Basic Blog Tips
  • Read the reviews and ratings of each plug-in before use
  • You can always unplug them – deactivate and delete!

So what made me switch? I have read so many things about how much better self-hosting is for your blog.

  • More Options – With themes and layouts
  • SEO – The blog is better optimized for SEO and you can be found more easily organically on search engines
  • Advertising – You can have more ad options and advertisers willing to run ads on your site with a self-hosted site
  • Professional – With the themes and plug-ins available your blog can look more professional

I still have more work to finish up the blog – adding pages that I had and other links. If you were on my blogroll and are missing just let me know! I have not been reading as many blogs as I have liked to with the transition so if I missed something good send me a tweet!

If you are not on a self-hosted blog are you considering the move over?

 Self hosting

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