Why Do You Work Your Blog So Hard?

Why Do We Spend So Much Time With Our Blogs?

I went for a refreshing walk the other day during lunch and thought back to what made me work. It was all about Levi’s. I wanted a pair of Levi’s jeans and my parents would not spend more than $10 for a pair of jeans for me.


The tag had to be Levi’s.

It was a tradition on Friday nights that we would go shopping at Ann & Hope. Sam Walton visited Ann & Hope in Rhode Island prior to founding Walmart. It was all about prices. Back then they weren’t many stores or malls so it was a great place to shop. I looked forward to those trips weekly and was always thinking what article of clothing I could buy for the next week. We even shopped there during my father’s strike at his company. I would not win any battles of buying things during that time period.

I’m not sure that Ann & Hope even had the Levi’s. They had a no name brand jean line and maybe the Lee’s brand. I believe I had to go to the only Mall in RI back then. And they cost over $20 each. Then Levi’s came out with the corduroy jeans in many colors. I just had to have every color! (Funny how today I look for sale prices and would not spend much more for jeans myself than I did back then.)

Ann & Hope store in RI
What prices they had!

I had a babysitting job and delivered a local weekly newspaper for $6/week. I carried a large bag and walked miles to deliver those papers. I did 2 routes for the $6 as it was $3 per route. Rain or snow I delivered them. Then I took a typing class in the 7th grade and decided to ask if the newspaper needed a typist. Timing was perfect. Someone just retired and I got the job at the age of 14. I worked after school and on Saturdays. Monday night was deadline day for the weekly paper and sometimes during busy seasons I’d be there until midnight.

So that’s what inspired me to work so hard in the beginning. Wanting something more. And I am still grateful I took that typing class. I can’t imagine doing everything I have done to this day without that typing class.

Today I am more inspired by helping others and making connections with wonderful people through blogging. I also want to be okay in 2033 if and when Social Security runs out. I’ve found blogging to be therapeutic, refreshing and I’m always learning something new.

What makes you work your blog so hard?

  • To make more money
  • To better yourself
  • To have fun
  • To learn
  • To engage with others
  • Pure enjoyment
  • You have to for a company
  • Tell me more here!

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12 comments On Why Do You Work Your Blog So Hard?

  • The title seems to be a good question, to be honest many people who does home business should know about this, it means that they need to maintain their own blog sites for many readers to visit. I think that in online business brand is the most important part in here.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..best gun accessoriesMy Profile

  • I love the way to tell a story to make a point Lisa, that’s great writing in my book. I left blogging a while back when I started earning money with internet marketing, niche and membership sites. It didn’t take long to realize I really missed blogging. Sometimes we have to step away from something to realize we enjoyed it. So I guess the main reason I blog is because I really enjoy blogging. 🙂
    Brian D. Hawkins recently posted..Getting Real Advertisers For Your Blog Is Stupid Easy!My Profile

    • Thanks Brian. This post was a little different from my usual. I think blogging can become addictive if you enjoy it. I would miss it too if I had to stop.

  • I never looked at that way, but I can say I do blog hard to get my blog where I want it. Sometimes I think I am addicted to my computer and feel guilty when I get home and feel that need to check my email.

    My goals for my blog is to be able to work from home 10 years from now without the need to work a day job. Is it there? No, but I would rather build it slowly then rush and make stupid mistakes trying to make money for the sake of doing it.

    Hence..why I still have a day job, but I love what I do, the people I am able to touch and the new friends I make along the way. I can’t ask for more than that.
    Sonia recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Ashivini Kumar Saxena, Aks-Blog.comMy Profile

    • Sonia your goal sounds quite like mine. I just hope it doesn’t take 10 years but that probably is being realistic. I do make stupid mistakes but boy do I learn from them! All good thing do take time. It’s great that you still love your day job. Not everyone can say that.

  • girl i guess we were the same age when we started working. my first job at age 14 was working at mcdonalds washing dishes. i was then promoted to cashier. i spent most of my teenage years working in fast food joints. i did it to help my mom. since my father was a complete deadbeat, we were always short. my few bucks a week did a bit and as i got older and the state allowed me to work a bit longer, i made a bit more to contribute. i’ve always worked since then. even while i was pregnant until i was in contractions. why do i work my blog so hard? how else can you work? lol
    vanita recently posted..Why I Will Not Comment On “Big Blogs” AnymoreMy Profile

  • I work hard to make money! I wish it was for some other reason but it is not. Money is the most important thing in my life anymore and I hate it. It is because of this world we live in and the way it operates. I keep trying to find a way to change it but even living a self-sufficient lifestyle makes you need it even more.
    katlupe recently posted..Chargeback Fraud From International BuyersMy Profile

    • Yes, I don’t like that we need money to live. As long it’s not being wasted and I believe it’s still a tough economy in most areas. I hope that gets better for you!

  • Wow… That’s made you inspire to thrive 😉 “What makes you work your blog so hard?” ~ Nice question to ask from readers Lisa 🙂 I love writing and fix things up. When I was a kid, I was spending all day with my PC. But I had no idea about blogging when I had internet connection at my home. I just used to explore new stuff and help others on web forums and via email. But I wanted to have one of my own way to help out people where I can customize it as my own way.

    First I just wanted to start blogging to share my knowledge and experience, help others, learn more about blogging. But when more readers starts to engage with my blog, I wanna grow with them. To improve skills. It’s a challenge. I don’t wanna give up. I can’t let them down too. When readers shoot me questions, if I don’t know, that’s where I dig more deep into new (and boring) subjects and learn more. Sometimes questions doesn’t belong to the topic covered from my blog. That’s where I learnt “Rather than being expert on something, being average on others even more better”. I’ve made AWESOME friends from it including you Lisa 🙂 It’s a mix of enjoyment, challenge and risk if you take it seriously. Further I can apply what I’ve learnt in school too. And always a way to,

    * Overcome natural resistance to change (I feel it)

    * Learn new stuff

    * Become a teacher in our expertise

    * Find friends with similar interests

    * Build audience & identify user behaviors online

    * Identify our true values

    * Build confidence

    And absolutely you can get extra income out of it 😉 As you see most of them are not what we intended, but we benefit them from blogging at last. I love those extra benefits.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing us inspiration Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add Google+ Share Button for Your Posts in BloggerMy Profile

    • Interesting about web forums – do you still use them Mayura? That is one of my next goals to get involved in them. You sure do share your knowledge and I can’t thank you enough for helping with the feed, the publicize button was not on. I must have been clicking away at something for that to happen. That’s how we learn right?
      I do love change – always thrive on it. Unless they come at you so fast and furious you can’t keep up, like Facebook can do to us at times.
      And by the way – you definitely did not let me down! You are a true friend.

      • Thanks for your confident Lisa 🙂 Actually that’s what I’m good at. Fixing 🙂 Lately I couldn’t deal with forums. You know, with all my studies and after engaging with blogging, my time was crucial. And I’m glad I help with blogging more than that. Broadcasting. That’s a great way to help out and reach out people. When it comes to web forums, conversations never gonna stop at all 😀 Forums is another reason for our FB group too.

        Mayura recently posted..Two Simple Questions You Wanna Ask from TwitterMy Profile

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