When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?

Real Deals?

the real deal

When are deals really a deal? I was home on Thanksgiving morning watching my email flood with this sale and that sale. Only one message made me spring into action. Origins. They rarely lower their prices or offer $10 off $25. When are deals really a deal? Would you know if you saw one?

The other specials that kept on coming in my email were not things I was in the market to purchase. Those offers simply when into my trash bin. That morning I knew I needed make-up. So when that Origins email arrived, it was a no-brainer for me. I was ready!

Spotting The Real Deals

  • Know your prices. If you know your prices you will know when an item is marked down.
  • Shop around. Don’t just take one store’s word for it.
  • Keep on eye out on what you need to buy. That way when it goes on sale you will be ready to spot the deal!
  • Look for deals. There are many deals now available. Read your emails and your local newspaper.
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite stores. That way you can keep track of their special offers.
  • Keep a wish list on their website. No forgetting what you found at their shop.
  • Don’t forget your time and gas costs. It may cost a little less at the store but online would save you precious time and gas money.



Not All Deals Are Money Saving

Just because something is on sale at a reduced priced does not mean you will save money. Remember ever dollar spent is money spent. Really think about your purchase before you hit the order button. Will it help you or someone else in your life? Do you want to help that store out that doesn’t pay their workers well? Is it a local company or a friend’s website that you trust and want to purchase from? A lot goes into making a decision before someone hits the buy now or order now button.

The Psychology Behind The Sales and What We Can Learn

Retailers work long and hard to get you to spend your dollars. They understand what makes you FEEL you have to purchase.  JCPenney learned this lesson almost too late when they changed their marketing strategy over a year ago. Shoppers were used to going to JCPenney and getting a deal. They thrived on it. When JCPenney made everyday low prices a strategy many found it boring and did not spend the same amount or any money at all there. JCPenney lost 25% of their sales!  Other retailers learned too that a simple single price structure was not the way to go. Many shoppers love the thrill of getting a good deal via a coupon or special price. This may be something for you to consider when selling items on your blog. Don’t forget about the colors you use too when promoting products online. The colors you choose can also make a difference.

If you are having #deals today or Cyber Monday feel free to include them in your comments and I may add them to my deals page.

You can check out my DEALS page for the latest offers.

Other Online Deals For Bloggers:

Twitter Counter is offering a big sale! 

Just Ask Kim has a huge list for you of plugins, themes, etc. to check out

Kim Karst has Twitter Muscle and LinkedIn Intensity Deal

Do you shop for deals, convenience or just when you need something?

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27 comments On When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?

  • Hi Lisa,
    Actually, I seldom purchase anything via online store. I had it only when any item I want are so rarely and it must need believe in to the seller to be sure that it’s not a scam. Because of that, I prefer go to the store directly to avoid any worries all the times 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    Such an important post and so timely! I don’t do a lot of shopping during Black Friday or even on cyber Monday, but I DO buy some presents around this time and the “deals” can be so confusing. It’s funny, even when I KNOW the psychology behind the sale, I still (often) succumb to it…just because I want to, I guess. LOL

    I love your deals page. DS and I are going to look at it together tonight…

    Thanks for such a great and informative post, Lisa! xo
    Samantha recently posted..What Katniss Everdeen Can Teach Content MarketersMy Profile

  • I love the holidays but I hate how people are shoving stuff down our throats all the time Lisa.

    As far as Christmas shopping goes, we do things differently in our family. We draw names for Christmas and although we draw them on Thanksgiving, they don’t get around to telling us what they want until almost Christmas. I’d be wasting my time shopping online.

    I’ve seen all these specials everyone has shared with us and to be honest with you, I don’t need any of what they’re trying to get me to buy. If I did I’d be paying attention but since I don’t they all go in my trash bin too.

    Hope you got some deals though through that site you love so much. I’ve never heard of Origins but then again, I’m not a big shopper.

    Have a great week Lisa!

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get Noticed In A Sea Of BloggersMy Profile

    • I hear you Adrienne. I’m not a big fan of xmas shopping. I only bought the Origins and one eBook to date. I used to love to shop when I was younger. I could spend 8 hours at the mall – not anymore. Something happened when I got older. I’d rather DO something than just shop. It’s interesting to see what is really a deal though and how some make it LOOK like a deal. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful week ahead. Really loved your post today – very inspiring!
      Lisa recently posted..When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    For me the principle is clear. When I want to buy something the question is : Will it help me? Will it help someone else in my life?
    This is the first step. The second step is trust. Do I trust that company? The third is the price structure and the fourth is: colors.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted..When A Wonderful Woman Tells Her Story: Graphic Designer Angela MccallMy Profile

    • Hi Silviu, colors – that’s an interesting point 🙂 You always have something clever to add Silviu. How do you know if you trust a company – what do you look for Silviu?
      Lisa recently posted..When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?My Profile

      • Hi Lisa,

        You mean the whole process? Well, I have already told you the principles and the sequence. First I look at that product. Will it help me? What can this product do for me etc.

        Then I look at the company. Who are they? Do I know them? I do a research on the internet first. It is a kind of investigation and I try to find out everything I can. Other people experience is very important.

        It is also a kind of intuition. You extract the whole information and a kind of global image forms in your mind. This image is what makes me decide. If this image has a black spot, somewhere, I usually give up.
        The image must be crystal clear. No doubts, no bad signs, no uncertainties.

        I am usually attracted by blue and red. Blue sends a subliminal message: seriousness, professionalism, stability. Blue also induces a feeling of trust and it gives better results with sales pages (so I heard).
        Red sends a different signal: energy, passion, fire, risks, life, emotions, instability.

        Have a wonderful day
        silviu recently posted..Blog Comment Ingredients: How to Add Flavor to Your Post?My Profile

        • Interesting about the colors and intuition Silviu. I’ve heard that too about blue, my favorite color to wear as well. Thanks so much for coming back to really clarify this one Silviu. I do check other reviews too when I’m buying something if they are available. I don’t know how you do it all so thorough and well each time 🙂 have a wonderful day and week ahead.
          Lisa recently posted..The 13 Most Memorable Blog Posts of 2013 My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    The good ol’ crazy holiday rush season. I haven’t been much of a crazy shopper to wake up early in the morning or camp out Thanksgiving evening night to save a few bucks. To me, it’s just not worth it. I would rather spend my time searching for deals online and not only that you don’t have to fuss with parking or big crowds. Cyber Monday usually has the better deals in terms of what I’m looking for. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving Lisa!
    Nate Leung recently posted..Biggest Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Never Succeed In Their BusinessMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    In Europe we don’t see these deals at all. So the whole black friday thing is just something I have seen on the news.
    Of course this year I promoted a few helpful ones for bloggers. like hosting and theme discounts, but for the most part I take no interest as you can’t even ship things outside the US in most cases.
    But in general you are certainly right. If you are well informed, then often you can really see if it is a deal for you or not.
    Pays to have the info!
    Ashley recently posted..How to Convert at Ridiculous Rates with Your eBookMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley, you must think we Americans are crazy! I do not go out shopping that day, I prefer to shop online and be safe. I don’t care for shopping w/crowds. I’m checking out some of the deals on themes and plugins, I may redo a few things for 2014. I will take my time on that one. I’m always fearful of plugins NOT working playing together well. I hope you have a great new week there Ashley. I can’t believe we are starting December….
      Lisa recently posted..When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?My Profile

  • Hello Lisa,

    Well yes the black friday deals are flooding all over the internet like emails, social media and etc. And you are right not all deals are good deals there will be always marketing gimmick in it.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Vicky recently posted..Top Ten Surprising Facts About GoogleMy Profile

  • Great post, Lisa! You know what’s been shocking to me? How Wal*Mart’s Black Friday push started over two weeks ago, right along with Amazon. They weren’t just advertising what was going to be available on Gray Thursday and Black Friday, they were going full-throttle with get-’em-while-they’re-hot deals. And a lot of them were, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Now, off to check out your deals, and a couple of the others! 🙂

    • Hi Ellen, oh geez, that is way too soon. I don’t like going into stores before Halloween and seeing Chrismtmas stuff! I had to visit Walmart site on Thanksgiving for something for my niece and the site as down for hours! Talk about a website fail 🙁 Thanks for coming by Ellen and have a wonderful weekend. I can’t believe this is the last day of November, where does the time go?
      Lisa recently posted..When Are Deals a Real Deal During the Holiday Rush Season?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa! I too have an email box full of sales and specials. However, I’m really not looking for much so these will just get trashed. Between now and Christmas, I’m sure the emails will really pick up. I even started get 2 a day from a few companies. Eeek!
    Bren recently posted..A Time to be ThankfulMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I have a couple of things I want to pick up over this weekend.

    Do you know, I didn’t know anything about Black Friday or Cyber Monday? It’s a good job I do now though!
    Tim Bonner recently posted..HitTail: My Crystal Ball To Long Tail KeywordsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I really do appreciate this post, i will say it is very good to sign up for newsletters most times it is a good way to spot that deal that you have been looking for just like we learnt about black friday and am going in big time for it. An keeping an on that ideal will making you know when it’s about to go down.
    Nice article i must say and thanks for sharing.

    Olili Bob recently posted..Smartphones Sales and Statistics (Infographics)My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I DO agree with you – my email too has been flooding past 2 days too 🙂

    I was just wondering why aren’t people taking a break, especially those who celebrate Thanksgiving, and be with their families! But I guess this is also the time they earn if they have products to sell, or other affiliates. Just like Kim, even Jane and Kristi have had their Black Friday posts up with lots of smaller deals from all over the place – just makes you click and see things for sure 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend – Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..5 Best Ways to Find Love That LastsMy Profile

    • Hi Harleena, I know it seems almost anti holiday. My mailbox is still getting filled today. I can remember before email, this time of the year wasn’t so crazy. Everyone expected long lines as they were less stores and we waited in lines with no smartphones. We actually chatted and got to know others. If you don get deals today there is always Cyber Monday 🙂 hopefully all the shopping help our economy in the US. Thanks for coming by Harleena and have a nice weekend.

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