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What’s With All The Spam All Over Twitter?

The Spam Is Everywhere!

This morning it started with the spam all over Twitter. Folks with no followers or not following anyone sending messages to look at this or that – how stupid do they think we are on Twitter? I really felt like I needed a fly swatter to smack them dead. I wonder why the sudden movement of spammers there? One appears to be about Walmart, maybe there’s a get rich quick scheme going on there. If you are bothered by these Twitter spammers – you can block them and even report them to Twitter. I’m sure the folks at Twitter will be busy today with the spam.

Next came the spam in my blog. But it was avoided for I set up my review comments before publishing. They are called trackbacks. But trackbacks for games I never particpate in?  Some with PC game in their website or the actual words scam. Yes the word scam right there! I understand Akismet is very good with dealing with these but I also read it can cost you a lot of money if you have a lot of pageviews. This was something I had not dealt with over on Blogger or the free WordPress sites. But if you remember that blog went poof. I have been reading about trackbacks and their place in blogs but I’m not 100% confident in my understanding of them. I just know I don’t want them showing up in comments. They are many plug-ins too that can help you to avoid this. I’ve been playing around with few plugs-ins to test which are the best and reading others recommendations of them. I love the WordFence plug-in. There is also a setting where you can stop them. This is my next line of DEFENSE. It’s under settings for discussion: . I’m leaving it UNchecked.

What ways are you dealing with the spam today? 


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