What’s In Your Blog Emergency Kit?

 Blog Emergency Kit For You

Do you have a blog emergency kit? Today I awoke to find a blank screen when I typed in my URL. I wanted to check the home page out as I was moving a few things around. At first I stared at it shocked. I had visions back to the day my other blog disappeared into thin air. But today – this was a self-hosted blog.
A blog emergency kit
I immediately emailed my host company and didn’t worry too much because it was very early. I did some research on Google and went to my CPanel which is like being on another planet. A few hours later I contacted 2 techie queens as I call them and one got back to me that it was not the server since other pages were up. Interesting way to start my day and I did not know what to blog about until this happened. You can always learn from my mistakes here.

Of course I went to my Blog Emergency Kit where friends and Twitter are my biggest tools.


Here are the tools I have in my Blog Emergency Kit:

  • Friends – Good friends are always willing to help – it just amazes me.
  • Twitter – The quickest way to connect – quicker than email.
  • Google – Research, I needed to learn more about my CPanel.
  • Knowledge – Get to know your CPanel. I learned today you CANNOT lose your password. They will NOT email it to you. So please if you have a self-hosted blog have the CPanel password handy at all times. I was able to learn more about using my CPanel with Val and feel more comfortable using it.
  • Quora – Another great website to gain knowledge and make connections with other like minded folks.
  • WordPress.Org Forums – Another place to read and ask questions about WordPress.
  • Fearless – Get over your fears of being able to do things that seem out of your  range. You will get more comfortable as you do them.
  • Calm Pills – Above all try to stay calm. It’s not easy when you are staring at a blank screen you’ve worked so hard on.

So what was the plug-in? I believe the mobile one that I switched yesterday (WPTouch) and I really loved the way it looked on my Droid. I will have to research another compatible one. I had check that it was up to date with the latest WP version too. If you have a suggestion for one please leave me a comment.

(UPDATE: After it happened one more time since this blog posted – I did re-do each plug-in hours apart and it was the ReDirect by Jon Godley plug-in. It may have not worked with other plug-ins installed. But that was the one and not WPTouch which is up and running fine.)

What is in your blog emergency kit?

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34 comments On What’s In Your Blog Emergency Kit?

  • That is a fear of mine…..I’d probably just panic, contact my host, and pray. Social media can be a great place for help. Oh, I’d ask you!
    Glad it worked out!
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..Mother’s DayMy Profile

  • Well, in my blog emergency kit, I have myself, my friends, Google and host representatives. As I mentioned in the other article, I usually try to solve problems myself (with Google’s or my friends’ help). If that didn’t work, I just go to my host, and they will fix it for me (Hostgator has been very particular with customer satisfaction).

    As far as passwords go, I just store them in my Gmail (as labels – passwords = label names). It works great, as long as you don’t open that email in large screen to an audience :D).
    Jeevanjacobjohn recently posted..Building Influence: Comments and Commenting ChallengeMy Profile

  • thank you for sharing this very helpful and interesting post with us, i am sure this will help a lot of people sort things out. i really enjoyed reading and learning more with your post.

  • Hmmm.. I did not work on my Blog Emergency Kit before reading this post.. Good work, Lisa.. now I will have one ready if I come across the same situation which you passed through.. that reminds me – I have to be a bit active on Twitter 😉
    Amandeep Singh recently posted..Top Ten Social Networking Sites For Writers And BloggersMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    i have heard of the emergency medical kit, but never about the blogger emergency kit. Your comparison is quite interesting. I was surprised to look at the title, so i started to read it. You have written the article in a very interesting way. Among the blogger emergency kit, i personally vote for google and friends. Google is a good source of information. Friends, they are always ready to rescue you.
    kimberly recently posted..Scar revision -complete guide to scar revisionMy Profile

    • Yes, Google is another great source when researching what to do. But friends with experience come first. Thanks Kimberly for coming by and commenting.

  • Sound very familiar to me 🙂 I have a self-hosted WordPress blog and I always do a full backup of all my files.It is so easy to mess up something with the code and suddenly your blog can disappear.The blog can also be hacked and having a backup of your files makes sure you can recover from it quickly.

    Another “blog emergency kit” that I use is called Roboform.It´s a software that stores all my passwords.

  • Great post and great tips! My husband is my emergency kit right now… but I should learn how to do some of these things on my own! 😉
    Tricia recently posted..Breaking the routineMy Profile

  • Wonderful post and story angle, Lisa! Good friends are always the best. I know I can always count on you to offer support, love, and sound advice about all things technical. The smartest people of all are those who know where to direct those in need even when they don’t have the ability to help. You’ve always been able to help me with my little, silly technical freak outs, but i know that if you didn’t know what to do, you’d surely know who to ask.

    My number 1 #BOSS tool in my emergency kit? Jesse Petersen of Petersen Media Group. He’s simply the best.

    My number 1 social media info, advice, technical answer tool in my kit? Lisa Buben of Inspire to Thrive!

    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Cool Applications to Help You Merge and Manage Social MediaMy Profile

    • Thank you Samantha, you truly are a dear friend! Jesse seems wonderful – I was so impressed how he tweeted back even though he was at a conference etc. and never met me before on Twitter. I can see why he’s your #1 Samantha. And you are my #1 wordsmith 🙂

  • scary.. i just make sure i back up often.. but i’ll need to come up with an emergency kit… good advice!
    Denise recently posted..7 Lessons in Writing Learned After a Year of BloggingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m glad you found and fixed the problem. I’ve experienced things like this so many times, but I’m not getting any better at understanding them. I usually contact my friends and followers first, and my hosting company. And if everything is still really bad, I go into vaultpress and find my backup and restores it 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Niche Marketing – The Most Important ResearchMy Profile

  • Sorry to hear about that, everyone talks about backups and says how important they are but really no one seems to keep them.

    My host, on their sales page, said that they kept daily backups but when I had a disaster and contacted them they had never made a backup – ever, I was disgusted but couldnt do much about it. I take a weekly backup now using a wordpress plugin, we all learn the hard way!
    Carly recently posted..Internet TV SoftwareMy Profile

  • Thanks for sharing your blog emergency kit! Twitter and friends are at the top of mine! I also like how you mention being fearless … being willing to try things even if you are not sure if it will work!

  • Hmm, it must have been a combination of plugin’s. I am running WPTouch and mine with no issues. I wonder if there was a wrong setting? Interesting….I’m glad you are back up and running though. Wish I could have helped more. 😉 Thanks for the shout out!

    • Yes, exactly Brenda, learned that after the post. I may update it in am as I try to add a few more back but the important ones are up. I so admire how you change things up at your blogs with no fear!

  • Coming over from SITS. Such a helpful post! I lost my entire blog ONCE and so far (knock on wood) only once but it was a soul-crushing moment. I have since learned a lot and have a very good girlfriend who helps me (thank GOD). Love this, though, because you gave me additional tips that I will definitely file away! 🙂
    thedoseofreality recently posted..It’s a Mann’s WorldMy Profile

  • Backups, backups, backups.
    My hosting company lets me create tar.gz backup files. That files I download from my host using WSFTP. (Free program). I store those on my HD and a copy on a SD card. I make backups before making major changes to my blog.
    Other than that, friends are always a good source for help. Knowing your way around on the Admin page of your site is important. As for passwords: at home a sticky note next to your screen is harmless.. 😉

    • That sounds so technical. Yes, backup is huge. I forget after each post but do backup weekly. Yes, navigating the admin is important. Thanks Jan for your support.

  • Oops… Sorry to hear about your buggy situation Lisa. I think it may have something to do with your installed plugins. However research more, it could be something else too. I’ll send you if I find solutions match with your problem description. However in my blog emergency kit, I’m always have faith on Friends, Google and troubleshooting forums driven by users 😉

    Mayura recently posted..How to Post Your Facebook Updates on TwitterMy Profile

  • Passwords: Get LastPass fo $12/yr – it stores all of your passwords and you can start using super-secure passwords without having to write them down or list them in a file.

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