What Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Know and You Don’t

Today is a guest post by Susan Silver, please welcome her!

I was recently featured by Sonia of Logallot in her blogger spotlight. I shared with her audience something I rarely talk about, my most successful blog that failed! In honesty, I know that I learned valuable lessons from the experience. The only reason why I am hesitant to say anything is because few people can see the power in failure. I fear that it comes across as bitter grapes, the taste of defeat.

What Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Know about Failure

Lady Gaga

Videos have surfaced on Youtube of a young Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga. She is sans the fashion,wigs, and makeup. What happened to transform her into the pop superstar we know now?

She Failed

Like me, she waited to tell the full story. “Marry the Night” represents her journey out of the darkness of failure, to embracing the loss, and becoming a whole person again.

Here is her explanation as told to Ellen DeGeneres:

Katy Perry

I will admit that I am not a Katy Perry fan. Her music is a little to auto-tuned for me. Yet I want you to know about her.

She failed.

Katy began her music life as a christian singer, but never found the popularity she needed. Before her major label debut with the album, “One of the Boys”, she had been dropped by four other labels.

I have spent all day listening to Katy’s second album, “ Teenage Dream”, wondering how she was able to unleash the inner diva. From christian rock to songs about sex, drugs, and love.

Seth Godin’s The Dip

Seth Godin wrote a book on a concept he calls “The Dip”. It is the plateau we reach when we don’t seem to be growing at all. It looks like failure, but don’t get confused! You just need to stick through it and reach the other side.

Here is a what Seth has to say about why Winners Quit and how how to Stick,

“Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt-until they commit to beating the right Dip for the right reasons”

“Losers, on the other hand, fall into two basic traps. Either they fail to stick out the Dip-they get to the moment of truth and then give up-or they never even find the right Dip to conquer. “

When my blog went bust, I could have packed up my bags and gone home. I would have wasted the skills I had built. Instead I took those lessons to my next project. Even when that progress stalled three months in with no growth, I stuck. Almost a year later and I am ready to start a business that my network supports and that offers solutions that people need. I am sure it could stall again, but now I understand that it is worth the wait.

Don’t be afraid to quit, and don’t think of yourself as a failure. Be kind to yourself and sympathetic. Take what you have learned and start an awesome new project. If you need some support you can reach me via Twitter @susan_silver.

Have you experienced the Dip? How did you get through it?

Susan Silver is celebrating her third year as a contract copywriter . She has written for several online publications on the topics of social media, marketing, and pop-culture. She is a weekly contributor to the popular website 12most.com .

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

11 comments On What Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Know and You Don’t

  • In this last five months of starting my dream…I have struggled with the mind thoughts that occur after a “dip”. What I have learned is that the only way to push through it is to push through your mind set. Many times you aren’t failing. Many times it’s your faulty thinking in it. And like everything, there are going to be growing pains.

    And if something isn’t working, figure out what about it isn’t and tweeking it makes all the difference. Just like Katy Perry did and Lady Gaga. They didn’t start underwater basked weaving when their first attempt was less than noteworthy, the reinvented and tweeked it.

    That’s ultimately how you get yourself out of the mud. Thanks for the post! Loved it!

    • Glad you found the courage to stick! You are so right, tweaking is what makes the difference. You don’t need to beat your head against the wall. You can make a few changes and see what happens.

  • Great post by susan. It is a nice reminder that the “successful” people did not get there overnight. That they even failed and faced rejection.That we too can fail and be rejected and still find our way to great success.

  • Lisa I want to give you many thanks for asking me to be a guest here. You continue to be one of my favorite blogging buddies. I appreciate all your encouragement and knowledge.

  • Great post Susan! Loved it!

    Failure, and I have failed many times, has made me stronger and smarter. It stinks like a dirty diaper from a 2 yo that’s been constipated for three days, but it’s life, I learn from it and keep moving forward.
    Vanita recently posted..Mompreneur Growing PainsMy Profile

  • I think they have a little bit competition on their styles and music.
    Mika Castro recently posted..ppq holstersMy Profile

    • I agree Mika! They are both pop divas, luckily there is room for both of them at the top. Although I think Lady Gaga is the reigning Queen right now in music.

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