What Is Your Kred Score and How To Get Yours?

Kred Score – What is Your Score?

Kred score has been around as a social influence score for years. Have you heard about Kred? I learned about it over on Mashable years ago and just had to check it out! Kred measures your influence and outreach on Twitter. It was in beta back then. The badges have been around a while.

your Kred score

Kred is different than the old Klout in that is also lets you offer your offline credentials and not just online ones. It also explains how your score is calculated  – no mystery like the old Klout scores!  You gain points by re-tweets or replies based on the person’s number of followers on Twitter (between 10 and 50) and you gain points by getting new followers. (1 point each)

Log Into Kred To See Your Score

If you have a few moments log into Kred with your Twitter account and check it out. There is a lot of info on Kred including other users scores and analysis. Kred identifies the communities that each user influences too. The highest score on Kred is 1000. My score currently is 640.

Coin Kred Now Available

You may have heard of crptocurrency? It is defined as:

A digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake.  Coin Kred is very similar.  You can design your own coins to promote your brand or content. If you were already on Kred you must sign up to be part of the Coin Kred. 

coin kred

If that is not enough, Kred also has a game app – the old Empire. How many of you remember doing that one way back around 2012? This app is a new game for social influencers. You can watch the video below to learn how it works!

So have fun with Kred and let me know how you like this measurement of influence, outreach and fun! 

Post Updated June, 2019.

Kred Rewards – Learn more  from their Slideshare.

The more points you have the more you can choose from various awards.  Rewards are based by community and location. They intend to match people with the products they love.

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