What is Your Alexa Ranking and Why Should You Care?

What Is Your Alexa Ranking At Today?

What is your Alexa ranking? If you have a website or a blog you should know about your Alexa ranking. It is something many webmasters and bloggers may look at. It may make the difference from receiving an incoming link or a guest post getting approved.

your Alexa ranking

Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranks websites by traffic stats. They also provide more information on websites like website metrics. How long are people visiting your website? What part of the world are the most visits coming from? What city are most of the visits coming from? You can search Alexa to learn about the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. You could spend hours on Alexa learning about your competitors or like websites. You can see which keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Just remember, it takes 3 months of stats to work on Alexa.

The Alexa button for your website.

I have read this Alexa button can help your ranking. It’s also a great tool for other webmasters to see your ranking and decide whether to link to your website This is all FREE. They do have paid services such as a site audit of your website and a premium listing on Alexa.

Alexa Numbers – What Do They Mean?

On Alexa, the lower your ranking the better. Google ranks #1 followed by Facebook at #2. In categories Huffington Post ranks #1 for weblogs. To get a lower ranking it comprises of doing the same things you do to get traffic to your website. You can also get reviews on Alexa. If you are on Alexa and would like a review please drop a comment here and I’d love a review too.

Do you know your Alexa ranking is at today?
Post updated May 25, 2013

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