What Do You Tweet In 20,000 Tweets?

20,000 Tweets Later

I was told the other day I reached my 20,000 tweet. Wow, that sounded strange. How could I have tweeted 20,000 times since 2009?

20,000 tweets



Thanks Steve for letting me know! I had to see – what does it all mean? Do you know how much time you spend on Twitter?  I found some really cool Twitter tools over at Honey Tech Blog – some were outdated but there were some really good ones like this one below. It calculated my time spent automatically. I was reaching for the calculator prior to see how my time was spent on Twitter.

time on Twitter


Those stats were not as scary for me as I thought they might be since I’ve been on Twitter since 2009. And yes there is a site for that too if you don’t know your official start date. I can’t believe it took me 3 years to get there since Twitter launched in July 2006.  Back then I did not tweet much – I was just learning social at the time and really was on to check news, weather, etc. It was a curiosity factor that got me there. My kids were teenagers and I had to follow them on MySpace and Facebook. So Twitter was just for me. Now 20,000 tweets later!

Joined Twitter


I still wanted to see what I tweeted about and this next app gives you a view of it. You can find yours over at My Tweet Cloud. I was surprised to find blogchat so large on this one since it’s only weekly that I use that hashtag. It sure is fun on Sundays from 9-10 p.m.

My Tweet Cloud


And then there is how do you tweets reach others? TweetReach tells you how many people saw your tweets, who’s talking about them and who they are. It can help you if you are running a Twitter Campaign. This is a nice analytics tool for Twitter users.

Teach reach for your tweets

What made you first join Twitter and do any of these stats for you surprise you?

Have you reached over 20,000 tweets too?

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30 comments On What Do You Tweet In 20,000 Tweets?

  • Great info as always. I always learn new things here. I’m going to check out these apps 🙂

    Thanks for linking up for flashback friday.

  • Congrats Lisa on 20,000 tweets. Very nice. What made me join Twitter? Not for the obvious reasons, but i started using it incorrectly and actually hated it for a long time. Once I got the meaning behind it and started using it for my blog I started to appreciate it a whole lot more. I remember seeing people saying stupid stuff when I started, but I think that has calmed down and people are more about business now.
    Sonia recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Brandon, LostinIdaho.meMy Profile

  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful websites for better Tweeter. I have heard about MyTweetCloud before but never thought of checking it out. It might be interesting website, Will check it. Thanks Lisa anyway.
    Ehsan recently posted..10 Ways to Make Your Readers Love Your BlogMy Profile

  • Lisa,

    WOW…. 20,000 Tweets sounds like a lot. This is probably just because I don’t even have 1,000 yet. I am sure I will up my Tweets per day but for now I spend much more time working with clients, creating niche websites and doing paid advertising. I will definitely start putting more time into Twitter though.


    Adam Snyder recently posted..Begin Your Blogging Venture – Interview With Adrienne SmithMy Profile

  • Wow Lisa, that’s some serious Twitter habbit you have got there 😀 I’m only just getting going with Twitter myself so you just made me feel totally inadequate.
    Steve Hippel recently posted..Traffic Travis 4My Profile

  • Well, i am new in twitter. so, ll check out the tools once got some achievements 😛 .
    Anand Singh recently posted..Prepare Sites for Mobile and Tablet DevicesMy Profile

  • Always knew you were a blabbermouth, Lisa. 😉 No seriously – congratulations. You’redoing good on twitter. People know and respect you. You got the figures to prove that.

    *Note* I was scared sh*tless when I tweeted my 666th tweet. lol
    Jan Bierens recently posted..Do You Recycle your Blog Posts?My Profile

    • Thanks Jan! Wow, I wish I paid attention to a 666 tweet. It’s amazing how quickly they added up though. That’s what I love about Twitter, it’s quick, short and sweet. No long paragraphs like you see over on some other social sites.

  • Hi Lisa,

    That’s awesome. 20,000 tweets sounds a lot. But I have no idea how many I’ve tweeted 🙂

    I just tweet, and I mostly try to have conversations with people or help spread the word about some awesome content. That’s it.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..How to show your picture next to your articles in Google search resultsMy Profile

    • I didn’t know either until someone pointed it out to me. I does show up on your main page, upper right hand corner. Same here, conversations are great there.

  • 😆 Happy Tweetaversary Lisa! That’s a lot of tweets. This is a great reminder for me to tweet more. It is one of the Social Platforms that I don’t spend enough time on. I always tell people to be present on all of the social platforms, but pick two that you really enjoy and spend some time on the rest.

    Now that I see all the benefits of tweeting, I think I should give it more attention.

    Thanks for the reminder,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..5 Ways Of Effective BloggingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    20k is really very impressive mark. Congratulations . The app looks cool too. I will check it out . Thanks for this
    Ashvini recently posted..Your employees are your loyal customers and brand ambassadorsMy Profile

  • Wow, I guess congrats! That’s a lot of socializing 🙂
    I joined twitter after I read Unmarketing by Scott Stratten. I wasn’t keen on twitter before then, and now I prefer it over facebook.

    • Thanks Denise, I do too, prefer it over Facebook. I like short and sweet and the fast speed of it too. Sometimes on Facebook you can just get lost and waste lots of time if you are not careful.

  • Steve (JoeBugBuster) Case

    I’m honored to have inspired your anniversary blog.
    It wasn’t long ago that I hit the 1,000 tweet mark, and that seemed pretty big at the time, but 20K? That’s impressive.
    Congrats, and may the next batch be even better than the ones so far!

  • Wow… 20K? That’s awesome Lisa. Congratulation ! 😉

    I’ve used WhenDidYouJoinTwitter. But had no idea about others. When it comes to Twitter, at first days, I signed up and didn’t found it useful. So I give up. But later on you are the one who dragged me to Twitter 😀 I had no idea about Twitter since then. Now I’m addicted. Thanks for that.

    The time spend on Twitter may not be the actual, as we use Buffer and scheduling tools. no? 🙂 But stats are always important, even accuracy is not 100%.

    Nice tools Lisa 🙂 I gotta try ’em all… You’re a Twitter + Pinterest addict and lover… So I’m not wondering about how you always find new Twitter or Pinterest tools… 😉

    Mayura recently posted..Transform Your Facebook Profile or Page into a Movie with Timeline Movie MakerMy Profile

    • Mayura, did I really drag you? LOL. I didn’t know I had an effect on you being there. It is my favorite social site. Those stats were eye opening for sure. I don’t always make it onto Pinterest daily but unless I’m dead or very sick I’ll be on Twitter.

  • lisa, you seriously have the best content! Thanks for sharing this, I am so excited to check it all out. I was so ANTI twitter etc. Now, as you know, I am on all the time! I love our twitter discussions and your helpful posts/info. Thanks for all!


  • Oh crap, p.s. I joined twitter (1) to jabber my jaws away; (2) cause fb is horrid; (3) network with “like” people; and (4) netowrk with ppl all around the world. 🙂 I’ve made some pretty good friends on twitter…….like you 😉

  • Wow! Congratulations! This post took a lot of research. I’m amazed, again, where you find all these goodies! 🙂 I’ll have to check out mine once I get a break later. 🙂

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