What Do Blogs and Housework Have In Common?

Blogs and Housework – The Work Is Never Done

Blogs and housework – do they go together? Do you ever find yourself so busy with your blog you have no time for housework? Or so busy with your housework you have no time for your blog? I took some much needed time yesterday to dust. And I thought now I know why I prefer to blog – both are never done but with the blog you get feedback and it looks good once you are happy with it. The dust will return next week and again and again. And does anyone walk in and say “Wow, the house is well dusted?” Blogs and house, a real lot in common!

blogs and housework

Blogs and Housework – Always something to do!

Of course a blog is a lot like housework in that there is always something to do. Today I’ve been playing with my sidebar. I had been thinking about it but was motivated by a post on Ms. Ileane’s blog. I just had to clean it up. I moved things around, eliminated some things on the sidebar, thought about it some more and it is still a work in progress. This blog will not have time to get dusty. I am still looking over the older blogger and seeing what’s missing here. (If you see something you miss drop me a note or a tweet.) Blogs and housework – both need dusting off.

A blogger’s work is never done:

  • Research – Time to learn about your next topic or ways to make your blog better
  • Think / Plan
  • Write
  • Re-write
  • Create graphics – Especially now with the Pinterest Craze.
  • Double check – Always a typo to be found.
  • Publish
  • Share and share – How many social networks are you sharing your content one? I can think of at least 10.
  • Check stats – Analyze for the next post
  • Check affiliate programs – Anything popping yet? How many ads are too many?
  • Comment on other blogs – If they are relevant and you can add something to them.
  • Read some more – Never ending reading. Lately I’ve been reading all the privacy policy changes that came via email from Pinterest, Facebook Groups and more. The other reading has been on the upcoming Google changes – more to come!

And then there is the housework:

  • Dusting – Always there and never ending.
  • Vacuuming – Ditto.
  • Laundry – Always never ending unless you live in a nudist camp.
  • Cooking – Why do we always have to eat? I dream of a food pill.
  • Dishes – Another never ending job.
  • Inventory control and shopping – Ditto.
  • Yardwork – You may get a break in the winter months.
  • Paying bills – Always never ending too.
  • Childcare or pet care – They may come and go but still a major responsibility.

So what would you choose:  blogging or housework?


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14 comments On What Do Blogs and Housework Have In Common?

  • Well Lisa:

    In my case, at least I can honestly say, even though I may totally suck at both! I At least I enjoy blogging! Doing laundry not so much!

    And the dusting I find is a lot like my critics! No mater what I do, they simply won’t stay away very long! Nice comparison and thanks for sharing!
    Mark recently posted..Jenny Craig: Five Simple Things Their Weight Loss Program Can Teach You About Being A Successful Entrepreneur!My Profile

  • If you come over to visit you will see that the answer is obvious. I choose blogging.
    Chasing Joy recently posted..Joy Everyday!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa. Love the comparison of blogging to house work. I think it’s quite relevant and accurate. Blogging is somewhat and art form, while cleaning the house is, well, cleaning the house. But time should be allocated for both, as well as time out in front of the telly..

  • Hi Lisa. Love the comparison of blogging to house work. I think it’s quite relevant and accurate. Blogging is somewhat and art form, while cleaning the house is, well, cleaning the house. But time should be allocated for both, as well as time out in front of the telly.

  • I have done that same thing Sabrina – it’s awful when you have to re-do it 😥
    Lisa recently posted..Which Tweets Inspire You?My Profile

  • *Sigh*…I’m facing this exact issue this week. 😆 My pile of laundry is against me. It keeps growing and growing like a bad zit. When I put some in the washing machine, I don’t even feel like hanging up the clothes to dry and sometimes they stay in there because I forget to hang them up. You can imagine what happens after that – they stink. So I have to wash them all over again which is not something I even enjoy doing. Then soap finishes because I wash something over and over…and then I have to run to the shop to get more soap…this is never ending. I need to consider hired help.
    Sabrina Sabino recently posted..14 Dreamweaver HTML Templates Free DownloadsMy Profile

  • blogging. hands down. which is why i can’t sometimes get to my computer for all the dirty laundry…and dust!
    miss donna recently posted..Closure: Luxury Car – Low Budget ServiceMy Profile

  • Thanks Vanita, yes you do love rearranging your blog. It’s an artisy thing. Thanks for your help Vanita.
    Lisa recently posted..Are You A Twitter Responder?My Profile

  • i hate housework with a bloo.. um passion. lol. i’d happily pay anyone $20 to scrub the darn tub. i rearrange my blog as often as i rearrange our family room. hahaha. let me know if you’d like me to sign in and fix the coding for your affiliate widget there to help clean up things further. other than that, your blog looks great to me.
    vanita recently posted..Reassessing Why and How I BlogMy Profile

  • I don’t like housework, no way no how! Good thing my hubs isn’t a “clean freak”! 🙂 I mean, our house looks lived in. Not cluttered or dirty but it’s also not from Better Homes and Gardens. If you visit me, chances are, you’ll leave with a lil bit of pit bull hair on ya!;) I prefer to blog over anything! Darn tootin!

    The sidebar thing is one of those things you’ll always play with. Moving the widgets around, finding a better widget or a different one which makes it all fun. When you get tired of sidebar playing, you might play with the footer, blog title, or like me…. the theme! 🙂 Your blog looks awesome Lisa! Enjoy it girlie!
    Brenda Lee recently posted..It’s a Lifestyle!My Profile

  • I actually enjoy mixing the 2…when I am exhausted from housework or yardwork I sit at the computer to create images – when I am in brain deadlock I like doing physical work because it releases those feel-good endorphins and requires no mental work. Of course both are always never-ending, but such is life, eh?! In the end, blogging gets short-changed over housework because living in too much chaos adds stress for me…so I don’t get to blog hop/post much but I did some serious damage to the weeds growing along the curbing yesterday LOL
    Jenifer recently posted..Are You Making These 5 New Blogger Mistakes?My Profile

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