What Can Pez Collections Teach Us About Social Media?

The Pez Collections and Social Media

November 30 is Worldwide Take Your Pez to Work  Day. It was started by one person in an office in the smallest state in the union. The person wrote to a Pez magazine about it and then it was shared on the worldwide web and before you knew it a Facebook group was formed. It went worldwide in no time.

 Pez Collections

What can pez collections teach us about social media and life itself?

  1. That we need to take time to enjoy the small things. It’s a just a pez right? But a small thing like that can bring people together and put a smile on someone’s face.
  2. The world is smaller with social media. The person that started this probably didn’t think he would talk to people from all over he world about pez collections.
  3. Doing something different breaks up the daily grind. It allows us all to become more creative. It can then be used in other areas of our lives.
  4. Social Media can really spread a movement worldwide quickly. We have seen this for many events and uprisings over the world. We can really hope it is for the good more than not.

A Little Pez History:

Did you know Pez candy has been around for over 80 years? They were made as a breath mint in Austria. Years later a manufacturing plant was built to handle the volume of orders. The first dispensers were made in 1948 to help smokers quit. They looked like lighters. In the 1950’s they made Pez dispensers to target kids and expand their market. Popeye was the first licensed dispenser for Pez. In 1974 they relocated to the United States in Connecticut. (sounds like a day trip to me coming on) Feet were added in the late 1970’s so people could stand their Pez dispensers up. In 1993 Christy’s held the first auction featuring Pez. Just last year Pez introduce 2 new flavors – Strawberry Vanilla and Raspberry Lemon. You can read about the Pez history here.  It’s amazing to see how a company can grow and change over the years. If you are looking for different types of pez be sure to check out this Pez Collection site.

Take your pez to work day


Of  course I had to share it the Pez Collections story over on Twitter.




Do you a have a favorite Pez dispenser or another collectible item?  Does it have a special day too? 

Watch for my new post on Tweet Seats coming soon!

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