What Can Coffee Teach You About Affiliates?

Affiliates and Coffee | A new affiliate venture

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? For several weeks I’d been working on a new website as an affiliate site. I had found an extra host in my Hostgator account that was just sitting there lonely. I decided to look through my Linkshare account to see what type of products I could work with. Something I love and could write about. It wasn’t easy or clear at first. But everyday on Twitter I was seeing Tweets about Coffee. Working with products you lovemakes it easier to write about them.

affiliates and coffee




If you remember there are nexus laws about affiliate marketing.  Different states have different laws. So be sure to read up on them before starting. You can also read these great blogs on affiliate marketing by:

  • Allie of Ramblings of a Wahm
  • Darren Rowse Pro Blogger Net
  • Amy from Blogging With Amy
  • Sonia from Logallot

What makes affiliates like this an easier online store to build?

  1. No shipping to customers. Saves on cost and time involved with shipping.
  2. Stock.  Keeping up with inventory manually.
  3. No drop shipping with 3rd party.
  4. Easy set-up with Sell FireI fell in love with this application! So easy to start. The store was set up in 10 minutes. A plug in and you are up and running. Amazing! No adding products one by one. (Been there, done that, still do it!) And Sell Fire has great customer service. The affiliates I choose had issues with their feed showing products images after I installed it. Sell Fire answered emails very quickly and had it fixed. You can set up an account there for FREE. They do have other packages you can buy for multiple sites, etc. They make their money through pro accounts with multiple sites.


Win A FREE Sample of Hawaain Blend Coffee!

If you are a coffee fan follow @GetYourCoffee on Twitter, leave a blog comment on a post and tweet about it. We’ll be tweeting about coffee. Coffee news, tidbits, jokes, specials and more.

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*Disclosure – I am an affliate for Linkshare, Coffees of Hawaii and Starbucks.

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