Website Traffic From Pinterest Shows In The Numbers

Website Traffic Increased From Using Pinterest App & Pinning More Often

It was very interesting to see the data on website traffic after using the Pinterest app and using Pinterest more often and consistently as explained in the last post on the Pinterest app. I had been using Pinterest every other day or every few days to using it daily and the results show in the numbers.

Website Traffic

The Pinterest Website Traffic Numbers

I have 3 different Pinterest accounts and used my new Droid app on one of the retail sites. That one really soared to #6 for all traffic sources.  One of the sites that I checked for Pinterest does not even have an account! That amazed me too as it was at #13. The same as this site which I do not pin a lot from that often. Have you checked to see where Pinterest falls for your source of website traffic? It is easy to do in your Google Analytics account – Look under traffic sources, all sources. You can see one of mine below. (#6)

Pinterest numbers

So How Can You Use Pinterest To Grow Your Website Traffic?


Don’t just pin- Interact there and share other’s pins. Like other pins too. Pinterest is a social site. Be a little social. Comment. 



Pin Regularly – Don’t just visit Pinterest weekly and expect to see your website traffic grow. Try to get there at least every other day and interact with other pinners.



Use Great Images on your website or blog. Some claim that longer images get more pins.  Others love pinning infographics. Food, fashion and home are always big draws to more re-pins too.



Like others pins and re-pin them.  Think of it like Twitter. If you really like something don’t you re-tweet or favorite it? On Facebook, you give a like or a comment? The same applies for Pinterest.



Schedule your pins. Use Pingraphy – It is like using the Buffer app for the other social websites. There is nothing worse than going onto Pinterest and seeing the same pinner putting up 20+ pins on the same type of items. (usually food or clothing) I tend to unfollow if I see it.  



Check Your Boards – Do your boards have a nice cover image? Sometimes you pin and may forget to go and look back at your boards. Make sure the right pins are on the right board.  It’s easy to pin to the wrong one.



Have Fun –  Pinning should be fun, enjoy pinning and looking at other’s pins. If there are pins you don’t like, stop following the person pinning them. 

How often are you using Pinterest for your website or blog?

Have you checked your website traffic from Pins?

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