Wonderful New Ways To Show Twitter Share Count

6 New Ways To Show Twitter Share Count

ways to show Twitter share count
I was excited to learn about some new ways to show twitter share count once again on the blog. You may have remembered my last post about the loss of the Twitter share count. Twitter stopped the share counts from being seen on third party applications, etc. via their API  on your blog or website. The share count numbers were no longer visible to website visitors. You could check your own traffic from Google Analytics but that takes time and effort to do on a regular basis. Bloggers and web site owners were very upset to lose these coveted Twitter share counts.

Seeing the numbers visible on each post and page of your website makes it much easier to feel validation. It also gives you social proof on your blog or website. (Whether or not this social proof is of upmost importance is highly debatable!) I learned via Adrian Jock a few weeks ago of a way to get that Twitter share count back. If you check his out his post you will see the easy directions to use it. It is simple as logging into Twitter and giving them your URL. Then you add the code like you see below. Luckily I had the Shareaholic plugin back on this blog. It made it easy to get the Twitter share count back up and running. You may also have SumoMe, AddThis or the Standard Twitter Buttons for it to work. It’s from a company called New Share Counts. 


Other Ways to Show Twitter Share Count

There is another company too called Open Share Count that also does a similar service giving you ways to show Twitter share count once again.  You must sign up on their website and then add code to your site for it to work. They do claim on the bottom of their website it may take up to an hour before you see the share count. You can choose from a small or large share button to display your counts on your posts and/or pages.

IFTTT – You could also revert to using an IFTTT recipe to learn your twitter count. This helps you to find a specific URL that has been shared on Twitter. (It will give you the total count, # of times a specific URL has been shared.)  This will be sent to a Google Spreadsheet – something that you can monitor but hard to share unless you convert it to some form of an image count. TwitCount – is another new service available so you can get your Twitter share count back. After you add the TwitCount widget on your website they will start doing API calls to the official API in order to count the URL mentions on the fly. You need to connect your Twitter account to allow them to do the calls. This is also a FREE service.  

Buzz Sumo – This social media chrome extension will also let you see your Twitter share count. The count may not update for days as there is a cost for them to do this updating. It’s just another way that YOU can see the Twitter share count so you have a clue has to how many people are sharing your content.

GnitGnit is Twitter’s enterprise API platform and this service will cost you at least $500 per month. The service delivers real time and historical social data with insights. They not only provide Twitter data and but data for Tumblr, Foursquare, Disqus, NewsCred and WordPress to name a few.

I’m sure by the time I’m done writing this post there will be a few new companies out there offering services with more new ways to show Twitter count back on our blogs and websites. Some may or may not be accurate and some may only count the shares that are made on your page or post. So be smart beforehand and read up on these services to see which you like best. I like the New Share Counts and am currently using this service (which is FREE) along with Shareaholic for my social share buttons.

Have you tried any of these new ways to show Twitter share count?

I’d love to know if you have and which you prefer or if you know of other ways to show Twitter share count.

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