Vizify Makes it Easy To Promote the Best of You or Your Brand

Vizify Makes It Easy As A New Personal Website Powered by Your Data


Vizify makes it easy. Would you like a website that showed who you or your brand really are? Vizify does just that. I set mine up in just minutes when I realized it was a way to see your tweets. But then I realized it was much more than just seeing your tweets!

Vizify makes it easy

The Question That Prompted A Search

I received a question from a reader via Twitter the other day that led me to Vizify. It did not answer that question but it did show what you tweet in a graphical timeline.  I really feel in love with the site.


What Can Vizify Do For You?

  • It can highlight the best of your social media and/or your brand to the world in a very pleasing graphical layout.
  • It boosts your online presence. At Vizify they believe we are more than the sum of our parts. They transform us through our social networks.
  • It gives you links to your website or blog. We can all use more incoming links right?
  • It creates an interactive resume for you. Future companies you may work for will be checking your profiles out online and this one can really be an impressive resume for you. Think about that if you want to add your Foursquare account. Where do you go and check in? 
  • Vizify can showcase your brand to the world. You can add factoids to set you apart from others.
  • Vizify can create a video for you of your Twitter account. It’s really cool and I learned that from Steve Souls at: – (I wish they would allow us to embed these videos) 

  • It creates a personal profile of you that you can share via various social media websites.
  • It creates a timeline with your tweets.  It showcase your words and what you tweet about.



A Guide To Setting Up Your Vizify – You Can See How Vizify Makes It Easy!



Which Social Networks Are Included on Vizify?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Foursquare
  5. Instagram

I would love to see Pinterest and Google+ also added to their list of profiles. It will be interesting to see what they add in the coming future. What other social sites would you like to see included on Vizify?


Similar Social Profile Websites like Vizify

Vizify is not the first to set up a social profile of you including various social networks. There is AboutMe, XeeMe, SocialNetworkIn, RebelMouse, MyLife, FlavorsMe  to name a few but Vizify makes it easy to set up, edit, share and go. I don’t know about you but I don’t have spare hours in a day to set up a new account, do you?


Are you on Vizify yet? Do you see how Vizify makes it easy to set up and showcase yourself or your brand?

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