How Top Internet Marketers are Using Social Media For Business

Using Social Media For Business

I am a big believer of replicating success generated by others. That is how I try to run my business and I intend to follow this strategy as long as it is bringing me the results I want.

With social media is the same thing; but before we get into the discussion about how big names are using popular social channels we have to analyze the main purpose of using social media for business. I can tell in advance that a lot of people get this wrong and it alone can ruin their online reputation.

Using social media for business

Being simplistic we can say that for internet marketers social media has 5 different goals:

  • It can be used to build your brand.
  • It is a tool to build relationships with people in your niche.
  • It increases your chances of being discovered by influential leaders.
  • It is an effective way to syndicate the content you are publishing.
  • And finally it is a way to develop and strengthen a bond with potential customers. Once they like your content, they are more likely to buy from you.

Top Marketers and Social Media

Let’s start this discussion with web traffic. Top internet marketers have a different understanding about free traffic. And if you want to get where they are you have to change your mindset.

Get this:free traffic

“There is No Such Thing As FREE Traffic, Ever!”

It is a bold statement but let me explain you why!

I know some people crave getting alternatives to drive tons of “free traffic” to their websites but for me that is not what is happening. You must understand that none source of traffic is really free, because even if you are not paying money for the traffic, it consumes your time. And let me ask you something: do you have an understanding about how much is your time really worth?

If you spend one hour working with social media and that hour brings you 10 to 20 visitors that day and none of them took some action… well, sorry to inform you but you are wasting your time. And you know what… for me time equals money.

With that said let’s see a proper way to think about social media traffic which stands for syndication and it is number four on that previous list.

Are you a Social Media Spammer?

This is important because I am seeing so many spammers using social channels that sometimes you just have to analyze if you are not using similar methods.

To do this we have to compare what is common sense among leaders and top marketers getting good results with it. And here is a thing, when it comes to the content you deliver through social media; every serious marketer will tell you this: “just publish your best content”.

For me, creating great content is the foundation of my whole marketing strategy. Of course, when you are deeply involved with your area you will develop a better understanding and in any given time you can be considered an authority – if and when you are willing to study and learn from others. That is how I got started.

Facebook and Twitter
And here is what can happen when you focus on delivering just great content through social media; you can experience the viral effect.

And think… the content only goes viral if it is really good. However, once you create this world-class content and use proper social channels to deliver it, this increases the odds of discoverability. It’s like word of mouth promotion via Facebook and Twitter for instance.

But if you are thinking that it will never happen to you, I can tell it happened to me within 30 days of blogging. My point is, you don’t need to be a well-known figure; you just need to have really good content! Focus on that!

Replicating Their Success – Using Social Media for Business

Now let’s talk about piggybacking and how to replicate success stories.

When using social media for business you can complicate things but if you want to get good results just follow some proven tactics. Don’t reinvent the wheel! You don’t need to.

To give you some examples let’s say you want more friends on Facebook, or even better, you want more fans to your fan page. What do you have to do? facebook social media

Start doing some competitive research then choose 2 or 3 good competitors and find out what they are doing. You have to be able to answer some questions such as:

  • What kind of content is being shared on Facebook?
  • How often they are posting per week?
  • Which content does receive more Likes?
  • Is there any call to action on their page?

This is core competitive research! If you want to achieve better results start applying this. You don’t need to create revolutionary new concepts that no one has ever considered before and then try to get tons of likes, shares and different social signals from that outstanding content. No! And that is good!

You just have to see what works and start implementing their strategies into your own master plan. Keep things personal and friendly because we are talking about social media but don’t be afraid to use some bold examples to get the results you want.

That is what top marketers are doing and that is what you should do yourself.

I hope you get value from this article about using social media for business and I just want to say thanks for the opportunity of guest posting on Lisa’s blog and if you want to know more about how to bet backlinks using social media or some cool affiliate marketing strategies, please visit my blog and I will be happy to help you!

How are you using social media for business or for your blog today? 


Thanks everyone!

See you next time

Felipe Kurpiel


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Felipe Kurpiel is an internet marketer enthusiastic! He is passionate about SEO strategies, link building and he is really serious about spreading the lessons learned to the world! On his blog Marketing for the 21st Century he focus on affiliate marketing for beginners, SEO and most important, making the things easier for you!

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  • Hey Felipe, thanks a lot for sharing such a terrific post. Nowadays all most all the Internet Marketers are Using Social Media For their Business. But only few of them are used properly, cause they only create Facebook and twitter accounts and constantly posting about their products and services but never try to get in touch with them. And apart from Facebook and twitter they’re not active on other social media site like LinkedIn, interest, Stumbleupon, Reddit and all. And this all is the extremely beneficial for the business.
    Melina Williams recently posted..The Essential Elements Of An Affordable SEO ServiceMy Profile

  • Social platforms are a great source of traffic if used accordingly. As of now, I’m doing a lot of content creation plus social sharing. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest bring tons of traffic to my blog posts. This is the real power of social media. To be successful in your social media marketing campaign, you must engage with your audience. Talk to them, not just share blogs and give information, your audience must feel that you are helping them.
    souvik ghosh recently posted..Best Tower Defense Games for Android DevicesMy Profile

  • When most gurus tells us that we can get lots of traffic and sales through free advertising we just listen to them and like lemmings we all go for free ads.

    we also do safelist or listbuilding by spending crazy time just to have few credits to do our ads.

    Ironically as affiliates we are doing the ads for them.

    cha ching money goes into their bank account and boom a new comer into their list.

    Do you think they are going to spend time clicking for credits?Never.

    Apart from gaining from your own effort ,they are going for targeted paid ads be it in social media site such as at Twitter for example.

    According to Twitter,90% of it’s users are looking for incentives be it promotional,informational and awareness incentive.

    This is the place where they would go and engage with potential customers.

    They say the money is in the list and the targeted people are found in the social media sites.

    This is the place where we have to go.
    mike recently posted..Make A Successful Business BlogMy Profile

  • very informative i am relatively new to internet marketing and i am hoping to learn a lot from you my next step is a visit to your blog where i am sure i will find no end of useful information
    David Taylor recently posted..Fabric Wristbands: The Key Component to Streamlining Event SecurityMy Profile

  • Hi,
    Awesome post. Social Media strategy is one of the most recent hyped content. I use it myself too and also I write about. I learned a lot from your write-up. Will surely redirect my users some time to your website.
    Kaustav Banerjee recently posted..The untold Facebook marketing strategiesMy Profile

  • Great jobs. Thanks a lot for your sharing. It’s really useful for my working and I’ll apply this, I believe.
    I have found some interesting information which is relevant with your issue
    Do you want to discuss it with me? Hope to see your new writing.
    Thu Tran recently posted..Heartburn trigger: top foods that cause heartburn people need to know to gain better healthMy Profile

  • Great point! Facebook is really a powerful tool, but the difficult part is to make the right use of it because it continues to be a social channel and when we try to mix the things up and start using it just for marketing and promotional stuff this can have a negative impact on our brand or even authority! I like your perspective about Facebook. Really interesting.
    Thanks for commenting!
    Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..Thesis WordPress Theme – When is Time to Upgrade your Website?My Profile

  • Social media has become a very powerful source for building a brand online. It has the largest reach all over the world. Take an example of Facebook which has more than 100 billion users worldwide, which is quite ahead of any other social network available in the world right now, almost all of its users are active one which is the best opportunity for any business to get promoted. New feature of the Facebook ‘graph search” has made thing even better for the businesses who are looking to build their brand all over the world. Its a very powerful medium to connect with the people from all over the world & find what their potential customer actually expect from their brand. If businesses are connected to the customer properly, there are high chances that people will trust in the brand & prefer to buy things from that particular brand which is very much connected to them. It is more powerful than that of man to man marketing as was the strategy of the past.
    raj recently posted..Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

  • Facebooks sponsored post feature makes it easier to promote a strong post plus you get more bang for your buck once that same post goes viral
    Caleb recently posted..3 Ways To Create Residual Recurring Income From The InternetMy Profile

  • In today’s world social media plays important role in everyone’s life, it is a strong platform for getting your business to a new heights, and help achieve the success. Great article mate.

  • Articles on How Top Internet Marketers are Using Social Media For Business has been flying all around the internet for a long time now, at times it one confused, but i have decided to stick headlong to what is working for me.

  • Social media plays a vital role in business, it may take you to heights or it’s gonna bang you down. All we need to have is the best strategies for building up a good relationship with the people through socail media by posting something that is true and unanimous and keep maintaining the aura.
    Indeed a good post!

    • The whole game of social media is about building relationships with other leaders and with your audience. And you are right… everything tends to become easier when we have a good strategy to follow!
      Thanks for your comment!

  • That is absolutely right Jeremy!! Social media is becoming more and more important. But we have to have a solid social media strategy otherwise we just end up ignoring all the benefits it can bring to us.
    Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..Email Marketing Strategies – Increasing Your List in Four StepsMy Profile

  • Social media is indeed playing a big role in any business today. May it be a small or a large one, a business will have to take advantage of social media for a more exposure to the people of your niche.
    Jeremy Norton recently posted..Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  • I often feel like I’m spamming on social networks a lot. I never thought of just using a strong post. But, that’s every post I make! so I have to promote it! – Scott Craighead

  • Hey Filipe,

    Great content on how to use Social Media. You’ve made some really valid points here. Especially about Time. If you don’t want to waste your time, look for how to market on social media correctly.

    This actually took me a long time for it to really sink in. For some of us, it’ll take us a while to really understand. But once we actually understand and apply it, then we’ll feel the momentum kick in and propel us forward.

    I also like the fact that you mentioned that you don’t have to be a well known figure to see good results. If you can do it in 30 days, then anyone can if they follow the correct blueprint.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes because when you are planning your strategy, this big picture can be terrifying! When that is the case, I like to work in short bursts, one chunk at a time!
    Thanks for your words!

  • Hi Felipe,

    I was just speaking to a friend about social media. It’s a learning process. I love the key points you discussed in your article. It’s so true! Why recreate the wheel. It already exists. You’ve laid out a common sense approach to social media. I just wish I didn’t feel so overwhelmed all the time, like I’ve always got to catch up.

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned.
    Lauren recently posted..Halloween Christmas Light FusionMy Profile

  • I read a lot of article regarding the role of social media to online business. This is probably one of the best content that I’ve read. I now have some ideas on how to integrate social media to my business. Thanks!
    Manny recently posted..Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 Coupon Code: 20$ OFFMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    The real beauty of the web is that we can see what others are doing and duplicate their strategies. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

    The problem for people just starting out is knowing the difference between legitimate and spammy methods. Sometimes I think it’s hard for them to know the difference. So it’s important to really think about what you’re doing, it’s purpose and how much it makes sense.

    Of course what works for me may not work for you so testing and experimenting is key. But when you find what works, stick with it and use it to its full capabilities.

    Liz recently posted..Stop Making These Silly Business Blogging MistakesMy Profile

  • I’ve never seen a brand or a blog that made it without social media, it a means of syndication and creating awareness. I’ve seen tips on how to get backlinks but i never knew social media has a role to play, time to implement. Great post Felipe.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..20 Successful Bloggers and what they have to OfferMy Profile

    • Hey Gilbert, thanks for visiting my blog to get extra tips about back linking!! I am trying to share what I am learning during my research.
      And about social media.. that is right my friend, it’s important to big brands or small businesses.
      It’s easier to get our message out there when we use it wisely!
      Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..Make Extra Money From Home – You Deserve a Pay RaiseMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe

    Welcome to Lisa’s blog.

    I think when it comes to social media it’s less about sharing your own stuff and more about sharing others work.

    If all you are doing is sharing your own stuff then it’s not going to get you noticed as easily as if you engage with others and share their work.

    Yes, it’s important to get your best content out there on social media but you need to be careful how much and how often you do it.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Blogging For Free Is Really ExpensiveMy Profile

  • What detailed blog on the importance of social media. I totally agree that nothing comes free. You time is worth something. In the beginning which has been about 6 months I had no idea what and why I needed social media. By joining groups I have learned so much and realize that there is a lot of time and most of all patience. I have tried to use content that I don’t see on others site. Social Media is here to stay so it is important to get it right the first time. Thanks for the post
    Arleen recently posted..Alternative Fundraising Ideas Inspired by BuffetMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    This is great tips for all internet marketers most especially the way to stop using social network for spamming and down-grading their experience through what they published irrelevant articles on social network
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted..Google SEO guide for newbie webmastersMy Profile

    • Hey Adesanmi…
      You are right about spamming. I had to mention that because I am getting sick of it. Especially when it comes to Facebook groups. It’s a terrible practice.

      • That is right about Facebook groupand fora while now, I have stopped posting my blog update yo some of the group I belonged to.

  • Hi Felipe,

    Nice to meet you and welcome to Lisa’s blog.

    Great topic you are talking about, the power of social media which is very important nowadays for the success of any business be it online or offline.

    Success in Social Media is determined by how correctly you are using it. If used correctly, it can boost your results but if used spammingly, it will hurt you more than it will serve you.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that there is no free source of traffic as social media consumes lots of time to connect, engage and build relationships and as you mentioned our time is worth a lot. Also modeling those who succeeded with it is a smart move.

    Thanks Felipe for the reminder and for the tips on using Social Media the correct way. Thanks Lisa for having Felipe share this important topic in your blog. Have a great week ahead, both of you.

    Be Blessed,


  • Wow, Lisa, I wish I knew all this when I first got started.

    I spent so much time on social media just socializing, but not really understanding the power of syndicating my content and putting out my “call to action”. So, I wasn’t spending money on social media, but I sure spent a lot of time.

    Since I’ve learned some of the better uses of my time, like the ones you suggested, social media has really been a major help to my success online.

    So I hope others read this article very carefully, because it can save them a lot of time. And like you say, time really is money.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..SocializeMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    Welcome to Lisa’s blog and interesting post.

    Although I’ll agree with you that no traffic is really free because it is our time that we’re putting into this to get the traffic to our site. But to say that you spent an hour to get 20 visitors and just because they didn’t buy from you within that time is a waste then I would definitely have to disagree with you.

    If all you’re about is selling then I can see that would be your reaction. I’m more about building relationships and in the end that is so much more beneficial and trust me, definitely not a waste of my valuable time. Those relationships are what will bring in the recurring income so for that I’ll waste an hour any day of the week.

    I also agree with you that if you’re not doing what you want then to follow someone who is and check out what they’re doing. That’s the only way to learn and end up getting results.

    Thanks for sharing your view on this and it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope you and Lisa both have a really great week.

    Adrienne recently posted..Customer Service Nightmare: Why You Lose BusinessMy Profile

    • Intersting take, actually I was watching a really good internet marketing training this week that was talking about the importance of relationships to be successful online. That is something that not everybody can envision. I am glad you brought that to this discussion!
      Thanks for your welcome and nice to meet you too!
      Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..How to Get More Views on YouTube – 5 Crucial StepsMy Profile

  • I agree with you that traffic isn’t free. You’re trading time for traffic. Content being built, responding to comments, syndicating and sharing content. It’s real work. Not hard work, but in my opinion it’s fun work.

    Social Media is the new median for world of mouth. A few years ago when I got into social media game during the friendster and myspace days, and back then my mindset was more or less adding as many people as you can, posting pictures, doing updates. I thought it was cool to look good on the internet. Now that social media has grown and so has the platform, social media if done right is more important than ever.
    Nate Leung recently posted..How to Have the Right Attitude to Success in MLM Network MarketingMy Profile

  • Hi, Lisa – Nice article, Filipe!

    Thanks for the research tip… I don’t do enough it 😮

    I like the way you think too, Filipe; you don’t have to re-invent the wheel – you just need to put the time in to research what does…

    I’m headed over to check out your blog.

    It’s been great to get some new insights from you, Lisa – I appreciate your work, miss : )
    Mark recently posted..90% of all Organizations are Using Content Marketing [Infographic]My Profile

  • Nice post Felipe! I agree there is no such thing as free or permanent traffic. Even organic traffic takes effort and time. I see so many people interested in rankings and ranking for high traffic keywords but what about conversions? If 1000 people visit and not one converts its a waste. I would rather get 20 visitors who are looking for something and I have the product or answer they are looking for. You have to give the readers/searchers what they are looking for whether its answers or a product to solve their problem. My mom always said if it aint broke dont fix it. Top marketers are doing what works so why make it more difficult then it has to be!
    Thomas recently posted..June Stats, Updates, Goals, and Future PlansMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    Nice to meet you on Lisa’s place mate 😉

    Gosh… I see how my fellow bloggers including Lisa doing it on Social Media 😉 It’s not about writing the topic and waiting for traffic. They are everywhere promoting, engaging, supporting and so on. They all cost time 😉

    You are right there. Time to time I’ve seen bloggers working hard enough by doing new and different things. They were admirable, but even if it’s the best content ever written in the niche, yet they didn’t take time to research.

    Well, we all start out as newbies but when you see success somewhere and find the reason, it will save a lot of time until you find your own secret sauce 😉 I’ve seen how bloggers do that and attract traffic even to their awesome content that left out earlier. But the thing is if you just copy someone else in the same way, even it brings you results after all, then it will hurt the reputation 😉

    I’m sure this post gonna be a reminder for every blogger 🙂

    You both have a successful week there, Felipe and Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..5 Social Media Mistakes You Weren’t Aware OfMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    1. Welcome to Lisa’s blog. You are lucky to be here because this is not a common blog. It is a blog with a global Alexa rank of 55656 and a USA rank of 23152. It is an elite blog and Lisa is one of those top internet marketers you are talking about in this article.

    2. I have meditated on social media role for quite some time. I agree with, at least three of the goals you presented here: 1) increase exposure and awareness about your brand; 2) build relationships and 3) syndicating content.

    3. This post is another confirmation for me: social media traffic is one of the best niches at the moment. People are very interested and you can even specialize in this domain. Good one.

    4. I agree with the fact that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s a good idea to learn from leaders and top internet marketers, indeed. However, you must be aware that what is common sense among leaders and top internet marketers might not be as good for a beginner. The conditions are very different.

    5. Publish your best content? Correct. However, what is quality content? What the majority of people consider quality content may not be quality at all. There is a pressure from what is called “the public consensus”. I called this “mainstream wisdom”.

    For example, if many people think of a quality article as being a short article (about 500 words) and you write longer articles (1000 words or more), you can get into trouble and need more time to make your way to the top. That’s because a huge number of people were educated by all kind of internet marketers and leaders that you have to write short, concise articles otherwise people will be bored. So when people come to your site and see long articles, many of them won’t even bother to read. They will immediately label those articles as low quality just because they are longer than 500 words. They were trained to see things this way.

    All in all this is an excellent post and I am glad to meet you, Felipe.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Are you Afraid of Social Media Automation?My Profile

    • Thanks for the warm welcome!! That is really nice of you.
      Well, it is good to see that we share the same opinion about this topic. It just proves we are doing something right.
      And Silviu, I agree with your perspective. Sometimes it is easier to find a competitor we can beat instead of those big, big players.
      Thanks for sharing with this community!
      Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..How to Get More Views on YouTube – 5 Crucial StepsMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    Really interesting and useful post, I think the steps you mentioned about Facebook success.. those can be followed on other social media sites as well. It’s really essential to analyse your competitors so that you can easily know what your targeted audience likes and their preferences.
    Aasma recently posted..Travel Web Portal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,
    Welcome to Lisa’s blog. Social media indeed rules our current world now. But as to how effective I’m using it to my benefit that’s another question.
    This post has thrown in a lot of insights and perspectives!

  • Hi Felipe and welcome to Inspire to Thrive!

    I think when some bloggers start out, they just don’t think about the social media aspect of it. Sharing their content, getting others to share it, and being interactive on other networks besides your blog. When I’m not blogging, I’m resharing old content, interacting on FB, Triberr, G+, and Twitter plus holding down a full-time job and tending to a home and my family. So, there is no FREE traffic, you’re right. If we are doing it right, we are spending hours a day promoting our content. This takes time, sweat, and tears sometimes. But in order to be successful, we must do this right?

    Fabulous post and one I hope all bloggers really think about. Great to meet you here at Lisa’s place!
    Bren recently posted..Are Your Blog Comments Decreasing?My Profile

    • My pleasure!! It has been a great experience to guest post here!
      Lisa’s audience is fantastic!! 🙂
      You guys are so positive and receptive that I can only do my best to deliver great content!
      Nice to meet you too Bren and thanks for the following!!
      Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..Magic Submitter – How to Use it Right!My Profile

  • Hi Felipe!

    Ah, the power of social media, it can make or break a company’s reputation. I think you did a great job explaining the benefits if we use social media to market our product and how. I do need to take a peek at my competitor’s page and see how often they ‘re posting.

    The one common denominator in this whole post was content and that’s the bottom line. You can have a splashy and eye-catching social media page but if your content isn’t worth reading, I’m afraid there won’t be any new fans and risk losing the ones we have.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us and welcome to Lisa’s blog! Have a great week you two!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 07072013My Profile

  • Hi Felipe, and welcome to Lisa’s blog 🙂

    You are absolutely right – it does make sense trying to follow in the footsteps of those who have already been there, rather than trying to plan your own ways of working – or hit and trials, though that’s not wrong either. But I think the former way is what we call ‘working smart’ – isn’t it?

    Oh yes…there is NO free traffic ever, we all need to work rather hard for it, which I’m sure every blogger here would agree with. And it does take a lot of time and effort. I liked your example of Facebook and how we can get more likes, which is the right way – follow those who’ve been on the path you tread and learn from them and their mistakes, though use your mind and do what suits you best. A perfect blend is what will make it all worthwhile for sure.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Rise Up Every Time You FallMy Profile

  • I confess: I do not use social media effectively for my business. I have the tools I need, and the knowledge, and the ability, but I don’t apply it. I’m taking a hard look at the “why” of that this week, because things have got to change.

    Thanks for inspiring me to put myself under the microscope, Felipe (and Lisa). Peace.

  • Hi Felipe,

    The first thing that caught my attention is “There is No Such Thing As FREE Traffic, Ever!” . This reminded me of the traffic exchange sites that one of my online friends had told me about. Just a waste of time, and time = money.

    On social media, the etiquettes must be followed at any cost. So to be safe, it’s better to follow an already proven successful method, that is, to replicate a successful method. I like your idea about how we can do some research about this. You laid out the points in a clear manner, that helps.

    By the way, nice to see you on Lisa’s blog, even though I have seen you somewhere before, maybe on I don’t remember exactly. 😛
    Sourav recently posted..Are You A Commenting Flop Star?My Profile

    • Free traffic is a foolish dream!! 🙂
      Unfortunately we have to learn from mistakes and that is how we can grow and can make the things better.
      And you are right… etiquette is critical on Social Media otherwise you will be tagged as a spammer and that is not cool.
      Well, actually I tried to guest post on FamousBloggers but I don’t know why I never heard back from them!
      But I was active on other blogs: Kikolani and Traffic Generation Cafe, tribber and so on!!
      Felipe Kurpiel recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Training – How to Choose a Good OneMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe,

    Yes, you are right. Nothing comes for free and I completely agree with you on that. Let me thank you for the wonderful post and analysing the use of social media. Many of us have a kind of mirage that keeps us confusing and luring us to move in the wrong direction. Your post is an eye opener to those people.

    Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts.
    Ashutosh recently posted..Successful Small Business Ideas – Inception to ImplementationMy Profile

  • Hi Felipe and welcome to Lisa’s blog

    You see Felipe, it’s almost impossible to do business these days without social media playing an active part. It’s becoming more and more strategic in business success.

    Now, you raised an important point. Like every other component, social media has principles that must be followed and smart guys have understood this. We can’t reinvent the wheels.

    Social media is a tool. In order to pocket good results, the tool must be used correctly. I fully endorse your replication stand point. Copy how some successful guys are doing it and you’ll see results

    Oh yes, I’m off to your blog for more engagement Felipe.

    Good to know and connect with you here and have a splendid week

    Hey Lisa, thanks for introducing Felipe to us 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Make Money Blogging ~ What You Must Do To Succeed!My Profile

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