Oh Yes, More Twitter Updates to Know and Use Today

Twitter Updates to Know and Start Using

Twitter updatesSince the last post I did on Twitter changes coming more Twitter updates have been implemented and are now on the way. Are you ready today for the newest Twitter updates? I received the email from Twitter that I was able to use the new Twitter Profile. I knew it was a matter of time and had a big cover image ready. But to my surprise it did not work well with mobile or even on the desktop when your profile appears in the upper left hand corner. So be prepared for your new profile images! Everyone can now update their Twitter profiles as of April 22nd. You should have that same email from Twitter in your inbox.

Tips for Your New Twitter Profile

Have several images ready for your new profile – This way you can update your profile when you receive the email if you have not already. I changed mine about 7 times before I was okay with one. When is the last time you have had your images updated?

Correct size of the large image – The image should be 1252×626 though I did notice it did NOT use all of the height on mine. You can position it as you upload the image onto the Twitter profile. (Similar to Facebook cover photos). I found it helpful to have several options to choose from as I was making my Twitter profile over (hint, hint!) 

Update Your Photo – You will notice your Twitter photo will be larger and may lose some of its clarity. I know mine did. I did not change it as I want to have a new photograph taken for my social media profiles.  This is on my to-do list! When is the last time you had your photograph updated?

New Twitter Profile for Lisapatb


mobile twitter profileCheck Your Mobile Profile – This is where I was surprised. It looks good on desktop but not on mobile, you will have to adjust once you see it on your mobile. My words covered my photo until I moved it around more. I had to drop them down further so they would not be cut off on mobile or cover my photo image. Notice too how photos show on your profile. You may want to think more of what photos you are sharing on Twitter. These are part of the new Twitter updates that many peeps may not be aware of.

More Twitter Updates To Know

Favorite Tweet or Pinned Tweet – Be prepared to have a favorite tweet for it’s one of the key new Twitter updates. It is the tweet that shows up at the top of your profile. Don’t forget to change it out so it doesn’t get stale too. I can see many people may forget this one once they set it. It’s easy to do. At the bottom of a tweet there is a 3 button look to a tweet. That’s where you click “more” option and it gives you the option to save it.

Tagging Others in Photos – This is another new feature you can start to use today. It is similar to Facebook’s feature but be careful not to use it often or you will be considered by others to be spammy peep. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo. It will not change your character count of your tweet – sweet, right?  To get this feature you must download the latest Twitter app. Mine did not work and had to uninstall and re-install on my Droid. So if you don’t see the feature, that is what you must do. It will look something like this on the right —–>  Twitter Photo Tag

You then can choose usernames – up to 10 in all to tag the photo with. They will then be notified of the photo tag unless they have changed their privacy settings.

New Privacy Settings with Twitter Updates– Under Settings – Look for security and privacy. You will have 3 options with tagging:

Once the names have been chosen you will see them displayed via the tweet. The names will appear right under the tweet itself. See image below left.

What Twitter photo tag looks like

Tailor Twitter Based on Website Visits – Did you know you can now set this feature if you wanted? I don’t want to limit the tweets I see but you could based on your website visits. This is not yet available for all users but you will see this new option under your privacy settings. You can also tailor the ads you see on Twitter via the same option. These Twitter updates could make Twitter now very personalized!

Twitter Updates on The Twitter Timeline – You can now choose from 3 options in which to view your Twitter timeline. Tweets (regular) or Tweets with photos and videos only or Tweets and replies. It’s great to have these new ways to view the over 500 million tweets going out per day.

There are so many new options now on how you can view Twitter. It’s up to YOU now how you will use and view tweets.

Of all the Twitter updates what are your favorite new features?

I love the favorite or pinned tweet option. If you have a great tweet, subject matter, etc it can be shown right at the top of your profile until you change it. Great for timely news, contests, etc. Just don’t forget to update it. Don’t just set and leave it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the newest Twitter updates in the comments.

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  • Hello,

    Twitter email for the new look of profile is in queue. Because of my busy schedule I am unable to do these changes. I will hire someone to design attractive cover and profile picture soon.


    • Hi Dr. Diana – good luck with new design and having it done for you. I am really starting to like the new look of the new profiles. Have a great day and welcome to Inspire to Thrive!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I like a lot of the changes that Twitter is implemented. I somehow must have hit something and my new profile came up. Everything was perfect. I didn’t need to adjust everything so that was good. I also like that I can see who viewed my tweets (I think you mentioned that in your other posts, but I just noticed it today! Finally, I’m loving that we can add pics and I want to use that feature more. One thing I need to do is check how it appears on mobile. As I never use Twitter on mobile, I’ve not checked. You certainly reminded me that I need to do that. Thanks. 🙂

    Good stuff on Twitter as so many people don’t understand it. Thanks for the updates.


    • Hi Barbara, that is great that you didn’t need to adjust anything. I had to for my InspiretoThrive handle account yesterday. Oh yes the mobile version is key too. So many access Twitter via their mobile devices. I know I do daily. You are welcome Barbara and have a wonderful day and weekend ahead. It’s almost here!

  • Hey Lisa,
    I had no idea Twitter made so many changes. I’ll definitely have to play around with some of these. One thing I did notice is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete the private messages. At least I haven’t figured out how. lol so it doesn’t mean one can’t. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Have a good one, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, Are you trying to delete on mobile or desktop? Next to each message should be a garbage can icon that you can hit and answer yes to delete. Let me know if you don’t find it. Thanks for coming by and have a great day and weekend ahead Lisa.

      • Hi Lisa,
        I use to have a trash can, but it disappeared a while back, I don’t remember exactly when. I’m looking on my MAC and my phone and there’s no trash can. It’s bizarre.

        • Lisa, on the Twitter app (mobile) go to message and then top right hand corner, should be drop down with delete option. Let me know 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,
    I have switched to the new timeline profile on both accounts. I like the look and feel of the new layout. It feels more natural, more intuitive. I don’t plan to tag people in photos, but I am happy to share them.

    Have a wonderful week!

  • Lisa, I haven’t yet got the mail. However I do love this changes twitter is bringing up. And so great of you informing us. Really love this and I can see twitter is giving facebook a run for their money. Hopefully this will convert some diehard facebook addicts into twitter addicts

    • Hi Peter, really? I wonder if they haven’t finished emailing everyone. I’m thinking the same thing. So many use Facebook only and think of Twitter as a foreign language – maybe this will convince them to come back and give it another try. Thanks for coming by Peter and have a great day.

  • Hey Lisa,

    It seems like each social media site are still to look very similar to each other by using a lot of the same features. I’m more of a twitter mobile yes because for me it works better. But the new twitter profile layout looks like it’s going to give your profile a little more life into it. Thanks for sharing Lisa. Have a great week!

    • Hi Sherman, yes, they do look more alike now, don’t they? I’m thinking more people may use Twitter because it feels more like Facebook. You are welcome and have a great week yourself Sherman.

  • Hi Lisa, I do like the new profile page, but you’re right, I was surprised to see how my profile picture looked on mobile. It’s difficult if you have words in your image to line them up for all of the different mobile devices.

    You did a great job of covering all of the changes. We have a lot more choices now so we should take advantage of them for the best Twitter experience!

    • Hi Carolyn, yes, those words surely do get in the way. I almost eliminated them. I do like the choices available now to us. I hope more folks will use Twitter as many think it looks more like Facebook. Maybe those Facebook only users will feel more comfortable on Twitter. Thanks for coming by and have a great day Carolyn.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I got the email finally but I was leaving town and trying to get caught up so I still haven’t had time to both with my image.

    People still view Twitter via their mobile device and don’t use some type of app? Granted I’m not a bit Twitter mobile user myself but I do prefer to make it a lot easier when I do so I have Tweetcaster.

    I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to mess with my image and thanks for the other scoop. I wasn’t aware of the feature images either but Carolyn did share with us about the tagging and how to set our profile. Mine was already set like that so that was nice to see. I surprised myself at times! 😉

    Thanks Lisa for the update and hope you enjoy your week.


    • Hi Adrienne, I hope you had a great time out of town. I’ve been behind on emails and blogs as I’ve been down with a bug a few days. The Twitter app is mobile. And it does look a lot difference than a desktop. I still have to do mine for the @InspiretoThrive handle. Hopefully this weekend too if I can shake this bug. I really like the favorite tweet that stays at the top of your profile too. Thank you for coming by Adrienne and enjoy the rest of your week there.

  • I have to say that I love the new Twitter profile layout, it’s certainly cleaner than the old one and easier to find things, although my only gripe about it is when you do design the new header for it, it does not bode well on the Twitter App!

    It’s certainly better to use and navigate, Twitter have certainly proven that by making this change that they are still on the ball when it comes to keeping us using Twitter, by giving us a rather nice interface 😉

    • Hi Karen, I did not at first but I’m getting used to it and starting to really like it. I hope to see more folks from Facebook now using Twitter with these updates. They may feel like it’s easier to use now. Thanks for coming by Karen and have a great day.

      • I’m seeing a lot of my friends moving over to and using Twitter from Facebook, they seem to think that it is now so much easier and is such better than Facebook, funny how a little bit of graphical jiggery pokery can change people minds 😉 lol

  • Hi there Lisa!

    The time my Twitter profile was updated, I was like stunned that now, it looks neat and pretty. Like you, I gave it a test, scroll up and down, clicking the favorites, followers, following and even tried pinning a post.

    This is a great introduction or a review of the newly updated Twitter.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com where this post was found.

  • Hi Lisa

    I’ve not had a chance to look at changing my Twitter profile yet. My computer, which was on its last legs, decided to give up the will to continue yesterday.

    So, I’m on my wife’s work laptop until my new computer arrives in a few days.

    All of my images etc are saved in the cloud so I can’t really access them too well until I get the new computer.

    I like the sound of quite a few of the updates. I reckon I’d probably set and forget the featured Tweet. That wouldn’t be a good one for me!

    I’m not so keen on the tagging on Facebook so I might avoid that one as well.

    Great to hear about all of the updates though. I must get around to doing something about them soon!

    • Hi Tim, oh no, computerless? You can’t access the cloud from someone else’s PC? interesting….I know – that is my fear too Tim, set it and forget it. Good luck with the new laptop, I hope it’s not too challenging to set up and learn. I think most are Windows8 now and I heard it takes getting used to. Thanks for coming by Tim.

  • I too haven’t update the new profile as I love the former one. The reason is I think the loading time of new profile is somehow slow or I’m only the one who think it is.

    But I think all the profile will be changed to new one.


    • Hi Vicky,oh yes with more changes the speed is a little slower I’ve noticed but not by much. I believe Twitter will probably change them all automatically at some point. That’s how the usually roll out the changes on all social media sites. They give you option to make them and then eventually do it for you if you don’t. I still have to do my @inspiretothrive handle soon as well. Thanks for coming by Vicky and have a nice day.

  • Hey Lisa,
    This new look of twitter is really seems better than the previous one and new features offered by twitter also seems interesting. I haven’t updated my twitter account but after reading this post, the first thing I am gonna do today is to update my profile. Thanks for sharing this information with us. You always help me to keep update.

    • Hi Sudipto, I didn’t like it at first, it looked too much like Facebook but I’m starting to like it more now. You are welcome and let me know when you have finished it so I can check it out.

  • I’m going to give Twitter a bit more time (an extra hour per week) to see if the changes I made in the large header and the use of hashtags in my description increase my engagment? I’m hoping these edits make a difference, not sure yet?

    • Hi Neil, hashtags should help. Also be sure to check on your favorite tweet. How long have you been using Twitter Neil? Do you try to engage with others first too?

  • I have updated my Twitter account in a long time but now with some of the new interesting options I think I will take another look at it. Who doesn’t like anything to be more fun to use. Thanks for the info

    • You are welcome Arleen. I hope you do enjoy creating your new profile for Twitter. I love some of the new options like Favorite tweet. Thanks for coming by and have a great new week!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for keeping me posted. I did change my profile pic. But I do need to put more juice into it. I was playing around with curiosity. I see that there is so much more I can do now with it.

    When it comes to Twitter, I need all the help I can get. It is a powerful tool, but I somehow don’t jive with it well. I have to train my brain some more to get into the action there.

    This really helped me so much, thank you.


    • Hi Donna, I love your new profile pic! I was hoping to get mine this weekend but I ended up sick instead – now I’m really behind. I’m glad you found this post helpful and good luck with it. Let me know if you need any help or have questions 🙂 I do use Photoshop if you need something Donna.

  • The new updates have been promising. The new profile layout is something that I really loved playing around with. I tried some good photos to be used as the header picture and finally settled down with a cool one!

    Well, after updating to the new look, I haven’t accessed the profile using a mobile device. Will have to look into it and see if more editing needs to be done.

    The new privacy settings is also something that I haven’t given look into. Thanks for describing the new privacy settings specs too! 🙂

    I found the link to this post on Kingged.


    • Hi Arun, yes, it was hard for me to pick and choose which image but once I realized how they looked on different devices it got a little easier. Do check yours in mobile too. Those privacy setting are surely important too especially if you don’t like being tagged in photos by unknown users. Thanks for sharing and have a great day Arun.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Twitter has been transformed in a good way but don’t you think it is somehow similar to Facebook? I mean the same kind of cover only the name has changed from Facebook cover to header. But still Twitter has brought many other changes like to ping any post which we want to highlight. I have changed my profile from old to new one.
    But somehow Twitter users are going to like these new changes.
    Thanks for the awareness about Twitter’s new appearance.
    Have a great weekend.


    • Hi Ravi, oh yes it is similar to Facebook in the look. It just doesn’t work like Facebook and I’m glad of that 🙂 I think most will like the new changes too and now I’m wondering if more people will join Twitter from Facebook if they think it is similar in use as in look. Have a great weekend too Ravi.

  • Hi Lisa!

    This is awesome! I just changed it to the new format. I first heard about this new update last week. I wasn’t sure if it was getting rolled out and if we were going to be forced upon to use it. But nonetheless, I just changed it following your step by step instructions. Thank you for that.

    Also, I’m already digging this new format. It’s a lot easier for me to work with. Love the new layout! What’s great about this is that it’s just like Facebook! Lol!

    • Hi Nate, you are welcome, glad you were able to follow it all to create your new profile. I like the new look and the largest size texts as Ryan pointed out too on the Twitter feed. I wonder if more people from Facebook will jump into Twitter now if they think it is similar? Thanks for coming by Nate and have a super weekend.

  • Super key note on mobile Lisa. Things may look different on my Android Tablet compared to my laptop. Love the new profile page though; it looks similar to Facebook and I also dig the large text-based tweets on your profile page. Twitter is getting it right after using itself, and Facebook, as a test dummy 😉

    I’ll share this post on Kingged(dot)com now….thanks for the keen insights!

    • Hi Ryan, oh yes the different ways to access Twitter mean different ways to see our profiles. I like the larger text tweets too, easier on the eyes! Thanks for the shares Ryan and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

  • The facelift from Twitter is quite cool, Lisa. Though I’ve not taken advantage of it yet (my graphic artist is on honeymoon), it’s something I would really love to switch to. From the screen shots you have here, it appears better than the old version too – and a little ‘Facebookish’.


    • Hi Akaahan, yes, I am liking it more each day. It sure is a little ‘Facebookish’. Lucky you to have a graphic artist help you out with the new profile once back from their honeymoon. Now you have more things to ask for with it – do have yourself a great weekend.

      • Strangely, Lisa, its that feel of Facebook that makes me endeared to it…it just like you haven’t changed social networks!


  • Hi Lisa,

    Yes, I received that email yesterday as well and I have made a test image update with a photo I took through my camera.

    I am yet to decide what to use that space for and what kind of cover image is best for such space 🙂

    But yes, Twitter changes are exciting! Thank you for sharing about these.

    By the way, your cover image looks great although I think you are also doing R&D so far 🙂


    • Hi Kumar, it can be hard to decide which images to use. You are welcome. LOL, you got that right I was doing the R&D. Thanks, I just had to know how it all worked and looked. Have yourself a great weekend Kumar.

  • Hi Ms. Lisa
    I hope you are well.

    I also received the email from Twitter announcing the changes.
    When I attempted to change it on my IPad, the notified me that it is not for those type of devices.

    So I will try again.
    But thank you for alerting us with new that Twitter has for us.

    Have a great weekend

    • Gladys, that is interesting. I wonder if others had the same issue when they tried to change their Twitter profiles with their iPad? Do let me know what you find out. Thanks for the input and have a great weekend too.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the 411 on the twitter updates. I seems like they really took the time to cater to their user’s needs. I like how we can play with our profiles more and like you I like the favorite Tweet or pinned tweet option too.

    I saw an email from them too and it popped up when I logged into Twitter. Looks like I’m going to be a busy little bee this weekend.

    Thanks again for sharing these updates with us. Definitely passing this along! Happy Friday Lisa. Any plans this weekend?

    • You are welcome Corina. That is my fav as well the pinned or fav tweet as they call it. I think you will enjoy creating your new profile Corina. I hope you spend some time offline as well. I’m hoping to start a painting project soon and off to the visit the folks.

  • All mine have been updated already and I love it! The larger profile pics and the way your Followers show up is awesome imo. I have to say, so far I love all the upgrades Twitter is doing. I just hope they don’t “over” do it.

    Happy Friday my friend! Love the post!

    • Hi Bren, I know how much you love changing things up Bren so I imagine you did it asap. I hadn’t noticed yours yet – I will have to check them out. Thanks Bren and have a great weekend, it’s finally here!

  • I’ve recently switched to the different Twitter layout.

    I actually like it more than the old version. There are more ways for a reader to interact with your profile.

    I especially like the ‘pinned’ tweet option. Its sort of like a ‘mission statement’ for your twitter account.

    • Hi Katherine – yes I like that term you use “mission statement” for your Twitter account. Good one. I’m starting to like it better myself, it takes a little getting used to. Thanks for coming by Katherine and have yourself a nice weekend.

  • I guess the twitter update is trending now. Its really similar to facebook and I really love the new look of twitter which is elegant too.

    I guess everyone is very happy with the new change.

    • Hi Samir, I think most are happy with the new changes on Twitter. The only one that may not make everyone happy is the tagging feature but they can change their privacy settings if they don’t want to be tagged there. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend Samir.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Oh yes…I received their email this morning but haven’t yet had the chance to do up my Twitter profile as I’m just busy ending an interesting interview to put on on my blog later today, but it’s certainly on my to-do list, perhaps this weekend 🙂

    I remember even Carolyn had come up with a post about the tagging feature and how we can change those settings – I’d surely not liked to be tagged by strangers at least – Facebook is enough for that! I think I love the pinning feature that’s just introduced this time, and I’m sure it would be an interesting one, or perhaps I love Pinterest so the name is what I loved most of all. Yes, we need to make sure we keep changing that or it becomes stale as you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing lots of information here, which I’d surely be sharing further. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena, oh yes, weekends are good for catching up on stuff like this aren’t they? I know the tagging can be great in one way and not so great once the spammers start to use it too. The pin or favorite feature is really awesome. We just have to remember to always double check what we have there so it doesn’t become old fast. You are welcome and good luck with updating your profile. I’ll have to check it out once you do Harleena. Enjoy the weekend too!

    • Thanks for the mention, Harleena. Yes, Twitter allowed its users to change their privacy settings for photo tagging even before users were able to tag, but you had to know to change the settings. With all of the changes Lisa covered today, it’s important to stay on top of the news!

      • Absolutely Carolyn! That’s the first thing I did when I read your post – changed my setting too so that I am not tagged by strangers at least!

        Thanks for letting us know what to do 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    Twitter did some brilliant work by introducing number of options or features. These certainly going to make twitter more interesting and fun to use. I’m going to update my twitter profile now. 😉

    • Hi Pankaj, I do like some of the new options they are offering. Good luck with updating your profile, let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for coming by Inspire to Thrive!

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