Twitter Eggheads Are No Longer Egghead Profiles

Twitter Eggheads Are Gone Now

Twitter EggheadsTwitter has now eliminated those pesky Twitter eggheads. You know those egghead profiles that drove you crazy every now and then on Twitter? They tweeted to you either trying to get you to click on a link or to tweet out spam? (You are able to mute them right off of your Twitter stream. Twitter had added this feature recently to leverage their technology to reduce abusive content.) Won’t it be wonderful not to see those eggheads in your Twitter stream? But that’s not all now. 

New Twitter Profiles Are Here!

The new Twitter profiles have a new look. They look more like a resemblance Twitter profilesof a human. They remind me of those old machines that drew your facial silhouette. Twitter believes this will help users want to use their own photo or logo instead of this new generic Twitter profile. So those Twitter eggheads are now gone! These are no longer available on Twitter unless you want to make your own unique egghead as your Twitter profile.

Why Did Twitter Eggheads Exist?

Twitter had set up Twitter profiles with Eggheads. It was their basic Twitter profile when you signed up on Twitter. Many new users did not want to show their faces as they are trying to learn the Twitter network. They aren’t quite sure how to tweet yet. They are the ones that don’t realize that they can appear as spammers to the more experienced peeps on the Twitter network. It is easy to change the egghead profile into an image, photo or logo. The Twitter profiles are a square 400×400 pixel size.

I wrote an article about Twitter spam 5 years ago and I was so happy to see weTwitter spam can NOW mute these eggheads. There are not as many as they were back 5 years ago when I could have used a fly swatter to swat them away. They were becoming so annoying! Back then and even today we can block them.

4 Ways To Handle Twitter Trolls

You can report these trolls to Twitter to shut their accounts down. The option is there when you click on their profile under the follow button. You can mute, block, report or ignore. If it’s a really bad troll I’d block or report them to Twitter. When you are unsure just mute or block them. If that doesn’t work then I would report them to Twitter. I would not at first report them, I like to give everyone a chance first.

What motivates others to create spam on networks like Twitter? Usually it is to make money or create backlinks to their websites. Some spammers could be more vicious and cause users to getting computer viruses. Others are trying to get you to look at porn sites. These types of Twitter users felt they could easily hide behind the Twitter eggheads.

See the tweet below to see how to have more control of your Twitter account to mute those Twitter eggheads or to mute the new Twitter profile accounts now.

What Else Is Twitter Doing To Prevent Abuse?

Twitter is allowing more muting functions available – You could mute everyone that you don’t follow but I would not recommend it. Why be there if you are not participating right? Besides you can use your Twitter lists more and that will also cut back on the noise and keep you focused on Twitter. I would use muting on a limited basis.

Twitter will now notify you when you they have checked into your reports of spam and blocked users. It will be visible in your notifications tap. They are trying to make it a better experience for all of us on Twitter. They say they are listening to our suggestions. So don’t be afraid to tweet them with yours. (@Support)

Twitter says all these new updates could take days and weeks to accomplish. These changes have to be done on many platforms and in many languages. Twitter tends to do rollouts whenever they make changes. So if you can’t do them yet, check back in a week and try again.

Hiding Twitter Profiles

Twitter is now testing hiding some sensitive Twitter profiles. Twitter did introduce a new function to remove potentially sensitive tweets too. You will not know unless someone tells you that you are being hidden. Maybe that should change? I think it may be better if they would let users know and give them a chance to respond to the allegations of having sensitive material. If they don’t respond in a timely manner I would tend to agree with Twitter.

You may adjust this in your Twitter settings if you want to see sensitive material or not in your tweets. It’s at the very bottom of your Twitter settings.

Twitter Safety

Searching on Twitter Safely

You can also adjust your search results in Twitter to not show sensitive content or blocked accounts or those that you have muted. This is a great way to set your children’s Twitter accounts up. It will prevent them from such sensitive content on the network. You can do this in their settings and filters.

Of course there has always been a Twitter Jail. You could land there if you follow or unfollow too many people on Twitter too quickly or use automated systems that go behind their follow ratio guidelines. Your account would get suspended for up to 48 hours. Twitter has had over 30 rules so it’s wise to pay attention when Twitter makes updates that could impact you or your business.

Customer Service Updates On Twitter

Companies on Twitter can now apply to Twitter to have their employee’s image come up when direct messages are going back and forth on Twitter for customer service inquiries. This makes the Twitter users feel better about communicating on Twitter. They can see a human being behind the account. If you are interested you may apply here.  This is in beta and is being rolled out as well. I’ve had great success in the past with airlines using Twitter for customer service. I didn’t see a face but got my issues resolved very quickly.

Twitter profilesAre you happy to see these new Twitter profile changes? Are you have to see the Twitter eggheads gone for good?

Or are you worried about too much censoring on the Twitter network?

Please leave a comment below so we can discuss it.

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The Egghead image above is ia via Rakratchada Torsap.

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  • Hi Lisa,

    I am actually very new to Twitter. I’ve been using it for about 3 months and am still learning new things everyday.

    I had no clue what Twitter eggheads were. I really can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to add their image to their profile. I never follow someone who doesn’t show their actual image.

    Never heard of Twitter Jail, but then I am not one of these users who is constantly following and unfollowing people. I would rather gain followers who are truly interested in what I’ve got to say.

    I am going to bookmark this blog post so I can refer back to it as I continue learning more about using Twitter. Thanks for sharing this information, I am sure that it is going to help a lot of people get a better grasp of Twitter.


    • Hi Susan. Oh yes, it does take time to learn how to use Twitter. Many spammers used the eggheads, we will see if they like the silhouette’s or not.
      Actually there is a Twitter jail. There is a special ratio of how many you can follow until after you reach around 3,000 followers.
      I do continue to update this blog on Twitter. Sign up for the email (top of site) and you will get my eBook too – FREE.
      What other things are you still trying to do on Twitter?

      I will be updating the eBook soon too. Thanks for coming by Susan.

  • Hello Lisa,
    I am somewhat new to Twitter although my account has been around for 7 years. I am trying to get more acquainted with how to use it and your article is helpful. I did find those eggheads annoying so I’m glad they are gone. If you are gonna be on social media you should show your face. Thanks for the information.

  • So glad to be able to mute the egg heads. Would be nice to be able to block all of the fake accounts with 0 tweets from following, but I guess that is just a dream…

    • Hi Andrew, me too! Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. What you can do is use Twitter lists more. Just follow lists vs. your main stream. Saves time and organizes for you 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend.

      • Thanks Lisa! I am just learning how to use Twitter lists. I guess this is as good a reason as any to learn! Just found your blog and I’m really enjoying it.

        • Thank you Andrew, it’s a great Twitter tip to learn. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog Andrew 🙂 Appreciate that.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Good tips here.

    I personally dislike the eggheads on Twitter. Put a picture up and stop hiding behind an egg.

    It’s been a little while since I’ve been on Twitter so I didn’t know about the muting uption, but thank goodness it’s there. I wonder what would constitute as sensetive information? And if there is, why put it up there?

    • Hi Andrew, thank you. LOL, I know right? The only ones I connect with are the ones I know who just start out on Twitter. And believe me, I do let them know about being an egghead 🙂 You are missing out if you haven’t been on Twitter Andrew…..some people don’t understand that word – sensitive. (or just don’t care!) Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week Andrew.

  • Hi Lisa, some great tips here, I don’t really do Twitter. It just doesn’t float my boat, and I dislike spammy anythings and I find a lot of that on Twitter. Maybe it’s because it’s so brief.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Mandy, thank you. I think you need to give Twitter another try. If you used Lists you will find a lot less spam and maybe it would slow your experience down. I hiope you give it another shot! There is much less spam today than there was a few years ago too Mandy. Have a great day.

  • Hey Lisa,
    Great option of muting eggheads as they are really unknown, I also agree with gaurav as blocking is also one of the option to stay uninterrupted., but your mute option is really new to me as.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for always keeping us updated with the latest on social media. And thank you for showing us how to must those eggheads! I love that Twitter is giving us more features like this.

    I have some eggheads following my but I haven’t blocked them. They haven’t done anything or tried to reach out so I’m going to assume they like my tweets. 😉

    Great post as always Lisa! Have a great week!


    • Hi Cori, You are welcome. It’s hard sometimes to decide whether to block them or not when they haven’t done anything, right? It’s similiar to getting comments when you are not sure if they are spam, you have to hit delete but yet….at times you must. Thanks for coming by once again Cori. I hope your mom and family are doing well. Have a great rest of the week.

  • Hello Lisa,
    yes mute option is good for ignoring eggheads or else we can simply block them to whom we dont want to get indulge on twitter as we are not sure about their identity, But thanks for the suggestion.

  • Lisa: I am all for Twitter’s safety measures. Now it is time for Twitter to do something about the follow limit rule, hindering serious tweeps like me to increase the number of followers now and then. 😉

  • Hey Lisa,

    Really amazing stuff. Most of time we see commonly people hide their face but I didn’t understand if they need to develop their brand infront of world – why they hide? From my opinion, I didn’t follow those person who doesn’t have virtual face, it can be annoying moment for everybody including Twitter itself. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this subject.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar, thank you. I think some are on Twitter to learn or stay abreast of news.
      But if they are on for business or networking they really need their photo or logo.
      Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day Amar.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I love the look of your blog. So clean and clear. Well done 😉

    Good news on breaking a few of these eggheads. As Donna said, fit for scrambling. Because 99% of eggheads are not using Twitter right, anyway. 1 in a 100 will want to share value and build friendships. Most hide away for a good reason.


    • Hi Ryan, thank you, thank you. I hired out as it would have taken me probably months to do on my own. I was so happy to read about this new feature Twitter is rolling out. I still see those eggheads every now and then. I appreciate you coming by Ryan and have a great weekend ahead.

  • Hi Lisa,

    My goodness…now I have a way to get rid of those egg heads and scramble them lol.

    I didn’t know I could go to Twitter jail for deleting too many people in a short time. Great to know because sometimes when I want to clean things up, I do it all at once. Thanks for that tid bit of a learning curve too!


    • Hi Donna, yes, isn’t that awesome? Oh yes, there is a Twitter jail – you don’t want to end up there for sure! Thanks for coming by Donna and I hope you are enjoying the snow you got. We didn’t get as much as they had forecasted here. Enjoy the rest of your week Donna.

    • Hi Donna, yes, isn’t that awesome? Oh yes, there is a Twitter jail – you don’t want to end up there for sure! Thanks for coming by Donna and I hope you are enjoying the snow you got. We didn’t get as much as they had forecasted here. Enjoy the rest of your week Donna.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Having an egghead picture directly points towards the spam.

    Though the beginners are afraid to show their faces. They should understand that to build a personal brand need your identity to get revealed.

    Those eggheads can be annoying. Someone follows you and you keep thinking whether to follow or not.

    Thanks for exploring it.


    • Hi Ravi, oh yes, most people now associate those eggheads with spam. I rarely ever follow an egghead unless I know it’s a friend just starting out on Twitter. And then of course I bug them to get an image or photo up there asap. Thanks for coming by Ravi and enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Hi Lisa,

    usually I don’t follow any eggheads besides one or two exceptions. Don’t know why those never put an avatar up anyway.
    However, as an egghead is typically one of the indicators for a spam account, I also unfollow those who deleted their profile pic after I followed them during a follow/unfollow sessions.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with everything Twitter.

    Have an exciting weekend,

    • Hi Torsten, I know, I always wonder that too Torsten. But I think newbies are afraid of showing their faces until they learn how to tweet. I am always suspicious too when I see those eggheads around. Moreso when they tweet me links. Thanks for coming by Torsten and have a great rest of the weekend.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Love finding out new things about Twitter. I don’t care for muting. When I get Eggheads tweeting me or following me, I instantly BLOCK them. They are up to no good and I don’t have time to be bothered. I do, however, like the update to the sensitive tweets. Some of those “adult” profile images and other “images” I like to keep out of my stream. That will be a definite plus!

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    By the way, not sure if it’s just me but the comment box is very tiny and on the left quarter of the screen. Is it supposed to be like that?


    • Hi Brenda, thanks, me too! LOL, you are funny but you make a good point about our valuable time. I like to give people a chance before blocking but usually only 1 chance on a thing llike that. Yes, I love that ability to screen those sensitive images and tweets. You are welcome.
      I looked at my comments like I was going to myself on mobile and desktop and did not see it small. What were you using at that time? Thanks Brenda. Have a super Sunday.

      • I was using Chrome. I think it was fine in mobile before when I commented. Weird. I’ll have to watch again for it.

  • Hi Lisa,
    A very interesting read – I did not know that all of these changes were afoot. Seems like a step in the right direction as long as the filters are accurate. Thanks for letting us know!

    • Hi Neena, thank you. I read about the eggheads but then I did more research and found many more things that Twitter is looking to do. They always roll them out in stages. It also appears that they are looking for our feedback too 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great rest the weekend Neena.

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