Tweets For Twitter That Can Really Make You Smile

 Tweets for Twitter That Make You Smile

Tweets for Twitter – Do you ever notice that they are some tweets for Twitter that just make you smile? And others around you must wonder when you are looking at your mobile phone or at your desk just smiling at the computer? Peeps only have 140 characters to get a point across or engage with others so using them to make someone smile is not always an easy task.

Tweets that make you smile

Tweets to Make You Smile

Some may wonder – what is that all about? It could be something funny someone shared or their good news of the day or something that maybe you inspired someone to do and they succeeded. Gotta loves those tweets that make you smile! Of course every now and then you read sad news via Twitter too – usually a famous person that has passed away or about a major devastating earthquake or event. So let’s really cherish those happy tweets and give them a star favorite too!

Nice to know a post inspired someone into action and may help them along their online journey. 

 Who doesn’t like someone that enjoys their post from their blog? Maybe we should all compliment others more often.  Made me think. How often do we give compliments?

Compliments, sometimes enough to make you blush too.

Wow, so happy for someone who can overcome cancer or any major health issue.

Cleverness in 140 characters or less are fun!

Which of the tweets made you smile the most? I think the one with my friend finding out she’s cancer free would be my favorite. Without your health you cannot do anything and we usually don’t realize it until we don’t have it.

Do you star favorite your favorite tweets of the day?



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