Tweets And More From The Tweet Seat Show

The Tweets from the Tweet Seats



It was a terrific performance at the PPACRI for Memphis’s opening night. The crowd really enjoyed the show. The tweet seat ticket holders even got to see Sue Frost, the producer who is originally from Rhode Island, speak about her journey into making Memphis a hit prior to the show opening. She was so inspiring telling her story of her humble beginnings in the business to the production of Memphis and what’s next for her company.

Here are some of the highlight tweets from the event:

What Were The Tweet Seat Guidelines?

  • Refrain from using inappropriate language in your tweets.
  • No photography is allow during the show.
  • Do not reveal major elements of the show in your tweets.

That was it for the tweet guidelines. Nice and simple. The hope was to inspire others to come to the show. We sure were inspired in our seats watching this performance from the start right to the end.

Advice For You At Tweet Seats

Gadgets – Have your devices all charged up – My Droid started to act up and I switched to my Galaxy tablet, thank goodness I had it all charged and ready to go so the tweets could flow!

Light – Make sure you can see in the dark, it was dark at the show and the only light was from our phones or tablets. I did use the flashlight on phone for tablet for a short while.

Spelling – Have all the spelling ready for characters, titles etc so you can tweet faster and keep up beforehand.

Knowledge – Gather some facts or tidbets prior in case you need them for your tweets.

Listen – Very important to listen well so you can find things to tweet about here and there.


Memphis was based on a true story and a 4 time Tony® Award winning show. The story takes place in the 1950’s where a white DJ falls in love with everything he shouldn’t – like rock’n roll and a black singer. If you love musicals, a love story, humor and inspiration, then Memphis is a show to see!

Have you seen Memphis before and will you look for tweet seats? Any other advice you can offer for future tweet seaters?


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