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Learn To Tweet eBook

 Learn to Tweet Better –  Learn How to Tweet & Thrive on Twitter

 Available on Amazon!

This updated eBook is 33 pages and is formatted for your Amazon kindle. (Published March 26, 2020.)

It is priced at $7.99 and the paperback is available for $12.99.

(I’d love reviews on Amazon for this book as you may know how important they are for authors, thank you in advance.)

Get the latest updates on the Twitter social network like scheduling on Twitter and emojis in DM reactions.

Learn to tweet more efficiently, engage with others, gain more followers, meet new people, generate leads and make sales.

Small businesses can do more customer service via this social network very quickly today. Some say Twitter is dead, but no, it’s alive and well today. Learn why and how to use it to the max.

11 Chapters full of tips and tricks how you can better use Twitter today!

  1. Setting Up Your Twitter Account – Profile Pictures, Bio and Pinned Tweet.
  2. Getting Twitter Followers – Organically.
  3. Get Ready To Tweet!
  4. The Basics of Tweeting.
  5. Trends, Lists, Muting and Jail Time. Learn from my suspensions!
  6. Watching Out For Spammers on Twitter.
  7. Other Ways to Get More Activity on Twitter.
  8. Twitter Automation – When to use and when not to use it.
  9. Mobile Apps for Twitter – How to use the new layout on mobile.
  10. Tagging Others.
  11. Privacy Settings – how to adjust them and why.
  12. Twitter Analytics – Why you need to check them monthly.
  13. Why Twitter Today? It is still a great social network to be on for your business especially if you have a blog and are generating content.

More on the Book

Only $7.99 on Amazon – Easy to download onto your Kindle and read today! Easy to read format – over 6,800 words helping you to tweet better today. Or purchase a paperback edition for $12.99.

Learn how you can automate some of your tweets and when you should not. The new eBook will update why you may not want to automate on Twitter anymore.

Learn how to read your Twitter analytics to improve your engagement and shares on the powerful network.

Check out the review on Mitch Mitchell’s blog today on my previous eBook version!


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