Triberr Quick Tips to Get Your Blog Traffic Going

Triberr Quick Tips to Charge Your Blog’s Traffic

Recently I did a guest post on Triberr vs. JustRetweet. I learned from the comments that many people seem to find Triberr confusing and hard to navigate. I decided to do a Slideshare to help those bloggers find some Triberr quick tips so they too can gain more blog traffic as I have over the past several months. It takes time and patience. I know, you may not have a lot of that right?

Triberr quick tips


Triberr Changes

A while back I did a piece on Triberr but a so much has changed on Triberr since then. For instance, you no longer need “bones” to get into more tribes.

  • One of the Triberr quick tips is Commenting – You just need to leave 3 comments on a tribe’s posts. You then wait for an invite from the Tribe’s chief. No more paying for bones or waiting for bones to be added up.
  • You can also share posts on Triberr not only via Twitter but Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Stumble Upon.
  • Triberr Prime Lite – I received an email on this new premium Triberr feature – for $10/month you can  create up to 7 tribes, increase your tribal size from 30 to 50,  connect up to 4 blogs to your Triberr account (only 3 now), import up to 28 posts per week, have up to 120 posts in your cue, ability to set 25 tribemates on auto, Automatic Tribe where only YOUR content gets shared. This is on my wish list 🙂


Triberr Commments

You can now have Triberr commenting on your blog. I learned this Triberr quick tip from Gina the other day via Twitter. I had left a comment on her blog and noticed she had the Triberr commenting system installed

If you are using the Triberr plug-in I’d love to know how that is working. I really love my CommentLuv premium so I don’t see myself switching yet.

What else would you add to Triberr quick tips for us to learn today?

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