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Technology and Social Media

Techology and Social Media updates. Thursday brings a little of this and that to this blog.
If you have wondered about the Facebook Timelines and noticed that not all the profiles are completed yet – there is an update on it. Facebook is offering an extended opt in for it before will be in the Timeline format.  According to the Facebook update it will be live in a few weeks for all users. So work on your timeline and have it up the way you want it to look before it’s put there by Facebook.

Technology and social media

More Technology and Social Media Tools

Would you like to know how many emails you dealt with over this past year? How about how many you replied to and how quickly you responded to emails? There is an app for that too.

According to tout, tout is an email productivity tool that helps you template and track your repetitive, one-to-one emails. Their software does not support sending mass emails to a large list of people. Their solution allows you to create your own text templates, quickly personalize and send them from anywhere on the web, and track what happens to that email. All email is sent from your address, so replies come directly to your inbox. Tout can analyze your gmail account and give you a complete summary for 2011.  It may take a while to process as there may be a lot of data for it to process. Would you want to know how many emails you sent that were replied to?Everyday I like to learn something new and today it was itweetlive.  You do not need to sign up for an account  (love that! I have sign-up fatigue) You just  log in via your Twitter account – simple!

You can send out tweets live on itweetlive  and filter the tweets via keywords or status.   It can be quicker than being live on Twitter itself.  It is a targeted way of Tweeting. You can watch one of there video’s here:

As I was on this site their service sent me a tweet and I tweeted a question – love that quick service! When you que up responses to tweets in itweetlive – they space them out for you so you don’t have several tweets going out at once – Nice feature! Similar to the buffer (One of my favorites!)

What else have you learned recently on social media or technology to keep up?

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