They Like Me!

They Like Me, Really?

Please welcome Arlett from Chasing Joy today!

It is always such an honor when someone invites you to do a guest post on their blog.  It means, They Like Me! They Like Me! 🙂  It also means that they get the message, theme or vibe of your blog and want a little of that on their blog too.  After the initial excitement over the invite the worry sets in. What if I write a crappy post?  Its one thing if I write a bad one on my own blog but a bad one on someone else’s blog would be so much worse.  This is the range of emotions and thoughts that came over me after Lisa invited me to do a guest post here on Inspire to Thrive.

They Like Me

I decided to stick with my initial feeling of They Like Me and trust that Lisa knew what she was getting into when she asked me to do the post.  While I had about 3 different ideas for new posts on my own blog, Chasing Joy, I did not have a clue what to write about for Inspire to Thrive.  And then I realized it.  I was way over thinking it.  I did not need some sort of catchy, funny, tech and or social media savvy topic for Inspire to Thrive.  I simply needed to write about how I Inspire to Thrive.

According to my good old friends Merriam and Webster the word inspire means to spur on, motivate, to draw forth, or bring about.  They define the word thrive as to grow vigorously, flourish, or prosper.  So my litmus test for being qualified for this guest post is to answer the following: Do I spur on, motivate, draw forth or bring about growth, prosperity, or in any way encourage myself or others to flourish???

Yes, Yes, Yes, I do all that.  I Inspire to Thrive.

A couple years ago I was in a really dark place; a place so dark that I could not find my own self.  I knew I had to turn on the light within me so that I could see my way back to being my old happy self again.  I needed to turn that cast that light over my fears, insecurities, sadness, loneliness, boredom, and everything else that was casting shadows on me.  I needed to motivate, spur on, draw forth, bring about and in other words, inspire myself to grow, flourish, prosper, and Thrive.  I needed to stop being paralyzed and start Chasing Joy.

Every day I make a decision to live a happy and prosperous life.  Every day I commit to Chasing Joy.  Every day things happen to threaten or challenge that decision, that commitment.  Every day I choose rise to the challenge, face the threat and focus on those things, people, activities, and spiritual practices that inspire me to thrive.

When you write something down you make it real.  Feeling off, unhappy, sad, and even depressed all happen in my head.  But overcoming these emotional lows happens on my blog.  Chasing Joy has become a public commitment of my decision to Inspire to Thrive in happiness.  As people have read my blog and were inspired to also Chase Joy, they in turn inspire me to keep it up and never let Joy out of my sights again.

Lisa Inspires to Thrive by helping us to thrive with social media, blogging & SEO.  I Inspire to Thrive by Chasing Joy.   How do you Inspire to Thrive?  Who or what has Inspired you to Thrive?

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