The Slowing Down Blogging and Social Media Experiment

Slowing Down the Blogging and Social Media for a Week

blogging and social media

The Week That Was

As the week is over from the time I really tried to slow down the blogging and social media experiment I wonder, how much did I really slow down? I definitely did not comment on other blogs as often as I do. I did read some and comment on a few. On the social media side, I did not slow down as we had a weather event locally and weather is a favorite topic of mine. Sadly it was a catastrophic weather event for many. I was glued to the Weather Channel for days. I had posted a lot of pictures on Facebook for my family and friends especially for those out of state. And of course over on Twitter. I felt like I had my own personal weatherman from the weather channel who was kind enough to answer my few tweets on the storm here. Thanks Eric!


So what were some of the RESULTS from this slowing down on blogging and social media?

  1. They were less comments on my blog.
  2. I may not have read as much on SEO, blogging and social media as I usually do.
  3. I may have missed some new developments in SEO, blogging and social media.
  4. I got more rest and did not feel  as overwhelmed – No more heartburn.
  5. I took a lot more pictures and had fun with my photo blog – it forces me to slow down and relax.
nature photos from blogging and social media

What did NOT change from slowing down the blogging and social media experiment?

  1. I did not lose any followers on any of the social media sites I participate in.
  2. I did not lose any sales from retail sites or affiliate programs – they actually went up.

What great things have I read recently on blogging and social media since the slowdown ended? Hint: Great reads for you too!

Just Ask Kim – If you have not seen her recent video on Facebook for your pages – this is a must watch video. It may be over 30 minutes but I watched it all and I never watch anything that long. Kudos to Kim for sharing such great informative on the changes impacting your Facebook profile and pages.

Allie Rambles – A great piece on affiliate marketing – something I want to get more involved with over time. I’ve been using LinkShare to date for mine with some success that I’d love to grow.

Jan Bierens – Featured guest post at Bren;s blog on using a plug-in for your featured guests. I can’t wait to test this one out in the near future.

Learn It 2 Earn It With Lynn – By Lynn Brown on how online businesses use social media to get results – This one reminds me to not keep using the same methods that don’t work, and to move on! A nice read for all.

What’s next in blogging and social media for me?

  1. Finding more ways to find the balance between blogging and social media if there such a thing.
  2. Learn as much as I can to be able to do it all.
  3. Learn more on affiliate marketing to generate more revenue streams.
  4. Share what I learn with you. Hint: Ask a question in a comment.

What’s next for you in blogging and social media? What do you want to learn next?

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46 comments On The Slowing Down Blogging and Social Media Experiment

  • I decided that this month was creating some pages and working on my new health blog. So I just promoted the blogs I already had and so far, so good. I’m getting more comments and more ideas for new blog posts. I was starting to fall into the pattern of write, kinda promote and then write another. I even made time to enter some blog writing contest that could provide me with some extra income. My other blog is doing well and it’s brand new…basically, in slowing down a bit I get the chance to give myself the chance to get more exposure! It’s interesting what can happen when you just take a breather or, as Covey put it, sharpen the saw.
    D. Dixon recently posted..As AdBrite Dies, What Are Other Active Google AdSense Alternatives?My Profile

  • Interesting experiment Lisa. I did a similar thing a long time ago and came up with the same results. I also had fewer visits, which did affect my rankings during that time, and that’s something to consider. I don’t really do sales like you do, so I didn’t have to measure that at all. But being more at rest and enjoying things a bit more… hard to hate on that.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..5 Things About Writing That You Might Never Think OfMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I’ve always read about affiliate marketing and what a great opportunity it is if you do it right, but there so much stuff out there, I didn’t know where to start! I wish you the best on your site!

    Have a great weekend!
    Daniel recently posted..Bad Links – How to Tackle this ProblemMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I love some of the pictures that you posted on facebook. I recenly slowed down because I needed a regroup moment. I felt like I just really needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my blog and my online life. Thank you so much for sharing was happened with you slowed down a bit. Happy your are back.

    Cynthia recently posted..Happy National Adoption Day!My Profile

    • Thanks Cynthia. I appreciate that and I wondered why I hadn’t seen a new post in a little bit from you. Hope you found what you were looking to do going forward.

  • Thanks for sharing the results of your experiment. I think a week in web time is not long enough to have any detrimental effects. That could be someone’s vacation, a busy week at work, or coming down with the flu or a cold, and most would not even notice unless they are a die-hard participant in that particular activity or group.

    In addition to unsubscribing from most email messages, I took a break from the Facebook feed for a year + and still going. I still check my notifications, event invitations, and message inbox daily and maintain my timeline. But I’m not on the feed commenting and hearing announcements about what’s going on with other’s lives. I sometimes ask the hubby what’s going on FB and he fills me in on any highlights. He also knows to tell me anything important he sees if someone had a baby, got pregnant or engaged, etc. If I have a friend who I see in person and they mention something that I may have missed on the feed, I always let them know I am taking a temporary break from the feed to work on some long-term projects. Most are very understanding and know if they want to reach me they might just have to initiate contact directly.

    I wouldn’t expect that from customers or business contacts because that is a much more self-interested type of relationship built on mutual benefit.

    However some friends and even in-laws have unfriended me on FB since the time I dropped off activity. That is always kind of a bummer, but I reason that everybody has their own criteria for friends and social connections. For me I would never unfriend someone unless they did something really out of ethics. I figure, they must just probably feel I am not active enough to maintain the connection, which to me shows it wasn’t a strong one to begin with.

    I have held off on accepting some friend invitations until such time I can add them and take the time to interact, view their profile, etc. I know that may have a detrimental effect because a lot of people take that personally, but I rather not add new people than remove existing friendships. Currently, I have well over 320+ friends.

    With my political blog, if I decide to start it up regularly again I’m sure I’ll get some of my past readers plus some new ones. Wherever you put your attention, you will get energy back. Right now that is something I’ve had to put on hold to take care of family priorities and personal responsibilities. Sometimes we need to do that to focus on what matters most.

    I recently sent some of my blog followers an invitation to follow my political profile on Twitter @1000ptsoflight
    Interestingly, one of those friends happened to send me an email with contact information just as I was composing an email to confirm contact information with some other friends (hadn’t gotten to sending one to him just yet). It’s interesting how when you put things out there you get a response in unexpected and synchronistic ways.

    Best of luck in your experiment. In my view health has to come first. There will be some pros and cons, but ultimate putting that first is for the greatest good.

    • You are right Leslie, health must come first. We can’t do anything without it. We could not blog or interact online if we are in bed sick as a dog. And you are probably right – a week probably isn’t long enough. Interesting about your Facebook – not being on the feed. I don’t spend much time myself in the feed lately. Especially during the election – too many people think opposite and I didn’t want to offend anyone or anything. I am surprised others un-friended you for not being on. I don’t accept all friend invites unless I know them or know them via Twitter or blogs for a while. You’ll have to share your political blog. Thanks for your lengthy comment today.

  • Some more great tips. Thanks so much. Your site is the best resource for all things tech. You translate tech speak in a way I can understand.

    Were you less stressed during your experiment?

    The weather, Comcast and CL&P (CT Light & Power) helped me slow down my blogging over the past two weeks. Maybe it was God’s way of telling me I needed a break. Did I mention that I’m an Atheist?
    Lauren recently posted..Shit Happened! Rain, Snow and Windbags at the PollsMy Profile

    • You are welcome Lauren. I sometimes get overwhelmed reading a lot of the technical stuff so I try to make it easy here. Yes for the most part. But then I ramp up and back to some stress. But it’s my own stress and that’s better than inflicted by others. Mother Nature sure did make you slow down. No, I don’t think you ever did 🙂

  • 😀
    This is why I love reading your post, learn something valuable all the time! All I can say is that I hope to be like you when I grow up! My website is still too new at this time to run on cruise-control if you will and in trying to establish myself as a trustworthy resource is taking a lot of work. But it’s good to know that there will be a day of rest somewhere in my future! Keep these great posts coming Lisa!

    • How sweet Corina 🙂 Yes after your site is up about a year I think you will be able to slow it down a little and not see any major difference doing so. It sure is a lot of work between maintaining the site and promoting it. It’s like housework – never ending.

  • Great experiment and something I think we should all take notice from with our own blogs. We really don’t know what is going to happen, but that is awesome that your affiliate sales went up. People are so funny about things and its amazing how traffic either appears or disappears. I am glad you got some much deserved rest and that the storm is over. I read so many posts about the storm and the aftermath people are having to deal with and that can take a serious toll on everything.

    Another thing to mention is the more you give to others, the more they stick around. The less you give to others, the faster they move away from you.
    Sonia recently posted..How to Create Custom Facebook Feeds That Interests YouMy Profile

    • Thanks Sonia, I hope today’s storm doesn’t cause more havoc around here. Yes, definitely giving to others does help them to stick around, human nature, right?

  • It’s a good thing to slow down every now and then so that you can get a perspective on what’s really going on and let you focus on important business. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends and readers have been doing the same, especially with so much going on, halloween, hurricane Sandy, election coming up, start of nba season and more.

    Interesting thing is, I find that when I slow down, there is not really much that I miss, but better yet – when I do take a break from it all when I come back more things have taken place in my business and more sales are up. Kind of like giving things a time to marinate itself and come back together. But, it’s also a good strategy when you give people a chance to miss you because they come looking for your content .
    Terrance Charles recently posted..10 Tips To Create LOYAL Email Subscribers That Will Stick With You Over The Years…My Profile

    • Thanks Terrance for coming by. Yes I just realized I have to read up on election before I vote tomorrow. I love that word – MARINATE. I must remember that one. Let the blog MARINATE.

  • When I just started blogging I was afraid about stopping or slowing down but I was wrong!

    When you`re working on your blog to get natural links then you need not worry slowing.

    And it`s good to slow done between so that you can get back on work with lot`s of energy.
    Khaja moin recently posted..5 Reasons Why Do You Need a Blog for Your BusinessMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I really enjoy reading about your experiment. I have been thinking about slowing down as well, but on a different level. I understand that I’m too busy to keep up with what I’ve been doing, so I’m thinking of creating a marketing strategy that will focus on a targeted audience for my blog, and a way to earn money from what I’m doing. This way, I can justify slowing down. I really don’t want to slow down, but I understand that working with offline clients takes a lot of time.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..When does marketing end?My Profile

    • Thanks Jens, yes – you sometimes have to concentrate where the money is. I’ve been doing more of that with the retail sites and just built another this past weekend. Learn a lot each time and I enjoy that part of it. Thanks for commenting. I saw a nice title from you in Triberr, hope to get back soon to read it.

  • I think you’ve taken good step by slowing down because forcing yourself won’t be a good idea. I have also slowed down, now I update my blog ones a week, but I do comment back to everyone’s blog who is commenting on my blog.

    Nice to know that slowing down hasn’t had any bad effects on your blog Lisa
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..5 Ways To Spice Up Every Blog Post You WriteMy Profile

    • Hi Ehsan, you are SO good with commenting, I’ve seen you everywhere. That’s the hardest thing for me but because I have retail sites I have a bit to do besides the blog. Thanks for commenting here too 🙂

  • Interesting, Lisa.
    That sent my mind wondering, but I found it back…

    Summer of this year there were the Olympics in London. In retrospect I saw the same events happening as with Sandy. Less activity on my site, but no real ‘loss’ in contacts. As you know, I’m located in Holland and set the US as my ‘target’ area for my blog. The *European* visitors count went down a little during the summer Olympics, but people came back.
    Sandy – in all honesty – is a strictly American event. It’s a local event for the US. People living in Jemen don’t really care about the whole thing, because it does not affect them personally.
    What I’m saying is: that our internet use and the way we participate in it is strongly dependent on what influences US. The world is a big place.
    JanBierens recently posted..Pinterest source – Get the Picture.My Profile

    • Hi Jan, interesting you have such a target and influence from the US. Why do you think that is? Are people in Holland not blogging much or using the internet as much or is it that the population is much smaller? I hope you don’t lose your mind again 🙂

  • Hey Lisa

    It’s great that you are slowing down, it’s not been too detrimental to you and it’s certainly had its health benefits!

    I also slowed down and whilst I still probably comment as much as I did, I’ve actually found by only writing one post a week the comments have gone up on my blog. It’s probably because I sustained the commenting though.

    It sounds to me as though it’s been a useful experiment for you in any case and you can decide going forward the balanced approach you need to take.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Why Customer Experience Means EverythingMy Profile

    • Thanks Tim. Interesting take on your comments with posting once per week. It has to be because it gives you more time to comment elsewhere. I’ve done the same for my business blogs but they don’t generate half the comments I get here. A much more narrow focus I believe. Would you agree?

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m so pleased that you weren’t as badly affected as many were. The views on the news are shocking, we can’t help but feel for the victims of Sandy.

    It’s good to see that your slowing down hasn’t had any bad effects on your blogging. you do a lot of work online so I can imagine you need time out to relax and get other things done.

    As you know I also slowed down on my blogging, social media and product creation earlier this year, though not through choice. During that time, and even still now to some extent, I also noticed a reduction in comments and my traffic dropped off a cliff (so to speak).

    Now that I’m able to get some work done I’ve been focusing on catching up with my content and those that I mix with on the Social media networks, although I was able to maintain that aspect whilst laid up.

    I think it’s really good that you’ve been testing everything and appreciate you sharing your results with us Lisa:)

    I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and get some chilling time 🙂

    Take care, Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..Simple Traffic Solutions – My ReviewMy Profile

    • Thank you Barry, I really appreciate your checking in throughout that storm. I feel very fortunate here after watching the news on those in NJ and NY. How many months did you slow it down Barry due to health? Lack of comments was my biggest result. I also think the older a website is the less it would be affected. (I notice that with my retail sites) I don’t always relax on weekends since that’s my time to catch up as I work full time too. I can sure try though 🙂

      • I was off for nearly Four months Lisa and then when I could get back I only had an hour a day to start with 🙁

        It’s picking up now though 😉

        The storm sure did hit them hard didn’t it….

        Try and relax for SOME of the weekend Lisa, catch you up again soon 🙂
        Barry Wells recently posted..Bloggers Roadmap: My ReviewMy Profile

        • Thanks Barry, I did get some relaxing done but viewed some of our coastal sections – it was something to see first hand. Amazing what the ocean can do. Glad things are picking up on your end.

  • Great post. I think it’s hard to lose your core followers those that have you in their reader will always be there. I always take a week to regroup and get myself together throughout the year blogging can wear you down just as much as it helps to get things off your chest.
    Kita recently posted..Thursday Theme: Apples and orange/blueMy Profile

  • Oh, yes, managing blogging and life and other things – that one heck of a task.

    I am still playing around with, experimenting and seeing what works (Last few weeks, my productivity has increased with the daily agenda and schedule; I have also discovered some great tools online).

    Next thing I want o learn? Don’t know, until not now. I might think of something later 😉 Right now, I am playing with time management (And of course, the learning hour, in which I spend about 1 hour per day learning something new – not related to blogging or school). Hope everything gets better after what Sandy did to the North East.


    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Hi Jeevan, yes you know it already. I like the learning hour. It’s important to always learn something new especially as things change so fast these days. Thanks, I was fortunate here with the storm, not like so many others near the coast.

  • Without experimenting and testing Lisa, we’ll never know what works and what doesn’t. Now you may not have had as many comments on your blog but you didn’t lose any followers and your sales went up. Well hot dog!

    Man, I need to find a balance myself. Wonder if I need to do some experimenting. Huh!

    Adrienne recently posted..Are You Making These Twitter MistakesMy Profile

    • Thanks Adrienne for coming by. You could try out an experiment for more balance – love to know how it would work out for you too. What area would you cut back on?

      • Just really thinking about all the activities I do online everyday. Some days more of one thing then another but maybe just kind of test them to see which ones I can slack off of for a short while and see like you if it hurts me any. Just thinking out loud sort of.
        Adrienne recently posted..Are You Making These Twitter MistakesMy Profile

  • Great review Lisa! Do you think, the “1. They were less comments on my blog.” was due to your not commenting on others? Do you think by leaving a comment, you get a comment in return? I’ve often wondered about this. I know I leave lots of comments yet never see the person on my blog. Wonder how a study could be done on this?

    Anyway, glad to see you kicked the heartburn and that your “slow down” didn’t affect your business sites. Are you going to try and continue the “slow down”?
    Brenda recently posted..Just Your Average Morning Wake Up CallMy Profile

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks. Yes, I do. It seems to work out that way with comments. I’ll have to see if there is such a study out there on it. I may continue it for a short period. As long as I don’t have heartburn return then I know I really have to slow it down 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    I wish no more Sandy for your experiments 😉 lol… Anyway I’ve already gone through posts of Brenda and Lynn. I’ll check out others too dear 🙂

    Isn’t Eric actually a weather guy? Seems so as I refer to tweets over there 😉

    I think rather than slowing down, it’s more of prioritizing. That’s how we deal with such situations, no? 🙂 Anyway a more challenging week for you. It’s great you were not overwhelmed and I’m sure you would love that so much 🙂

    I think low comments mean missing of one-to-one comments. Is it Lisa? 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Embedding a YouTube Video on Your BlogMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura, I feel so fortunate here compared to what others are suffering because of Sandy. Yes, he is on the Weather Channel here in the US. You are right, it’s more like prioritizing your life. Yes, you are correct on that last question. Thanks for coming by today.

  • I like the experiment going on Lisa!

    It’s surely nice to know that you didn’t lose any followers, even though you weren’t able to make it to all the blogs you might normally do. But I guess you were able to catch up with a lot more. Yes, I saw Kim’s video too, though the others I still have to see.

    I guess when we slow down and lessen on some things, we do make up with a few others with the time in hand. That’s why some people are more productive when they lessen their presence on social medias…wonder if I can do that. 🙂

    Wishing you the best with the rest of the experiment. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..A Bad Temper Can Leave ScarsMy Profile

    • Thanks Harleena. Glad you got to see Kim’s video, that was an eye opening for Facebook pages. Good point, slow down on something and get more down elsewhere. Let me know if you do try it out Harleena.

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