The Panda Is At It Again At Google!

Panda is Back – Is Your Blog Ready?


Panda Updates For Your Blog To Know:

Panda Updates – What do these 40* updates all mean for you? I’ll pick the most important updates for you to know.

  • Links – Link evaluations that were used for years are no longer going to be used. They do not give away too much info on this one but it makes me believe the old link exchanges used in SEO may no longer be as necessary.
  • Local Search Rankings – Google is using a new system to find better results from a user in a more reliable way. If you are a local business take advantage of this and be sure your Google’s Places Pages is claimed.
  • More Coverage for Searches – A new data source is being used to refine what you are searching for and giving you more results and choices. This good lead to more traffic for your site if your keywords are on target.
  • More Accurate Detection of Official Page – Pages that were misleading will no longer be seen in search (that’s a great thing!) 
  • Fresher Images – Google adjusted their signals for fresher images – so your newer images will show in search. Another great reason to use images besides pinning.
  • Freshness Update- Google has added new signals to to update fresh content in the searches more quickly than before. Now more than ever it’s important to update your sites and blogs with quality freshness.
  • Safe Search Update – Irrelevant adult content is less likely to show up for many searches.  Good to know! Remember the days when white house turned up those porn sites? Those days are gone by the Panda wayside.

Have you noticed changes in your searches or your blog traffic due to the Panda’s latest work?
*You may read more here on the 40 changes via the Google Panda.

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15 comments On The Panda Is At It Again At Google!

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  • The updates are coming from Google nowadays very frequently, which is very much beneficial as by implementing these updates the results came out without spammers… These updates help the sites who are working genuinely to come up in SERP…

  • I do not have it set up and verified. I don't know how to do it. I suppose I better get on the ball, though, and find out. 😉

  • Yes, I know it sure motivates me to offer fresh and relevant content. You are welcome for the update.

  • I didn't know about Panda updates. Sorry I am slow (LOL). Whatever it's doing, I hope it makes things work better for everyone whether its for Traffic, content and anything else. Maybe it will be a motivator for people to keep creating fresh content and updates. Thanks Lisa, for the update!

  • If you are keeping it fresh with great content as I know you are you should be all set. It may help more local clients find you more easily. I have not heard about it hindering those in the distance. Will research more and let you know) Do you have your Google place set up and verified?

  • Hi Lisa! I've actually noticed a modest bump in traffic for both of my sites lately. I'm not sure if it's due to these latest changes, or if it's just due to other things I'm doing, or if it's due to other factors. I don't know much about Google places, but guess I'm going to have to break down and check it out. While I do own a growing business, as you know, I have clients all over the U.S. and Europe. Is Google places going to hinder these remote clients from finding me? Also, will it really help more localized clients find me?

  • Yes, it could be Susan. We noticed it too on our e-Commerce sites the past few weeks. We are happy about this Panda update!

  • I am starting to wonder if maybe the reason why my site is getting more search traffic is because of Panda. I am getting 10 or so hits a day now up from one or two. Thanks for the summary.

  • Thanks Mayura, I do try to stay on top of the these for our eCommerce websites, but they apply to blogs too!

  • You are welcome, do you have Google Analytics set up?

  • Wow… informative post Lisa 🙂 That's why am always here to see your fresh posts. Thanks for pointing out major ones 🙂


  • I just can't keep up with all the updates, thanks for helping to make it simple. I don't monitor any stats for my site, so I have no idea if it has helped or hindered my site. I think it is best I don't know. lol

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