Suicide Prevention Is Everybody’s Business

Suicide Prevention Today

Suicide leaves an earthquake of emptiness rumbling in your heart with no foreseeable horizon of healing.

Memories of Suicide

Many people are effected by suicide, whether it is a family member or a friend.

suicide prevention

I have memories of suicide as well. In October 1983, my Uncle Jerry took his own life. My cousins Trish and Doug came home from school to find their Dad laying on the floor and the aftermath of what swallowing a .357 magnum did. Trish was 13 and Doug was 10 at the time.

When I worked in 9-1-1, I had many calls related to suicide. One that stands out is a girl that came home from school in the afternoon, only to find her grandmother had electrocuted herself in a bathtub. Just last year, I read that the world-famous ‘Painter of Light’ Thomas Kinkade ended his life the same way. I thought, “What a shame… all that talent completely wasted.” Later, the Coroners report confirmed that he actually died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and prescription tranquilizers.

I also attended the hospital of a man I worked with who attempted to take his own life after being forced into mandatory early retirement.I suggested he take up a hobby or work some place part-time to be otherwise engaged and contributing. After care is also important in ongoing suicide prevention.

Suicide Statistics

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is a preventable public health problem. Suicide still holds around the 10th leading cause of death in the US. We often hear of younger people committing suicide. We also hear of soldiers returning from war that do, but not that all who do are prone to suicide. According to the World Health Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, in 2011, Greenland had the highest incidence of suicide. Posted in the New York Times in May 2 , 2013, suicide rates have risen sharply in the US among middle-aged Americans. According to the article, more people now die of suicide than by car accident. reports that a suicide occurs every 17 minutes. With that sobering thought, you can see why suicide prevention is important.

Reasons for Suicide

The real reason one commits suicide may never be known. Here are some general ideas why:

*feeling hopeless. They falsely believe they have no future, and that belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the taking of their own life.

*overwhelming sense of shame. Full of regrets but empty of forgiveness.

*rejection by peers… bullying, social stigmas, purposely being excluded, or ostracised for being ‘different.’  Watching for signs of bullying is an important part of suicide prevention. Rates of suicide are higher among those who are bullied than those who are not.

*unappreciated. Young people growing up want to know that their opinion matters, that they, too, have a voice in matters, and to know that they are heard. If they don’t, they don’t feel loved… they can feel worthless.

Understanding such reasons  can be great tools for suicide prevention.

Watching Out For Signs of Suicide

Here are some questions to keep in mind for suicide prevention:

  • Are they verbalizing notions of suicide?
  • Are you able to discern the person’s mental state?
  • Do they project themselves as hopeless?
  • Do you notice any change in the person’s mood?
  • Is their behavior “out of character”?
  • What is their overall demeanor?

According to Web MD,  not everyone considering suicide will reveal their intentions, but as many as 75% will give some warning sign
to a friend or relative. Do your part in suicide prevention: Be an active listener.

Any of the following could pose potential suicide risks factors:

  • Changes in attitude and behavior.
  • Excessive mood swings, rage, sadness.
  • Exhibiting reckless disregard for themselves, such as dangerous driving or unsafe sex.
  • Isolating themselves from friends or social activities.
  • Less concerned than usual about their appearance.
  • Putting their affairs in order, giving away possessions.
  • Sleep problems.

Paying attention to these risks aids in suicide prevention.

Here’s the bottom line: Every threat of suicide should be taken seriously.

What To Do If You Are Thinking About Suicide

If you’re feeling low, take these things into consideration:

*Make suicide prevention your immediate goal. Treat this as an emergency and get yourself the help you deserve. Call a loved one, a counselor or psychologist, or a suicide hotline (across the US the number is 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-8255.)

*Get plenty of rest. It’s a known fact that a good sleep provides sharper mental clarity and an abundance of energy.

*Notice when you’re feeling this way. Have a written plan (and keep it handy) outlining what you will do when you have thoughts of hurting yourself. This plan may involve speaking to someone you trust with your feelings, leaving your residence, going to a hospital emergency room or calling 9-1-1.

*Remove things from your home or your environment that can harm you, such as pills, ropes, firearms, or razor blades.
If you are unable to remove these things, at least move them out of immediate reach. Alternately, go to some place where you have no access to them at all.

*Stay connected to others. This will help you understand that you are not alone in what you’re going through. There are plenty of people who are great listeners and can offer you tremendous support.

*Talk to someone. There are many resources to help you cope with your feelings and problems.

**HAVE HOPE. Other people have felt this way and have managed to get through it.

Give yourself the time you need to get through this too. This is a vital suicide prevention technique.

** CHANGE YOUR THINKING. Understand and know that you are in control of your life. You are far better than your circumstances.

Rise above your raising. Professor Richard Alpert said,

The whole system we live in drills into us that we’re powerless, that we’re weak, that our society is evil, etc. and so forth. It’s all a big fat lie. We are powerful, beautiful and extraordinary. There is no reason we cannot understand who we truly are, where we are going. There is no reason the average individual cannot be fully empowered. We are incredibly powerful beings.

** REVERSE YOUR THINKING. Realize that there are opportunities to be better and do better.

Feelings are temporary, so change how you feel. Change your focus on things that really matter to you. What things do you take comfort in? Focus on these things. Make a list of everything that is important to you. Ask yourself, “How will my life be better by doing more of what is important to me?“Put all your energy into the things you enjoy in life. Focus on what you wish to accomplish in the future. Your feelings of enjoyment and the things you care about will then be what’s on your mind.

** BE KIND, LOVING and PATIENT with yourself. All progress is a process.

** HELP OTHERS. Helping others activates feelings of generosity and being kind-hearted. Help yourself by helping others.

Many of these tips on suicide prevention can be found on sites such as Help Guide  and Wiki How and a post done by Lisa previously here on suicide.

Wishing you all health, happiness and harmony.

Please share your experiences and thoughts on this topic of suicide prevention.  Thank you kindly!

Intentionally living to the full, I live by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS. I aspire to be a great humanitarian. I’m dedicated to lifelong learning and view everyone as a potential teacher.I love adding value to others. I’m a John C. Maxwell certified coach & speaker who always looks for the best in people. I’m also a poet/songwriter and gifted SOCAN member as well as a writer with an upcoming novel.

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  • Very helpful, This is a great resource I can pass on to some of my clients. Thank you for posting.

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing post and informatiive .. loved it ! .. i know some people who are pretty close to commiting suicide.. i think i can help them after reading this article …. keep it up ! 🙂


  • oluwadamilare Bakare

    yes thanks for this article, seriously if everyone can take suicide seriously and take note of words that comes out of our month then the amount of suicide cases we hear will reduce.

    normally we just watch what we say or do especially to emotional people
    oluwadamilare Bakare recently posted..Reviews On Parker Safety RazorsMy Profile

  • It is always very difficult to make a post about suicide. William butler, I appreciate your effort to share this post with us. I was totally unaware about of signs of suicide. But after reading about i have got clear idea about not only signs of suicide but also every aspect of suicide.

  • Hi Robert,
    I agree with you entirely. Unfortunately, that’s not the focus of people who are suicidal. They only want their pain to go away.
    This is where compassionate outreach and having a strong support system are useful tools in suicide prevention.

    Have a great week!
    William Butler recently posted..Perception Deception: Are You Falling For This?My Profile

  • Life is a great gift from God I guess and we need to respect it by not doing anything that harms our family members or friends.
    Robert Singh recently posted..WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8) Free Download GuideMy Profile

  • Hi Vineet,
    I agree with you entirely. All of life is a sacred, precious gift.
    Knowing the signs and being proactive, being vigilant in the area of our awareness may be just the thing to, as you say, avoid a suicide by being more careful.

    You are most welcome. My pleasure to contribute.
    Best Regards,
    William Butler recently posted..12 Creative Ways To Solve ProblemsMy Profile

  • Hi William and Lisa,

    Excellent topic and a MUST read for everyone! 🙂 I recall the incident happened to your friend too, Lisa. If I’m right, you had a page dedicated to her. I’m glad you got him talking here about this very important topic.

    I’m sorry to hear about your Uncle though, William. In that case I’m fortunate to have no one near and dear had such experience. Working at 911 must have been a wonderful experience for you and I truly appreciate what people do there – Saving lives. I think some people should work a single day at 911 🙂

    The last suicide I’ve heard about is a school girl taking her life after failing in love. She’s a bit different character who couldn’t seem to cope with real World. Well, real World couldn’t cope with her. Actually what bothered me most is how other people affected to her fearless decision. Finally, all the fault is on her. Lives are kinda underrated in some parts of this World. I think we all should be focus on saving a life, not seeking for a reason. Isn’t it mate?

    Few times I could help same age fellows who had the suicide intents (Don’t know if they were real or not). Anyway, happy to see ’em living their lives better now 🙂 I had few thoughts in some parts of my life, but I think I was fooling myself :mrgreen:

    I’m really glad you shared the signs to look up and what we can possibly do if we are thinking about hurting ourselves 🙂 At least having ’em in mind would be very helpful. AND it reminds how serious we should be on this.

    Now I have few more to think about when I come across people and assessing their behaviors 🙂 Thanks again for the excellent write up.

    Wishing you both health and happiness too, William and Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Search Smarter and Faster with Google Quick ScrollMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura, oh that page was the one that was murdered but I have written posts on suicide as I’ve known too many to take that route. That happens a lot for love Mayura, was the 3 reasons for 3 of my sons friends. (all young men). Thanks for your comment on this one Mayura and sharing in hopes to save others from this tragedy.
      Lisa recently posted..Website Bounce Rate Where Low Numbers RuleMy Profile

    • Hello Mayura,
      My apologies for the very late reply. I somehow overlooked this in the scrolling. 😯 And I just had my eyes checked too! 😆 I do appreciate that you shared this on Google+ as awareness is certainly one of the keys to suicide prevention. Wish I could have done something to save my Uncle Jerry, but no one knew the pain he kept hidden.
      Working 9-1-1 was very interesting, one moment quiet, the next rushed. I could easily fill several books of stories from all those years. It’s funny you should say some people should work a single day at 911. Some people actually did, and some only lasted a couple of hours. In my first few years there, I saw many new people come and go like that.
      I agree with you entirely, Mayura… the focus should be on life-saving.
      Wishing you health and happiness too. Thank you!

      Kind Regards,
      William Butler recently posted..Perception Deception: Are You Falling For This?My Profile

  • Hi William,
    Life is God’s gift and should no be sacrificed by someone for no matter the bigger the problem is. You just mentioned some good symptoms of a person in depression.
    Suicides should be can be avoided by being a little more careful. Saving a life is a holy task and should be the foremost priority.
    Thanks for such an awesome article.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Is Guest Blogging Dead in 2014?My Profile

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  • William,

    That is such a tragic story about your uncle. It is amazing how many people are touched by suicide. My niece was in her early 20’s when the father of her daughter committed suicide. She had broken up with him but there was no way of knowing that he was as troubled as he was. That one decision changed not only his life but those of everyone around him.

    Sharing these tips and starting this conversation helps to remind us of those we’ve lost and hopefully it will help us be more aware. Thanks and welcome to Lisa’s blog.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Copyright Infringement – What Should You Do if Your Blog Post is Stolen?My Profile

    • Hello Sherryl,
      Thinking back, my Uncle Jerry inspired me in a lot of ways. He cared about me when I was going through the most difficult part of my childhood. He lived in a different city, and he drove a few hundred miles to show up and give me a birthday present, a small radio. He had been a broadcaster for a large, popular station. He was the reason I got into broadcasting a number of years ago. I think one of the ways to deal with grief is remembering the happy times. and focusing on the person’s best points.

      Sorry to hear of you’r niece’s experience too. No doubt, that will have changed her as a person.

      I think awareness is the key. If people truly want to mask their feelings or hide the signs of suicide, they are likely the ones who wouldn’t ask for help. By paying close attention to those we think we know, we may discover something that would be helpful in preventing their death.

      Kind Regards,
      William Butler recently posted..12 Creative Ways To Solve ProblemsMy Profile

  • Hi Bill and Lisa

    A subject I know a little bit about on the mind of someone that contemplated suicide for about 6 months. Probably age 12 at the time. I had years of sexual abuse and did not have many friends in school. It was a subject nobody talked about. Didn’t want to keep dealing with it and did not no of a way out. If I had been able to get a handgun I would have used it. If I had been able to get my hands on 30 sleeping pills I would have taken them. My behavior and personality did not change through that time period…no one would have known what I was thinking. One day I was standing thinking about jumping off a bank, but figured it was not high enough to kill me, maybe only put me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, that is when I was pulled out of it by my brother stopping his car and asking me what I was doing. He sped off and I ran home after him. That is when I decided to put my time in and I could get out when I was 16…sort of like someone doing prison time. The only thing during that time that would have changed my mind would have been was that if my dad would have shed a tear if I had died. He was the reason.

    So there is not always signs or no notes. I believe those that want to be stopped actually do seek out help. But not everyone seeks or wants help. At least today there is plenty of information everywhere and there are places that one can go and protection as in my case that I could have been rescued from. Back then who could you tell and what help was there? I found out years later that there was red flags for the courts and if things were in place as they are today a social worker would have come and removed me from the house. I wonder if there even was any back then (late 50’s).


    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear the pain you were in. I think schools may be better equipped to handle and intervene on issues today than they did back when we were in school. I remember an art teacher in Grade 7 asking us to draw a picture. I sat there and left the page empty because that’s what I was feeling. I had confided in a Guidance counselor at that time who betrayed me. Your experience will undoubtedly be unique for you, but I identify with what you’re saying. I had similar pains, similar experience.

      Would you say that you are stronger as a person today for being a survivor?

      Kind Regards,
      William Butler recently posted..12 Creative Ways To Solve ProblemsMy Profile

      • Stronger?
        Probably not as well as I would like to be. But I am a survivor and a lot more compassionate. I am willing to look at all reasons and not so quick to judge how some people are. Have forgiven for my own sake. But there is a lot some don’t understand about when they have never stood on the other side. I once read someone’s comment on suicide and they called it a selfish act. Cannot agree with them on that at all. It is an act of helplessness and many slip under the radar of detection.


        • Hi Mary,
          I know you’re right about those feelings of helplessness. It’s a terrible feeling. And I think when one feels that, other options that may be available don’t even seem like a possibility.

          I think being more compassionate is strength, because we understand the wrongness of what we went through and wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer through it.

          William Butler recently posted..12 Creative Ways To Solve ProblemsMy Profile

  • Hey Adrienne,
    Yes, it’s interesting how our initial thoughts, based upon minimal information, can lead us to suspect something. Sometimes it’s right. But in this case, it turns out to not be the case 🙂

    What is sad in the story you related, is that you see that she had so much to live for, and she couldn’t. There are some things in this life you wish you never see, but once you have, they can’t be unseen. Words cannot be unsaid, and sometimes it is just too late for words. That’s the tragedy of suicide.

    I hope you never experience it either. With the information provided, who knows, you may just recognize something in someone that will save someone.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. All the best!
    William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hey Bill,

    What a surprise to see you here but I’m kind of glad to be honest with you. When I read the headline for Lisa’s post I thought that she was going to share some horrible story with us of something that’s happened to someone she knows. I mean you knowing someone who has done this is bad enough but I’m happy to see you writing this instead.

    I just read this week of someone I was familiar with but didn’t know personally who committed suicide and I was shocked. I knew she had low self-esteem but she was so darn beautiful and had so much to live for. She was only 27 years told and it just broke my heart. I know it happens and it’s so sad.

    An ex-friend of mine’s father committed suicide and shot himself as well. Her mother found him and I can’t imagine how miserable life as to be for someone to do that. Luckily I’ve never known anyone personally who has taken their own life and I sure hope I never do.

    Thank you for the information Bill.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Lose Customers FastMy Profile

  • Wow! sorry William, so awful of me. Can’t imagine I made such error. Hope it hasn’t gotten you mad

  • Bill, you know sometimes when we hear of people who commit suicide, we usually are judgemental until one undergoes killing depression.

    I never understood what it meant, until I got depressed and had a feel of what depression can do to any man.

    Happy God scaled me through that hurdle. And that’s why we need to share our love to people around us.

    I heard a story from an acquaintance who said she felt a touch in her spirit to stop her car an pickup someone who she didn’t know on picking him up she had another prompting in her spirit to preach God’s gospel to him.

    She was however very reluctant. The prompting continued and she just gave in to the Holy Spirit, she ministered to him. And one surprising thing she discovered was that this guy said if not for this word she had today he would have committed suicide. According to her, he said he planned to get home and kill himself.

    What am I trying to say; many a times we receive a prompting but we don’t act on it. We see these signs but we ignore them. Hope this post by Bill has touched someone’s heart. So that we can show more love and be more sensitive.

    Bill, Thanks for sharing.
    Peter Kanayo recently posted..Building Your Audience: The Anatomy of a Blogging GeneralMy Profile

    • Hello Peter,
      That’s the beauty of life experience, it helps you to understand others better when you’ve been through something yourself. I’ve had experiences I would never want to go through again, but they have taught me important lessons, such as the wrongness of inhumane treatment, compassion, and not to pass on to others the abuse I received.
      It’s exactly why I live by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS.

      I know of many similar situations to the one you described with the lady allowing God to work through her. You may never know what difference you make in the life of another, but it all comes down to showing love, respect and dignity to others they deserve. We need to be more sensitive to others in this regard.

      You know if God is prompting you, it can only be good.

      You’re very welcome Peter.
      Enjoy your weekend!
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hello William Butler ! Once I had feelings of suicide because my girl friend had left me for another person. But soon I met an angel of my life and she did her level best to save me from suicide. She became succeed. Now I want to save other people from such curse. Your post is really helpful in this context.
    Thank you very much for sharing this article.

    • Hello Kody,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad you didn’t act out on your feelings and that you had someone there for you when you needed it most. By sharing this post and similar information on suicide prevention, you certainly can make a difference. Public awareness and education go a long way in helping to save those from committing suicide. The information you have can definitely save a life.

      You are very welcome. 🙂
      All the best to you!
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hello Mr. Bill and Ms. Lisa

    What a subject close to my heart.
    In some of my posts I have shared about my background. Due to the physical abuse and all the other abuses, I tried to take my life as a young girl. Thank God I am still here and enjoying life at 62 years young.
    what I can share is that the person that attempts suicide is a person with many deep emotional trauma that in turn create issues.
    Communication is important for the victim. Communication and information is key.
    There are many earmarks to identify those contemplating in ending their life.
    Oh…bullying is on the rise, and that was one of my traumatic events.

    Thank you Mr.Bill for such an important topic.

    Gladys recently posted..2014 Goals Will Redefine Your LifeMy Profile

    • Hello Gladys,
      The subject is close to my heart too Gladys. I had contemplated suicide at age 11 and at age 12 when I was being abused. Your experience is different than mine, as I didn’t go as far as an attempt, but I did have the means.

      Communication is important. Part of my problem then was a guidance counselor, in Grade 7, who tape recorded my conversations under the false pretenses of playing them for her husband, a minister. Instead, she played every tape to my step-mother and I was beaten even more after that. That was in addition to the bullying I was receiving from others because I was so small for my age due to malnourishment.

      I see how God has certainly always had his hand on my life.

      You’re very welcome. It’s my pleasure to contribute.
      Kind Regards,
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi Bill,

    What a surprise to see you here. I’m not used to see this type of topics on this blog 🙂

    I have only one relative who has committed suicide. He was the husband of a first cousin of mine. He killed himself by gas inhalation, and I have never known why he did that.

    I think that suicide is still a mystery for the most part. There’s the story of a very popular French actor who was on the way to more and more success. In July 1982 he was preparing a new movie and he had spent the day working on pre-filming shots with the director of the movie and a couple of other actors. After having lunch with the director he went back home and shot himself in the mouth. Everyone in his entourage was in total shock. They had not seen that one coming.

    Some people said that was because his recently divorced wife had just called him to let him know that he’ll never have custody of his daughter.

    Either way, that is most certainly an over reaction to a bad news which makes nothing better. I think that for the most part, there’s got to be that something deep down inside for a very long time, and one day that person commits suicide.

    Thank you for this information.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..7 Tips To Keep Those Goals And Resolutions Once For AllMy Profile

    • Hi Sylviane,
      I like surprises too 🙂 I think writing on various topics keeps a blog interesting, but when it is an important issue such as suicide prevention, it is information that everyone should have and keep in mind.

      Suicide is a mystery. We don’t always know how someone is truly feeling. We don’t always know their fears, their private motivations, the secrets they wish to keep hidden. Perhaps that’s why, when we think we really know someone, that their suicide comes as a shocking surprise.

      Unfortunately, what we see as an overreaction is the only thing that makes sense to the person contemplating suicide.

      You’re very welcome. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi Okto,
    Yes, the sadness of suicide is that it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You’re exactly right, sharing love and compassion is the path to healing this preventable problem. I live by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi William,
    Welcome to Lisa Blog. I don’t have much experiences on suicide prevention though but as you said above most people commit suicide because they think they are alone facing big problem. We can prevent it happen by sharing the feel of togetherness, share the loves.
    Okto recently posted..8 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Photos For Your Own BlogMy Profile

  • Hi Bill,

    Great to see you surprising the world with your amazing posts all over! This is a great topic of discussion and thank you for sharing it on Lisa’s blog!

    I can definitely relate to this cause of suicide – “Overwhelming sense of shame. Full of regrets but empty of forgiveness.”

    I did not see but I heard of a suicide of a close relative when I was so little I couldn’t understand much about suicide than the fact that the person is no more. I really liked that person and I was sad for sometime when I heard we can’t see each other ever again.

    And now when I think back, I believe it was this reason which caused that suicide and people around were not smart enough to understand the causes in time and prevent that terrible incident.

    I agree with you, it is everybody’s responsibility.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Why I Moved Out Of WP Engine To Have My Own Hosting ServerMy Profile

    • Hi Kumar,
      You’re welcome, my friend.

      It was an overwhelming sense of shame that was definitely on the mind of a former Pennsylvania state treasurer Budd Dwyer, who was about to spend decades in jail for receiving a bribe. He called a press conference in Harrisburg one day before he was to be sentenced and committed suicide on live television. Because the press could not have expected it, his suicide could not be filtered or edited from broadcast.

      You deal with a lot of people, so it’s also important to recognize if and when someone is acting out of character.
      It’s a very worthwhile responsibility because it does save lives.

      Best Regards,
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi William,

    I would say this post as a brilliant insight about suicide. I too feel a lot of suicides take place when the person feels lonely and won’t able to express his feeling or thinking. So it’s important to find a friend circle where you can share all your emotions, as it avoids depression and ease any mental pressure.
    Aahna recently posted..Fortis Foundation Corporate Social ResponsibilityMy Profile

    • Hi Aahna,
      I think one of the beauties of life lies in our ability as humane beings to reach out beyond ourselves to others in need.
      Understanding how others feels means having taken the time to do so. I think this goes a long way to contributing a sense of purpose for the person reflecting on suicide.

      Enjoy your weekend!
      William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi there William,

    Welcome to Lisa’s blog.

    I’m so sorry about your Uncle. Gosh, just imaging seeing something like that as a kid…I can’t.

    I didn’t know you worked for 9-1-1…I’m sure you’ve had your share of horror stories, huh. And that poor girl who found her grandmother, not to mention Thomas Kinkade…I didn’t know that about him.

    My husband lost a cousin to suicide. He hung himself in his room. And my dad’s cousin lost her child in an accidental hanging, he was only 6 yrs. old.

    The death of a loved one is hard but when it’s suicide, it takes it to another level.

    Thank you for sharing these warning signs and helpful tips. I really hope this post is shared. We never know if we’ll be helping someone who needs this.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you both are having a great Thursday!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..It’s A New Year’s Kickoff Giveaway Event!My Profile

  • Lisa, Thanks for sharing this post of awareness ! A friend of my son took his life several years ago at the age of 18, he had a failed attempt once before and had been getting help. He was diagnosed with being bi-polar but had other family issues that seemed to burden him and it was a big shock to everyone who didn’t see him on a daily basis. This was a kid everyone looked up to and had a real bright future and always had a smile.
    Ed King recently posted..Finding your voice and photo blogging in 2014My Profile

    • Hi Ed, you are welcome. I’ve known too many over the past few years that have done this. At least 3 of them were in their early 20’s and friends of my sons. It was so heart breakening. I’ve also known a few older adults as well. If we can save one life through awareness than we have succeeded by bringing up this topic. Thanks to Bill for his insights on this one and contributing here on it.
      Lisa recently posted..Great Customer Service The Twitter Way at The Speed of LightMy Profile

  • Hello William Butler,

    Glad to see your here! It’s really sad to hear about that suicide incident. I think it’s very bad to hear people are doing that things which doesn’t have any outcome or we can also say that by suicide one cannot make any thing good.

    Samir recently posted..Download Free USPTO Power of Attorney to Prosecute Applications FormMy Profile

  • Hi Bren,
    Thank you for that. I have fond memories of my Uncle Jerry. I also once discovered a man who had committed suicide who had been dead in his truck for a couple of months. He looked like a movie prop for a horror show.

    You’re very welcome. I think suicide prevention is knowledge everyone should have.

    Have a nice weekend.
    William Butler recently posted..13 Ultimate Keys To Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  • Hi Bill and welcome! Suicide is an awful thing and I’m so sorry about your family member. I don’t believe it could ever get that bad that I would want to take my own life. In high school, there was a girl that attempted suicide. Thankfully, she didn’t succeed but life to her was that awful, she just wanted out! Very enlightening post Bill. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Bren recently posted..You’re an EX for a Reason!My Profile

  • It is really sad that a human will decide to take his or her own life. 😥

    Hello Madam Lisa, may God bless you for raising such awareness.
    Emmanuel recently posted..How Guest Posting nearly ended my Blogging Life?My Profile

  • Hi William, and welcome to Lisa’s blog 🙂

    Good to see you here, and with a wonderful topic as well 🙂

    Your post reminded me of a dear friend who committed suicide long back due to depression. It was rather sad the way his family gave up on him, which led him to take such a step. You are right in saying that such people need special attention, especially when even the mentioned symptoms at time aren’t visible. Some people are happy one moment and the very next they are gone!! I think just by being with them and talking to them makes them feel better, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
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