Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save Time

Social Websites to Ditch To Save You Time In The New Year


Ditch Social Websites

Social Websites Take Time

Social websites can take a lot of time to develop relationships. Do you feel like you must be on all the social websites that exist? They can eat up a lot of your time if you are on every one. I’ve joined most of them in the past 3 years  and have seen many of these social websites change. A few that do not drive the traffic that once did to my websites or blogs. So why spend time with them if they are not productive, right?

Here is my list of which to ditch:

Stumble Upon – I used to love Stumble Upon – it brought traffic to my websites and blogs but the bounce rate was always high. And it took time to learn, to use and to be social. Then of course they made changes to it. And less traffic came to the sites. I’ve been using it maybe weekly now. Probably much less in 2013.

Digg – Another site I used to visit faithfully but when they switched and connected with Facebook I didn’t like it. I like to use each site independently for different reasons and audiences. I don’t want to share with my Facebook friends what I’d share on Digg.

NewsMeBack – Another one I liked in the beginning but many on the site were not related to my niches. I haven’t been on in months.

Gentlemint – I never got into Gentlemint as I had Pinterest and we all know how much it has grown and draws traffic.

Empire Ave – I know many people love this social site. And I like monopoly too (a lot) but it did not drive traffic and seemed more of an “ego” social site. Maybe I’m wrong, please tell me if so.

Isn’t time of the essence with your blogs and websites? You can only be at so many places in a 24 hour period. Where do you draw the line? You must create quality content, share it and form relationships. If you are on 10+ social sites you can’t do it all.

I also believe you cannot be on just one social website either. You cannot put all your social eggs in one basket as I wrote last year for a small business publication. You must also be ready to ditch one for another if privacy policy changes like the recent ones over on Instagram and the always changing Facebook.  Facebook is changing their “pages” policies Jan. 13, 2013 – so you must have other social websites you can quickly move to with a following and relationships established. Of course building an email list is another must. (I’ll be working on that in 2013 with the release of an eBook.)

Where will you stay in 2013? You’ll still find me over on Twitter, Triberr, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest,, BlogEngage and I’d love to check out Reddit someday. Are you on Reddit?

What other social websites would you add to this list? And which would you tell me to reconsider? 

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Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

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  • Lisa,

    Only so many hours in the day, so many days in the week, so many weeks in the month, etc.

    Can’t be all things to all people. Pick and choose and focus on what makes sense.

    Marc Zazeela recently posted..Palisades Interstate ParkMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    Wow…I really am behind the times in regard to social networking! I haven’t used most of the sites you list here.

    LinkedIn seems a bit more corporate oriented while Facebook tends to be somewhat invasive at times. I’ve noticed the multiple changes in privacy issues and from discussions with friends, I’ve picked up that they prefer to use it for more simple social activities (sharing life’s events)…etc.
    Twitter, while less engaging, seems to hit the nail on the head as far as sharing info with one another. There isn’t a lot of room for comments or opinions, so it’s right to the point with little room for anything else.
    Kind of like speed dating…lol (although I’ve never done that) 😯

    I may have to check out Blog Engage. This is the first time I’ve heard of it.
    But so far, my favorite way to utilize the social aspect of blogging is to visit other blogs, read the posts I am drawn to most and leave comments.

    Thanks for the info!
    Dana recently posted..Should Appearance Determine Self-Worth?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    Great post! Love the idea of cutting the social media list – there are so many it’s hard to figure out which to stick with. I used to get lots of traffic via StumbleUpon but the last few months have not been great. My goto social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for now.

    Thanks for the suggestions of which ones you are sticking with. I hadn’t heard of two of them but I will check them out for sure. Like anything else, it’s important to focus on a few that really work and leave the rest behind!

    Take care!
    Lisa recently posted..MLM Sponsoring TipsMy Profile

    • It sounds like you are in the same boat as me Lisa with these social sites. If you haven’t done Google+ I do recommend that one too. Consistency is important on these networks and if you are on too many networks you can’t stay consistent. Have a wonderful day Lisa and thanks for coming by Inspire to Thrive.
      Lisa recently posted..How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?My Profile

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lisa, I definitely agree about Empire Avenue and I don’t really tee the point of it.

    Digg is like Delicious now, a kind basic Social Bookmark, it’s too bad.

    I personally like StumbeUpon and “stumble” from time to time if I have a few minutes (ok if I’m procrastinating also), I discovered some gems this way. 🙂
    Mathias recently posted..Should you care about nofollow links?My Profile

  • I haven’t been using social media enough, and in 2013 I intend to leverage Twitter a lot more than I have been. I’m already seeing some good results from it. For some reason those quick to-the-point messages seem to get a response.

    Facebook is still more personal for me. Basically if you want to see me on FB, be prepared to hear personal stories along with business ideas. I would prefer people didn’t want to interact on FB – but my podcast does have a page there. That’s about all the FB stuff I’ll be doing.

    And other than that I’m just trying to figure out where the next best place to go is. Pinterest got attention, but I didn’t see any conversions from it. Triberr seems to be a good way to go, but I’m just confused by it. LOL! So I’ll be trying a few different things this year, but Twitter seems to still be king when it comes to marketing.

    • Yes Lindsey, Twitter is King for me for sure in both business and personal. Do you have a FB page? Or you could put people in groups. I have a group of bloggers so I don’t always share every blog with everyone but will do with the bloggers. Same for family, work friends, etc. I have lots of groups. Pinterest has been good for business for me, not sure if sales but have received more sign ups for newsletters so that is good. Been using it daily since they have a great mobile app now.
      Lisa recently posted..The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013My Profile

  • Hey Lisa! The only sites I’ve even heard of on this list are SU and Digg. And I agree, they are less valuable than they used to be. I only use them about 1-2 times per month. I also use Google+ very little, but may try to focus on it more this year. I’m also trying to leverage LinkedIn more than I have in the past. Thanks for sharing!
    Tom Jamieson recently posted..5 More Free Tools For Serious BloggersMy Profile

    • Hi Tom, you are welcome. Wow, you never heard of Empire Avenue? I’ve seen many sharing it on Twitter. I’m about the same, 1x a month with Stumble. I just visited the other day and stopped some shares from users that were totally irrelevant. I don’t use Linkedin as much as I should either but try to share a thing or two a day there now. Google Plus is great and I use it daily now.
      Lisa recently posted..The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013My Profile

  • Why StumbleUpon?? It’s drive traffic !!!. I feel Facebook should be ditched 😛 as it takes a lot of time messing around on pages and photos which would lead you to nowhere 😛 😉
    Rohan Advani recently posted..Top 10 Ways To Flirt With A WomanMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I know you mentioned Reddit but I have to say that while I’m on there…barely, I love BizSugar. It’s a more focused, fun version of reddit and I am getting serious traffic from there. I even included it in a couple of my posts. As far as Social Networks to ditch, I say, ditch the ones you’re not in tune with. I am a member of quite a few and just use them to syndicate my posts. I tried to get into Social Buzz Club but I just couldn’t. I am on blogEng and I really like it (how I found this post). I am on EA but I go in every once in a while. There are so many out there that I think you’ll eventually find the ones you jibe with and will relegate the rest to the back burner or “off the stove” altogether
    D. Dixon recently posted..4 Exciting Ways To Help Your Blog Generate TrafficMy Profile

    • Hi D Dixon, I agree, it’s about the ones you are in TUNE with 🙂 Excellent point! I could not get in tune with Stumble Upon. I like Blog Engage though I don’t get there as often as I should. I have used Biz Sugar a little, another one – just not enough hours in the day. Thanks for your input on Reddit, I’ve been curious about it. I may yet sign up one of these days.
      Lisa recently posted..Will The Facebook Graph Search Change Social and Search?My Profile

  • I can tell you that I’m NOT ditching Empire Avenue, mainly because I play it as a game, not as a social media thing as such. However, I have to admit that I’ve hooked up and & gotten to know quite a few people who I met there first so in a way it’s benefited me.

    I was never a part of any of those others but I will briefly talk about who I dropped and what I’m thinking. In 2012 I dropped Technorati and Delicious, mainly because on the first I had no idea what they were doing and averaging everything at 6 month rates when I’d had one of my blogs only for 7 years was irksome, and on the second, once they were purchased by someone else it just didn’t work the same anymore.

    I’m thinking about slowing down on Facebook a bit as it pertains to my page there and my participation overall. With Edgerank very few people are seeing any of my page posts, and I find myself sharing lots of other people’s content to try to get some of my own seen and yet I feel smarmy at the same time. I also need to make a living so this one might be holding me back, even though I have to say I enjoy my time there.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..To End Or Reduce Blogging – The ConversationMy Profile

    • Hi Mitch, you are NOT the first person to tell me this, amazing. Those that use Empire Avenue regularly LOVE it. I may have to re-visit. I do agree with you on Facebook. I think it may work well if you want to pay for your posts to be seen. It’s not the same Facebook as it was a year or more ago for sure. Thanks Mitch for your input here. I do appreciate it.
      Lisa recently posted..Content Curation Made Simple to Promote Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  • Hi Mayura, yes, I think the interests are similar and you would enjoy them too. I tried to keep it simple with 13 but I’m sure I’ve missed some too. You are welcome as you always have something to teach over at your place Mayura and are helpful to all too.

  • You bet Lisa getting use to doing videos for YouTube just takes a little practice, I have my office setup with all my videos gear and when ever I want to start recording it’s all available.

    You don’t even need a expensive camera just something that will record high quality videos and most of them these days have that. I large amount of my traffic comes from YouTube because I add my blog link to every videos I upload.. If there anything you need help with getting started please just let me know. Have a wonderful day my friend.
    RobG recently posted..How-to Engage online And Build ReadershipMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa great list to ditch 🙂 most of them I don’t use and I only focus on a few at the moment. My primary ones are, Twitter- YouTube- FaceBook- but I’m not really fond of FB but use it anyways. Pinterest- Linkedin- Google+. I may have one or two more and are on the chopping block if I don’t really see a need for them.

    Thanks so much for sharing your list makes me see what are the ones worth using.
    RobG recently posted..How-to Engage online And Build ReadershipMy Profile

  • Excellent post and very nice I am using almost everyone from the list. I agree with you and the components of that mix are definitely evolving constantly

  • I am going to focus a lot more on Google+ in 2013, but I am not sure if I should ditch many of the other sites I am still using a bit. I am not using StumbleUpon or Digg anymore, and the same goes for Reddit. But, Pinterest is a site I am still not sure if I should continue to use or not. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but I hear so many people talking about how good it is and how much traffic they are receiving from it.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Social Media… How Do You Measure Success?My Profile

    • I’d agree Jens – Google+ is a keeper! Pinterest is too. But it depends on what type of clients. I find it works better for retails sites I manage than this blog. It has been amazing with the traffic it’s been generating. Stats still show it’s mostly female dominated. I also found since they added the mobile app more traffic has come via mobile too.
      Lisa recently posted..Content Curation Made Simple to Promote Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  • How Awesome Lisa!

    I just made a similar list. I do it around four times a year. With all the things I sign up for that enhance my goals, I have to get rid of those that I have learned from.

    As for social media sites: Those Facebook changes are driving me crazy! I recently moved to Google+ on a more consistent basis because I just cannot keep up with too many changes. I still use Facebook, because most of my peeps are there, but I’m finding lots of marketers are putting their feet into the Google+ Community.

    There are many other things I’ve used to no avail and had to sweep them away. Stumbleupon and Digg are the two I ditched also.

    It’s great to have a clean slate to work with!

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Blog Review Of 2012My Profile

    • Thanks Donna. Yes, it was getting overwhelming and I was spending more time on Pinterest which is really driving traffic to the retail sites I do. I agree with you on Facebook, I’m just there because you sort of “have” to be. I’m getting over the guilty feeling of leaving Stumble and Digg too. Have a wonderful 2013 Donna with a new slate.
      Lisa recently posted..Follow Friday Is Back and Newly RedesignedMy Profile

  • Ah, Lisa – this is one of my biggest online battles. I must admit I’m struggling just to keep my head above water on Twitter, FB and G+ – I’m on Pinterest too, but spend very little time on there, not because I don’t think it’s great – I just don’t have time!

    I know, I know – I need a plan – but one of the problems for a newcomer to these platforms is the time it can take to get to grips with the basics – especially when they keep changing the rules of the game. To be honest, they all just about drive me round the bend, and I agree with Tim’s recent post that ‘social’ they very often are not!

    I’m hanging on in there by the skin of my teeth in the big 4, but can’t even think about joining any others. And if yet another new kid arrives on the block, I’m afraid I’m just not going to play!

    There – I feel better for that little rant – thank you for giving me the opportunity to let off a bit of steam!

    Sue Neal recently posted..Content Writing Tips: 6 Lessons From Santa ClausMy Profile

    • Hi Sue, I really know what you mean. It’s not easy besides working if you have another job, posting on a blog, responding to comments, taking care of orders if you sell anything and then all the social media channels. (Thank goodness I can type fast!) I know what you mean, I find that with Facebook as they constantly make changes. At least Twitter only changed 1-2 times in the 3+ years I’ve been there. Pinterest I found the easiest to navigate and manage. Do you have apps on a phone for these as well? Those help me a lot too. It certainly is challenging which is why I want to narrow mine down for 2013. I was on at least 12+. Overload and not spending time wisely.
      Lisa recently posted..Follow Friday Is Back and Newly RedesignedMy Profile

  • You are absolutely right!! The same thing happened with me too. I had experienced with Stumbleupon and Digg. They brought lot more traffic to my blog. but nowadays they are sucks. These days I’m using all these websites only for submission purpose. Great Thought Lisa. Keep Going !! 🙂
    Amol recently posted..Android Apps For Fellow Bloggers To Make Blogging Life EasyMy Profile

  • I used to like Stumble Upon too. That was when it was the blue and white looking design. Ever since they changed it up with the black and white design stubles are nearly non-existent now. I am lucky if I see 1-10 per month compared to thousands before. I still have the Stumble button on my site, but I think it needs to go soon. I just need to find a replacement first.

    I noticed a few people mention Reddit too. Reddit can be a good site for traffic, but use caution when adding your own content. They are pretty picky about that. Submitting to much of your own content will get you banned or suspended, and they do a good job with finding that.
    Ray recently posted..Webmail Providers and Attachment SizeMy Profile

  • Nice post, Yep, I agree that Digg and the others (which I don’t even know of yet) have lost it completely. It’s not surprising that Digg has lost it because it has been on the down since 4 years or more.

    Stumbleupon on the other hand has been okay for me but I stopped giving it importance since June this year. The traffic from it is not targeted at all, it’s random and not useful at all.

    That sums it up, all nice points here. Thanks for sharing.

    Aditya recently posted..Pre New Year: A Hack, Rape and Loads of DisappointmentMy Profile

  • I really need to focus on growing my email list as well. Social media I will focus on on 2013 include Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, and tribeer. I know the least about the last two.
    Chasing Joy recently posted..#FlashbackFriday: Help!My Profile

  • Hello Lisa

    This is my first visit to your blog. Belated Merry Christmas 🙂

    According to me, you are absolutely right, thank you for sharing the post.
    Even i used to get a good number of visit from Stumble Upon when my blog was new. With good numbers, i mean , 50 on average. But now a days i dont get any visit from StumbleUpon. Dig just help us to get the links on the first page. Hardly it brings any traffic.
    I have not used the other social websites, so i hardly know anything about them.
    By the way do you get visits from Pinterest?

    Sanjib Saha recently posted..How to Fix Your Computer Screen at HomeMy Profile

    • Thanks Sanjib and welcome to Inspire to Thrive! Interesting about Digg, is that still the case for you? When you post on Digg must it also go on Facebook? Yes, Pinterest has been driving lots of traffic to my retail sites. For this site it is my 18th on Google Analytics source of traffic. On the retail #5. (after Google and Bing organic and referral)
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I’m using almost everything love to to use all of them but Twitter and Facebook are where they can bring a huge traffic to my blog. And It is alright if you haven’t been on NewsMeBack for a long time cause I just now this social media networking site and definitely looking forward to try it out.

    Thanks – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..7+ Happy Merry Christmas! Wishes for You and Your FamilyMy Profile

  • I’ve done exactly what you say not to do–focus most of my efforts on Twitter, just because I like it. Not a huge fan of Facebook, never have been, less so with the recent changes. So I guess my New Year’s resolution will be to learn Google+. Thanks for the push to do this.
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..On Reading My Own Work: The Issue of SentimentalityMy Profile

  • StumbleUpon and Digg seem to be confusing to me. Even in Digg, I don’t know whether my links are shown or not. The traffic come from StumbleUpon seems to be fake. Facebook and Twitter are better. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the social networking sites.

  • Hi Lisa
    First time visitor here.
    So you want to drive traffic? Where to?
    Would you perhaps like 200 key social media people to read your blog post here? Comment on it and then tweet it out and share it on Facebook? I could get that that done very easily for you in the next 12 hours on Empire Avenue.

    Not sure if that is what you mean just assumed. I have zero idea why someone would not want to be a part of that.

    Michael Q Todd recently posted..Why building your social network community away from FB or Twitter may be keyMy Profile

  • Thanks for sharing good information, I totally agree with you if the social medias which are not useful to drive traffic to your website than its wastage of time. Instead you use other online marketing tactics to drive traffic which can increase the chance to get the visitor converted into customer.

  • Hi Lisa,
    I was thinking the same thing as far as what to cut back on (online) and what areas to focus more attention on. I definitely think the newsletter has to be one of the main places to get our audience to subscribe to. What else has been cool this year for me, is the ability to get my offline friends and colleagues to take a notice of my blog.

    I’ve gotten some really loyal readers this way. 😛
    Justin recently posted..2013 – The End of Days or a New BeginningMy Profile

  • The only one I used was stumble upon and I love going on there from time to time and finding new websites. I don’t stumble my own website though maybe I need to do that too once in a while.
    Kita recently posted..Merry ChristmasMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the heads up on the changes to facebook. I have been blogging for always a year and just decided how I wanted my blog to go. I did join a lot of things in the beginning and most have not been beneficial up to this point. I will definitely be taking some of your suggestions.

    Happy Holidays

  • Am expecting 13 social sites to leave, anyway I agree with you.
    I started using SU when I started blogging, is brought me lots of referral traffic but avg. duration is almost nothing. I knew that you need to have attractive images to attact SU users, but I think it can replaced now by Pinterest.

    Digg, It looks to me as still it`s under construction.
    Khaja moin recently posted..Dofollow Forums List to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • LOL, I know the others were all 13? I don’t think I could have found 13 but then again I just forgot about delicious. I have seen a lot of traffic to some of my sites with Pinterest since using it constantly. I think images will be more important in 2013 for almost every social site. Thanks for coming by and for your input Khaja.
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

  • Lisa, Visiting you blog for the first time, Good reminder & Its time to think of better social network which helps to build good network.Recently explored delicious & Bizsugar which you should give a try. Its always better to be more active in the social network where we get the readers who like to read the content.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the advise in this post. From your list, I only used to use Empire Ave. but not anymore as I didn’t see any traffic from it. All the others in the list I don’t use. I use mainly Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. That’s all for now and I feel that they also steal my time.

    Thanks again and I want to grab the opportunity and wish you A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Be Blessed,


  • I still feel the benefits of Empire Avenue, but appreciate it is not everyone’s choice.

    Using a good app made a great deal of difference to its use.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Give BizSugar a try. I submit my best post to them (non promotional ones). Been seeing good results from them. It’s great when you get a story published. One I did is number one on Google and see a couple other post high up on Google too. Yeah, I love Blogengage and Triberr (now). I setup but I haven’t done anything on there yet.
    Garen recently posted..Free Domain and Hosting GiveawayMy Profile

  • A great line up Lisa,
    I’m only familier with Digg and Stumbleupon among the least, though I’ve not been active on them since i created the account.

    But i think i really have to check them out again coupled with the others in the list.

    Thanks for sharing and merry xmas.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..Proven Formula to make $24,999 Online in 30 Days GuaranteedMy Profile

  • Wow Lisa, most of those I’ve never even heard of. That’s mainly because I just don’t go get on every site just because it’s new and people want me to join. Who can stay up with all the different places we need to be.

    I haven’t really given this much thought although I can see what you’re saying. I’m thinking of dropping Stumbleupon as well, I just don’t get a lot of quality traffic from that site.

    So far my main social sites are Twitter, Triberr, Google+ and Facebook. I am on Pinterest but need to get more active. I also heard that Reddit is moving up in popularity so I’ve been threatening to give that one a go too. We shall see.

    Thanks for sharing this and oh joy! Another Facebook change is coming. Shock, shock…

    Merry Christmas.

    Adrienne recently posted..Ho Ho Ho Merry ChristmasMy Profile

    • Don’t you just love all the changes on Facebook Adrienne? Amazing. I like that Twitter has not changed much over the years. Pinterest has been very good – I ‘d rather use that than Stumble Upon now for sure. I may not give Stumble up totally but will spend very little time on it. I can’t be everywhere each day 🙂 Time to put more cookies in the oven – Merry Christmas Adrienne!
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Nice to be on your blog.Very interesting article and the points which you mentioned can not be neglected. I am using stuble upon Google plus ,facebook and some time twitter.

    You said it right that stumble gives less traffic and increases bounce rate also.

    I have heared alot about twitter that it is good.But i am still not able to find that how to use it properly. sites i have mentioned Other than that i am still exploring some more that will come up as somthing good for me.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest
    Shorya Bist recently posted..Delhi gang rape -Youth Role PlayMy Profile

    • Shorya – Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Twitter has been the best for me for the retail sites I do and this blog. I hope they don’t make many changes in the coming year there. It takes time to grow yourself there so be patient. Always remember the 80/20 rule, share 80% of others stuff and 20% of your own, interact and you’ll be fine. Thanks for visiting here and Merry Christmas.
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

  • I like your list Lisa, though perhaps that’s partly because I never subscribed to the ones you’re planning to drop. I pretty much stick to the social media basics: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. We’ll see how long I can stay such a purist 😛

  • I am using almost everyone from the list. I agree with you. we should rather use FB, G+ and twitter more to get good visitors. getting traffic only should not be our concern. Our concern should be to get targeted visitors.

    merry christmas!
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..Understanding the Real Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 2My Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I am getting traffic from reddit but really bounce rate is high. Other sites like stumbleupon and Digg I am using because I just need to submit the url, so its more of the CUSTOM 😆 which I am performing whenever I am coming up with the new posts.

    You are right, I think I need to stop performing this custom now onwards and invest more time on other social networking sites.
    Great 💡



    I am on Reddit.
    Sapna recently posted..A Day In Naive Bloggers Life – Part 3(Infographics)My Profile

  • I agree Lisa!

    It’s not easy to be everywhere all the time with the limited time we have in our hand, more so if we have kids and are working alongside – it’s tougher. I too have made up my mind to lessen down on a lot of things and am seriously debating about the real purpose of blogging. Though I am on StumbleUpon and Digg out of the one you have mentioned because they are mainly bookmarking sites, I just share my post on them – that’s it. I really have never gone further with them because they tend to get me glued to them if I start it once! Similarly, though I use Reddit – I don’t do anything more than share my post on it. I guess that much in itself is more than enough for me. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and hope the coming year brings in more of peace in our lives with less of social networking. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Enjoy Family Celebrations in Your HolidaysMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I already started giving more time for my blog and services, plus other blogs I visit. I don’t use bunch of Social Networks and I don’t feel like doing if I’m not up enough there to work on. But I spend time on where I am dear 🙂

    StumbleUpon bounce rate is true mostly ’cause once you submit there, you will get several bot requests to generate preview over there. So initially it’s not actual traffic, but bot traffic. Good for numbers, but not for blog health 😉 Earlier it used to give some SEO value while corporating with search engines, but now it’s not. Also Digg and other social bookmarking services such as Reddit. However I can say some services really work for some people, so if something works for you just go for it 🙂

    I’d say reconsider or ditch if you feel doing it, ’cause if you don’t know how to make use of it or no time to invest, we are just killing our time, no? 🙂

    Happy Holidays Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Display Tweets of an User or List on Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura for your insightful input on these sites. I can see you spend more time on SEO and that is probably very smart. I’m doing more of that on the retail sites lately myself. But for this blog I do generate a lot of traffic through the social sites. But not all of them. Visiting other blogs is very important too and that could be considered social, don’t you think? Thanks for the holiday wishes Mayura. Have a wonderful day there.
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

  • There are thousands of social media sites out there. You have been on most of them? Wow, I’m impressed!

    StumbleUpon and Empire Avenue are actually great places to be.

    But, yes, I agree. It’s important to use what works for you! So no need to have five million profiles!

  • I thought I was pretty savvy, but I haven’t even heard of many of these sites! I’m only marginally active on G+ and LinkedIn, and trying to be better about FB. Pinterest and Twitter have most of my attention lately. Still haven’t figured out Triberr.
    Erika recently posted..Happy Holidays from I {heart} RhodyMy Profile

  • 😛 I was going to get rid of Instagram, but since they’ve changed their TOS in recent days, I’ll keep them on this year 🙂
    Rebecca recently posted..Welcome, SITS Girls!!My Profile

  • Great list and good reason. Empire Avenue is actually growing on me but I wouldn’t call it a social network. But then I feel the same about in LinkedIn may be I’ll ne brave enough to ditch LI (?)

  • It’s all so overwhelming and confusing. And did I mention time consuming? I thought StumbleUpon was a good one. Oh, well. Another social media giant bites the dust.

    I’m also bummed that after the WordPress upgrade many of my plugins don’t work. Tweet Old Posts, Related Posts, SexyBookmarks, and Topsy don’t work anymore. Sigh! There’s always something.
    Lauren recently posted..Got Fiscal Cliff Fatigue?My Profile

    • Oh yes, it can be Lauren. It may be good but I’m not seeing the traffic like I was from it. Are you? I had an issue with my mobile plug-in too. Those darn plug-ins. They are great when they work but when they don’t….just like a computer, right?
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

      • My last big hit from Stumble was in July. I think Stumble popularity has a lot to do with the image and description of submitted content.

        Tweet Old Posts helped fill the gaps of days I didn’t post. I miss that plugin in the most in addition to related posts. Until the plugins catch up with 3.5, I’m using Zemanta’s related post images.
        Lauren recently posted..Got Fiscal Cliff Fatigue?My Profile

  • Great reminder, Lisa. Social media is best in a mix, and the components of that mix are definitely evolving constantly.

    I may give Reddit a try, but not until after I familiarize myself with Triberr first. Glad you mentioned Triberr takes time (in a comment above)… I wasn’t sure if it was just me.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with what is worth your time currently 🙂

  • Glad to see you trimming your list Lisa. 😥 I’m trying to focus more on Google+, Triberr, and Pinterest in 2013. Facebook is a lil easier with my Hootsuite phone app, so I can keep up with my blog pages there. Twitter is my #1 go to and my site stats prove that. Triberr is interesting, just need a lil more time there. 🙂 Look forward to see what else you come up with. 🙂

    • I’m sure trying Brenda but I was just lured into Ifluenster 🙂 as I hit the publish button here. I would agree Twitter is #1 but always good to have plan b like Google+ in case things ever change. Tribber does take time, and it’s slow now during the holidays so see after the 1st. It will pick up then I’m sure. You have to join more tribes too, I saw a difference after I hit 15 tribes. I do try to always check which ones I share too. Some people I trust and always share but others I do read first.
      Lisa recently posted..Social Websites to Ditch in 2013 to Save TimeMy Profile

      • Weeeeeee!! Influenster! 🙂 I still don’t know what I’m doing there yet. I’ve been looking for some more Tribes on Triberr just being very selective. 😉 I like Google+ and hope to use it more. Fb keeps making too many changes. I would love my my fb fans to get off that bandwagon. Let me know how you like Influenster!
        Brenda recently posted..My First Holiday Vox Box!My Profile

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