Social Media Tools Making Us Less Engaged on Social Media

Are Social Media Tools Making Us Less Engaged?

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet with an unusual text in it. It displayed a company that automated tweets for a popular blogger who has been one of my mentors.

I tweeted back to that tweet but never received an answer-back. That really got me thinking.

Do we get so busy that we become disengaged with our audience? Are using social media tools making us less engaged and not a good practice?

Do we need to take some hints from Snapchat when it comes to engagement?

Social Media Tools Making Us Less Engaged

Do we get so busy that we become disengaged with our audience? Are using social media tools making us less engaged and not a good practice? #socialmedia Click To Tweet

My Buffer Tool Experiment With Social Media Engagement

If you have been a long time reader here at Inspire to Thrive you know I’ve always loved the Buffer. That was until I started sharing Facebook posts via Buffer. Not only did some images come out blurry but I lost engagement on those Facebook posts. My engagement went way down.

I quickly went back to scheduling posts on Facebook itself with the Creator studio and the engagement level went back up! Now part of that is because Facebook wants us to spend time on their network. You can’t blame them for that!

Of course, I loved the Buffer because it saved me time over the years. But is time everything when it comes to social media marketing?

Testing Agorapulse Social Media Tool

Next, I began testing out Agorapulse. I love this social media tool today! Not only does it give me great analytics to share with clients, but I can schedule tweets and it doesn’t show their name in them like the Buffer displays on Twitter.

Agorapulse is also great for scheduling Instagram posts which can result in making fewer errors and saving you time. (You know typing on your mobile on the go sometimes can be tricky!)

More to come on this social media tool as I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. I’m still learning new ways to use it daily. A special thanks to Mike Allton for suggesting to me to use this social media tool.

Agorapulse is also great for scheduling Instagram posts which can result in making fewer errors and saving you time. #agorapulse Click To Tweet

Here is Mike’s Response to Me About Agorapulse and Social Media Engagement:

Mike Allton“We’ve done extensive testing of “Reach” because that’s something that’s easily tested, measured, and compared. If you post very similar posts, the same way, at the same time of day, day after day… that’s comparable and you can draw conclusions from the data.

Agorapulse tested posting natively to all of the networks vs. using 3rd party tools and not only does the data show that there is no penalty, it’s suggestive that using a tool actually helps – though we think that’s an anomaly.

There really shouldn’t be any different. A post is a post as far as the networks are concerned.”

Engagement is Something Else Entirely According To Mike!

“We sometimes schedule content for the reach tests that purposely avoids encouraging engagement so as not to skew the results. But crafting a series of posts that are supposed to get the “same” amount of engagement every time, and then schedule some using a tool to see if there’s a difference, seems impossible to reliably manage.

This means the only conclusions others might reach are purely anecdotal or uncontrolled. “We started posting using Sprout Social and our engagement went down.” Really?

What else might have changed? Did you post more or less? What were you talking about? What else was going on?

Were you posting the same kinds of posts about the same topics? Did you stop doing something else? – So many clarifying questions which would have to be asked.”


free trial of agorapulse for social media management

My Social Media Tips Talk About Engagement

Recently, I have started sharing some social media tips on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I am a big believer that you need to engage with your audience. Why just throw things up on the wall and leave? I see many social media management companies doing just that. They take blog posts that are canned and post them time after time. That’s it!

Now, I believe it is called SOCIAL media for a reason, to be social! Talk, engage, share, comment, etc. Do something, don’t just be passively throwing stuff up on the wall or feed on the social networks.

Many just hit the LIKE button on Twitter or Facebook but does it engage with anyone?

Now, I believe it is called SOCIAL media for a reason, to be social! Talk, engage, share, comment, etc. #socialmedia Click To Tweet

Here Are What Others Are Saying About Using Social Media Tools Today!

Sam Hurley of Optim-Eyez Talks About Social Media Tools Making Us Less Engaged:

Sam hurley

“The top professionals own the best gear. It’s the same with anything — sports, music, or business. When it comes to Social Media; you can’t keep up with the trends if you don’t have the support of automation on your side…

It just isn’t practical to sit there all day posting manually!

However, that doesn’t mean 100% automation is a solid strategy.

(Far from it).

Always blend automation with the human touch — it’s a winning combo — and people will otherwise notice any imbalance.

I always say:

“If you’re on Social Media but not engaging, then you’re just media!”

Wisely choose your tools for the most time-heavy tasks, and perfect their application (while consistently researching new vendors).

It doesn’t matter how many you use — as long as it’s all sensibly balanced with your budget, business type, and level of interaction.”

'Always blend automation with the human touch — it's a winning combo — and people will otherwise notice any imbalance.' via @Sam___Hurley #socialmediamanagement Click To Tweet

Mitch Mitchell of I’m Just Sharing Shares About Social Media Tools:

Mitch M on Twitter“I think too many automation tools is not only a bad idea, but for many reasons. One, if you’re trying to game the social media sites you will get caught eventually. Two, if something bad happens in the world you might have an inappropriate and untimely post that you missed because you didn’t remember where you put it.

I only use two. First, I use Tweeten for Twitter (of course) because I hate using browsers for things like this. Then, I can pre-post articles and such on there and it works great. I also use Buffer, but I only use it for LinkedIn, since you can’t re-post there. If you have a business page on Facebook you can pre-post there, so there’s no need to use any other automation services. I know some people use it for Instagram, but it’s problematic sometimes.

Finally, if the only thing you’re doing on a social media site is posting stuff and not engaging anyone, you’re missing out on the opportunity to actually meet potential customers. You don’t have to do it a lot, but having people see that you sometimes talk to others humanizes you and people will get comfortable with you.”

Finally, if the only thing you're doing on a social media site is posting stuff and not engaging anyone, you're missing out on the opportunity to actually meet potential customers.' via @Mitch_M #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet

Erik Emmanueli of No Passive Income Talks About Engagement With Social Media Tools:


“Automating every aspect of your social media marketing can make you look like a spam bot, helping you lose contact with your audience.

On the other side, liking, following, commenting, and engaging on every mention of your brand or social media post can be overwhelming and absorbing all of your time.

I think the right strategy should be somewhere in between.

Depending on your goals, try using some automation tools to increase your reach, while keeping authenticity by engaging with your community, every time is necessary.”

'Automating every aspect of your social media marketing can make you look like a spam bot, helping you lose contact with your audience.' via ErikEmanuelli #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet

Use Social Media Tools to Engage Your Audience, Not Put Them to Sleep!

disengagedI believe finding the right blend as others suggested here on the blog is key to balancing your social media. I always tell clients you have to spend time or money. It’s either one. You must invest your time or money with social media marketing today.

Finally, be sure the social media tools you use today don’t put your audience to sleep. Be sure you have a way to respond to others when questions are asked in a timely manner. I go on each of the networks for at least 5 minutes to start the day. Not only on my own channels but those that I manage.

Then, I check notifications midday and again before hitting my pillow. This can be done with Agorapulse and they even have an app for it!smiley

I believe finding the right blend as others suggested here on the blog is key to balancing your social media. I always tell clients you have to spend time or money. #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet

Over To You!

What do you have to say about the use of social media tools and engagement? Do you use tools only to post to social media? I’d love to know more in the comments below!

free trial of agorapulse for social media management

Now that I’ve been using Agorapulse for over 2 years I LOVE it, not just the scheduling but their reports have gotten so much better saving me a lot of time. The reports are beautiful and customers can understand how to read them today.

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Social Media, Blogging, and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 30+ years of experience in marketing/advertising with 9 years of experience in content marketing, social media, blogging, and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "How to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

  • Hi Lisa

    I’ve always been wary of using “engagement” tools… because they make me feel like someone who really is not interested in engagement at all.

    I’m a people person.

    Tools always kind of creep me out, but yes, you’ve gotta have some level of automation.

    Otherwise things just get impossible.

    But tools should be a background supplement to your more substantial, personal interactions.


    • Hi Donna, Yes, I don’t know if there are engagement tools but they are social media management for posting tools. Some use those and then don’t engage. They post and go away to something else. I believe we need some tools but we must be there too to engage with them especially if they ask questions. Thanks for coming by Donna and have a great rest of the weekend.

  • Hello Lisa,

    You are right, Social Media tools are to engage the audience and not put them dormant. I always try to keep things manually from my side and cut out the dependency on social media tools. However, If you have a large number of followers and more content to share then social media tools are so helpful. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips here.


    • Hi Vishwajeet. Thank you. I agree you need some tools to share content, not just your own though. Others too! Like Triberr and Viral Content Bee. But you must then engage on the networks you share to at the same time. Or within the same day 🙂 Thanks for coming by on this one and have a great day and new month Vishwajeet 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great point; automate with care and also, keep engaging frequently. Tools are cool for fostering connections with pros.

    I also know how it literally becomes impossible to respond to everything the more Tweets/emails/FB Messages/social engagements that flow your way. I could work for 37 hours straight and not respond to everybody. This is why Tony Robbins or Richard Branson or Tim Ferriss engages a little bit but cannot respond to thousands of requests daily. Their attention and energy is best spent elsewhere, enlightening humanity. I had to be at peace with this fact to be where I am today. But I still engage as much as humanly possible as I automate.

    Rocking post 🙂

    • Hi Ryan,
      Interesting, I was shocked recently to get an email reply from Neil Patel. But Seth Godin email response was that he cannot respond to emails due to the amount. I think it’s choices. Or maybe having a great virtual assistant. 🙂
      I hear you on that as well. I’ve been getting more messages on FB lately from my page, folks who got kicked off of Twitter looking for help. Twitter support has not responded to me yet, 48 hours. Maybe they need a good virtual assistant too 🙂
      I wonder if those you mention do have assistance to help with that? It seems that would be the way to go? It makes one less likely to follow someone if they never get a response from them.
      Thanks for coming by Ryan on this one and have a wonderful day and rest of the week there.

  • I can’t remember what I originally wrote so I can only hope this is close to being as good as the first one was. lol

    One of the things I tend to do before connecting with anyone on Twitter is see if they ever talk to anyone else. It doesn’t have to be a full conversation, but if all they’re doing it posting links, even if they interest me I’m probably not following them. It explains why after 8 years I’m connected to so few people; it might hurt my business but I feel better for it.

    That’s how I know that some folks are only automating things. No personality, no engagement… ever! When social media is only for business it’s not social, and few people care.

    • Hi Mitch, sorry about that. The plugin update here made it impossible for folks to comment so I reverted back. You know how finicky these plugins can be from time to time.
      Thanks for coming back – I do that as well before I follow someone. I don’t like to follow others on Twitter if they never engage. Many use it just to broadcast which is such a waste of time and effort. It bothers me every time I see it. Maybe they figure they are getting some SEO juice from it Mitch. Twitter does have a DA of 100 so links from it are good. But links are not social, that’s for sure! Have a great day Mitch.

  • I’m a luddite when it comes to automation, and that is purposeful. Although I recognize the time savings and efficiencies, I also learned early on when I did SEO for a living how dangerous automation can be. The more common something is, the less it is worth. When you scale social media, you lose value.

    That being said, doing everything manually just is not practical. So one has to decide what to automate and what to do manually.

    When it comes to social media, I think the most important thing to automate is the sharing by other people. So I use a Twitter Cards plugin. I use Viral Content Bee and Triberr. But I don’t automate my Triberr sharing, because I don’t want to share “test post” entries across my social media streams. I think it pays to make careful choices.

    • Hi David, a “luddite”? Great word, I just looked it up (opposed to technology). I would not have thought that of you David. Great point about the more common it is the less value it has.
      I do the same as you with Triberr and Viral Content Bee. I am careful what I share from those. I love the Twitter card plugin too, it just generates the images but doesn’t share without you. (Correct?) Thanks for your input on this one David. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

        • Thanks David, yes they sure do. What do you think about the other automation tools? Do you think they make us less engaged on the social networks? Thanks for coming by David and for sharing!

  • Lisa,

    I am curios about the popular blogger, “MIA”… 😉

    Have you listened to my interview with Brian Peters of Buffer?

    I am using, SumAll, and I recently started to test out

    I am all for social media activities in real-time, and as a certified networker, I am adhering to the ideas of adding your $0.02 to the conversation, with referral marketing. 🙂

    All the Best,


    • Hi Martin, I have not heard that one. Tweet me the link to listen 🙂 I’ve used for years – it just sends one tweet out a day. I have not used the other two. I’m loving Agorapulse these days.
      Yes, being live in real time can surely make a difference. That’s how I made my biggest sale with a tweet years ago when I ran a medical scrub website. I still get leads and customers today via tweets. And now sometimes Facebook 🙂
      Thanks for coming by Martin, have a great day!

  • Great post! We use Buffer for scheduling but have tried a new planning tool called Metricool. So far, I have no complaints.
    Our Facebook accounts are always scheduled on Facebook as well to keep Facebook happy.
    I have found no difference in our engagement regardless of posting direct or through scheduling tool as that is our focus, to engage on all the platforms. I have had Buffer mess up and send 2 posts at once even though only one was scheduled at the time, but all in all, it works fine. We are on the social sites pretty much waiting for the post to appear so we can begin our daily engaging and retweets.
    What automation does in my opinion is start to make people lazy, where it should give you more time to do the important task….engage and build your network.
    Once again, great article!
    Glad I signed up and get the notifications right on my P.C.. A perfect example of automation that induces engagement.

    • Thank you Rick. I haven’t heard of that tool Metricool. Amazing how many are popping out there! I’ve been a Buffer user about 8 years now but their response to issues has really gotten much longer 🙁
      Great point about the tools making people lazy – so true! They think they posted everything and that they can do other things and skip the engagement part, the hard work! Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a great day Rick. (No avatar?) You almost went to spam until I realized I knew you from Instagram.

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