Social Media Meets Golden Age of TV with Second Screen Apps

Social Media and TV

With the high number of quality television shows available weekly, there is no denying that we are in a golden age of television. Combine that with social media’s coming-of-age, and it’s a television fan’s dream come true.

Social media and TV

Don’t just settle for flipping through the channels and talking to your coworkers the next day about the random shows you watched. Get the most out of your TV watching experience by trying a second screen application for greater engagement through social media.

Here are seven of the top second-screen and social media TV apps for television fans everywhere:

1.       GetGlue

GetGlue is a pioneer in entertainment-based social networking. After you download the GetGlue application for your iPad, iPhone, and Android, you can “check in” to whatever show you are watching. You can see what your friends are watching, and receive recommendations. You can also unlock stickers and rewards for discounts at major entertainment companies. A sign that you can expect even more big things out of GetGlue? Time Warner led a third round of funding that totaled six million dollars.

2.       Miso

Miso started as an application allowing users to simply “check in” to what they were watching. As other social media networks started allowing media-sharing, the company realized it needed to add more value. It partnered with Boxee, DirectTV, and AT&T to allow users to synchronize their phone with what they are watching on TV. Imagine watching “Girls” on HBO, while you browse information on your phone about where Lena Dunham’s outfit is from and which NYC coffee shop they are gossiping in.

3.       Zeebox

Zeebox is a free application courtesy of iPlayer founder Anthony Rose for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. It bills itself as your “TV sidekick” and syncs up with your TV and can even act as a remote control. Select what you are watching and interact with your Facebook friends via the application. You can also connect Zeebox to Twitter, allowing you to browse tweets relevant to the show you are watching, as well as Tweet from the app.

4.       IntoNow 

IntoNow comes to us from former search engine giant Yahoo! in an attempt to dominate the second-screen. In addition to partnering with shows like “Revenge” to offer users a chance to win week-long vacations, IntoNow gives users the ability to talk about TV shows on Facebook and Twitter. Available on Apple and Android phones, IntoNow offers fun show-related trivia as well as extra videos with social media.

5.       Boxfish 

In addition to being a close relative of the pufferfish, Boxfish is an iPhone and iPad application attempting to revolutionize how you experience TV. Boxfish cleverly captures the closed-caption information broadcast on shows. It then indexes the data and makes it searchable. Use your device to search for what you are interested in watching, and Boxfish will search what is broadcasting live on television to recommend a show. If you wished you could search TV like the internet, Boxfish is your answer.

6.       Xbox SmartGlass 

Android users who own an Xbox, this one is for you. Synchronize your Android phone with your Xbox console, and you can use your phone as a remote control. In addition to altering playback, you can navigate your console’s library, scroll through your gameplay stats, and edit your Live profile. The application launched in October, so expect a lot more from Smartglass.

7.       WiO

WiO is a promising new opportunity for advertisers. When a participating advertiser or product appears on the show you are watching, additional information is sent to your phone. See a TV character putting on a certain brand of makeup and a coupon for that brand may be sent instantly to your phone. It can instantly add a reminder on your calendar to use the coupon before it expires, and send information back to advertisers about your interest.

Some consumers are concerned that they are already distracted enough by their phones, but a lot of companies are betting big that social media interaction via a phone or tablet is the future.

Do you think second screens will change the way you watch television with social media?

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12 comments On Social Media Meets Golden Age of TV with Second Screen Apps

  • It’s always darkest just before the dawn and the dawn of a new Golden Age is our event horizon. TV wont tell you this bcos its their end. Thanks for share this post.
    Clarkmartin recently posted..Stars React To Barack Obama’s Presidential VictoryMy Profile

  • Hi Dwayne,
    Nice to meet you here on Lisa’s blog. Nice post and that reminded me of someone saying ‘Is there an app for that?’ Apps / social media / social interaction are all coming together nowadays. Just wondering… Is there an app for ‘Remote control – control’? Let an app decide who gets control over the remote control for – let’s say – the next two hours? 😉
    JanBierens recently posted..I Steal Post Subjects From You – Do You Mind?My Profile

  • Hmmm *writing all of this down* I am not a tv fan but now that they have apps for it I may have to look more into this. I can’t keep up with all this technology lol
    Kita recently posted..We are looking for youMy Profile

  • Wow! I had no idea there were so many apps out there for social media. I’ve got to come back and take a look at each of these and I’m IT so you just opened up the Candy Store to a kid, namely me! I can’t wait to investigate each of these. Great blog and cool stuff! WooHoo!
    Barbara Charles
    Barbara Chalres recently posted..Internet Marketing – Do What The Big Dogs Do!My Profile

  • Hi Dwayne,

    Nice info mate 🙂 Well, I have no idea much on this as in my country still TV and Social Media is 2 different channels 😉 Kinda new to me and I’m trynna understand through description you have provided.

    Have a GREAT week Dwayne and Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Do You Make Use of HTML Header Tags?My Profile

  • Hey Dwayne,

    I was wondering if Miss Lisa has become an expert in this area now. I was thinking dang, she’s got a lot of talents this girl. Not that you don’t Lisa, forgive me. lol…

    Boy, they keep coming out with cool stuff these days don’t they! Unfortunately for me I’m still way behind the times. No iPhone, no tablet, no iPad, no Kindle, no nothing. Yep, I’m a PC girl that works from home so none of that is really necessary for me. But, it’s still cool.

    Thanks Dwayne for the education.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get 100,000 Blog VisitorsMy Profile

    • LOL Adrienne, not I – but I do use GetGlue. (Sometimes you’ll see it on my Facebook page when I check in to view a movie or show) I can’t believe you don’t have a smartphone or tablet Adrienne. Wow, that amazes me with all you do.

      • Lisa, I’m so old school it’s not even funny. Okay, I do have a cell phone that isn’t the size of a brick but you would laugh if you saw it. Oh and I did finally break down and buy my first laptop just this past summer. Yeah, my first can you believe that! I know, I’m pretty pathetic which just goes to show that I don’t know everything. You’ve got me way beat in this category. 🙂

  • Hi Dwayne:

    Up to this point I have been doing this with Twitter mostly. I didn’t realize that there were apps for this. I will have to check them out!

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Let go of stinking thinkingMy Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Kevin

      • Thanks Dwayne for providing this informative post today on Inspire to Thrive. Nice info. I will have to check some of the others out as I only use GetGlue. I’m not a big TV watcher because I’m online most of the time but before I go to sleep I like to catch a movie or a little news 🙂

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