SMhack Social Media Management System Made Simple

SMhack Social Media Management Software Made Simple

SMhack social media management system wants to make your social media marketing easier. I was thrilled to get an invite to test out their system. As many of you know I have been using the Buffer for years and loved the ease of their social media sharing platform.

SMhack has been around for almost 2 years now. Founded by Pravin Kumar out of San Jose, SMhack social media management systemCa. He was a product manager at Zoho Corporation and he created this tool to make the life of a social media manager job easy. You know how complicated it can get managing your own social media, right? It gets more complicated when you add clients into the mix too! You can avoid social media burnout with this tool.

Many of the other social network management systems like Hootsuite were not comfortable for me. Their streams were not easy or intuitive to manage.

SMhack is easy to use and you will feel comfortable too around their dashboard. That is important if you are to use this social media management platform.

This SAAS (software as a service) is available for agencies as well. You can use it as an individual,  with a team for your small business or an agency with multi clients.

Social Shares Made Simple

the big 4 social networksThey offer the big 4 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with their integration. Just log in and add each of your social media accounts. If you have access to your clients you can do the same for their social networks.

Once you have used their interface to schedule your shares it will tell you the best time in the future to share based on the past shares.

How SMhack Offers More For You


Not only does SMhack made social sharing simple but they make the whole process easier. SMhack social media management made simple for you offers more with integration.

slack integrationSMhack is far more than just doing sharing shares on a calendar or via an app. It’s about working with others in your company as a team with Slack Integration. You can check your messages and such in both platforms. Or just stay in one keeping it simple!

SMhack integrates bit.lyDo you love using to shorten your tweets? Don’t worry, SMhack offers integration too! Now your Twitter links will show up as shortened links. Another great integration you can surely use.

SMhack Competitive Analysis.

You can put in some of your competitors to see how you compare with them on each social network. I really love the Facebook page one as you can enter many not just 5 like or competitor pages on your Facebook page platform.

If you see your competitors are doing much better with their Facebook page than yours you can check out their timing and amount of posts. Read and see what type of posts they are using. They may be using more video than you or more images. Maybe they craft better words.

Twitter Comparison too! You can also now check your Twitter analytics against other Twitter users as well. (They do limit the amount of accounts to 3 on the Twitter competitors.)

The SMhack competitive analysis is my favorite part of SMhack!

[clickToTweet tweet=”The SMhack competitive analysis is my favorite part of SMhack!” quote=”The SMhack competitive analysis is my favorite part of SMhack!” theme=”style1″]

SMhack Analytic Reporting

You can add your Google analytics within the SMhack dashboard. These analytics are just for your social networks performance. You can add your clients logos here too – under White Labelling. A nice way to send personalized reports out to your clients with their logo on them.

SMhack white labelling


Social Media Reporting by SMhack

Page views via the different social networks – These help you see which social networks drives more pageviews to your blog or website.

Bounce rate for each of the social networks – You can see who goes from which social network and which stay on your site or leave asap.

The engagement level of each social network – This one is cool too as you can tell which social network gives you the most engagement and on what day and time too! You may adjust some of your settings once you see what works best and what does not work.


Sharing with SMhack is Easy Too!

You can easily share your content with their calendar and pick and choose which networks to share on. See the choices below I could choose from. As an agency you could also assign tasks to others on your team. They could approve which content to share and when.

SMhack social sharing made simple

SMHack Content Library

You can also create your own categories to start a content library right on SMhack. This makes it easy when you want to share others content and your own – no more searching around. It is all on the dashboard too.

SMhack Pricing is Simple too

For small business owners the price is just $9 per month and for agencies it is $59 per month. You do not need a credit card to sign up for for their 14 day FREE trial.

Have a large team? It also does not matter how many people you have on your team – it does NOT change your cost/plan like other of these social media services do. It is the only social media management tool that does NOT charge you based on the number of users. No more writing the login credentials on whiteboards or sharing them on Slack. Get all your users onboard and ready to do social media easier and quicker all from one place.

[clickToTweet tweet=”SMhack is the only social media management tool that does NOT charge you based on the number of users.” quote=”SMhack is the only social media management tool that does NOT charge you based on the number of users.” theme=”style1″]


Check out the Slideshare below for more on SMhack to make your social sharing and management simple!

SMhack slideshare from Lisa Sicard


You can sign up here on SMhack today to try it out yourself! 

Will you be trying out the SMhack social media management system made simple soon?

I’d love to know more in the comments on what you like about this SMhack social media management system compared to others you use.



Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Social Media, Blogging, and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 30+ years of experience in marketing/advertising with 10 years of experience in content marketing, social media, blogging, and SEO. You can purchase her ebook about Twitter on Amazon, or take her Instagram class on Udemy.

  • Good to know about this social media management tool. I was using one of the best tools till date, but I love to test different new things coming to me. And I believe that helped me finding out many things which may not be that popular or may be new but got me the best results. I would explore this as well and good to see that it has got a 14 days trial version too.

    • Hi Sonia, I do too. It’s great to test new ones out and see which really work the best for you. Some are more intuitive than others. Funny how different people tend to like different ones too. Thanks for coming by and love to know how you like SMhack! Have a great day and welcome to Inspire to Thrive Sonia.

  • Thank you so much Lisa. I had tripped over this software the other day and was wondering if it was any good.

    • Hi Bryan, do check it out. They have a 14 day free trial. I love the analytics with it. They have more good things coming too like an app and more analytics. I still use the Buffer from time to time with their extension. I have Elokenz too for their library. But SMhack is easy and offers integration with Slack and If you like it the price is amazing too! Thanks for coming by Bryan and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Hello Lisa,

    Great Review. I am using Hootsuite for my Social media management. However I am also curious to try the SMhack as well. Its look promising to me.

    • Hi Vishwajeet, thank you. I’d love to know how you like SMhack, you can do a FREE trial for 14 days to explore it. I’m really liking it. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead.

  • Hello Lisa,

    I love to visit your blog, as you every time come up with some great social media tools.

    SM hack as per your review looks to come with a all that, which is being needed to manage our social media accounts.
    All the major platforms like, Twitter,Facebook, Instagram and is being covered by this awesome tool.

    But one things we should all remember they are just tools, we can not be very dependent upon them, but yeah they do cut out
    our time and helps smaller works to get done, on our behalf.

    As it is giving away a free trail version, I am, looking forward to look over this cool system.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Hi Shantanu, thank you 🙂 The more I’m using it – the more I like it. I just used the “engage” feature and love that I didn’t have to log into Facebook to do it. Anything that saves time is for me today Shantanu and this one does! Yes, you can give it a whirl for 14 days just be sure it’s 14 days that you’ll have time to get acquainted with it.
      Thanks for coming by on this one Shantanu and I’d love to know how you make out with it or if you have any questions just ask away!
      Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  • Nice review Lisa. I could not do what I do without tools. SM Hack seems to have all the necessities covered, which is awesome. Reporting, easy integration, all thumbs up. If you know why you are using tools and learn how to use these systems to create value and to connect with and befriend awesome folks, the sky is the limit. Tools can help cut your learning curve by years and can also save you hours of time every month. I feel grateful to be living in the Time of Social Media tools; remember what it was like to do everything manually on social media?

    • Thank you Ryan. Yes, those tools that help us manage our social media sharing and analytics are a must have today. I really like SMhack for their analytics – better than the Buffer. (Imagine, me saying that?)
      I barely remember that Ryan, doing all this social stuff without tools – but there were not as many networks then too or as many people on them. It was easier. Life was simpler even on social back in the day 🙂
      Thanks for coming by on this one Ryan. Have a great evening!

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