Sharing Saturday Tip For More Traffic To Your Blog

Looking for More Traffic To Your Blog?

Traffic to your blog – Have you discovered any new traffic sources lately for your blog or website? I believe I have found one this week called You Say Too. It did generate more traffic to my blog recently.

traffic to your blog

It has quickly become my 2nd source of traffic behind Stumble Upon and before Facebook. It s a website geared for bloggers. You connect your blog, grab their widget and add it to your blog. You can read other blogs and share them via social media and connect with friends on You Say Too. Start today and see if you will gain traffic to your blog too. Traffic to your blog is important to gain more readers and make your connections with other bloggers.

So if you have a few minutes check out You Say Too today. You will see an increase in traffic to your blog or website.

I would love to know where you have found your latest traffic from too. Drop a comment to share here.
Update: May 2016 – This website is now looking to rebrand themselves as a way to share diverse content and help bloggers make money. Their homepage has a survey for bloggers and their old website is no longer in service.

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